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In this edition we recap how a busy Dig Safe Month led into exciting try a career fairs for youth in Moose Jaw, Regina and surrounding areas.


April was also the month to recognize volunteers. The SCGA has a ten-member board of volunteers to oversee the operations. The SCGA also has two very active volunteer Committees. We will introduce you to these members.


Late May an exciting announcement was made where the SCGA acquired the shares of Sask 1st Call. Moving away from the umbrella of SaskEnergy. More information and official announcement of the Board Members will occur in Q3. 


The SCGA and Sask 1st Call look forward to their first appearance at Ag In Motion tradeshow July 18 - 20. 


Dear Subscribers:

I am writing to let you know about the transfer of ownership of

Sask 1st Call from SaskEnergy to the Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA). With the confirmation of the recent Order in Council, the sale will be finalized on June 1, 2023.

Much of SCGA’s mandate is dedicated to ensuring public safety, environmental protection and effective damage prevention which generally mirrors that of Sask 1st Call - making it a good fit with the organization. You can learn more about SCGA here.

As a non-profit, SCGA operates on a break-even cost recovery basis characteristic of Sask 1st Call and there will be no increase in cost to member companies as a result of this transfer.

SCGA will set up Sask 1st Call as distinct entity with a separate board of directors governed by volunteers from industry, of which SaskEnergy, SaskPower and SaskTel each have permanent mandatory board seats.

Sask 1st Call will be held as a subsidiary by SCGA in order to maintain the name recognition and public goodwill currently attributed to the service. The transition of Sask 1st Call from SaskEnergy to SCGA is anticipated to be seamless, with minimal disruption to subscribers, locate requestors and the Saskatchewan public.


Shawn Fairman

General Manager, Distribution Customer Services

SaskEnergy Incorporated

Sask 1st Call contact information: 

  • Member data updates, tickets inquiries, notification changes, etc

Email [email protected]

Phone 1-866-828-4888 option 3


  • Invoicing Inquiries

Email [email protected]


  • All other inquiries

Email [email protected]

Sask 1st Call Locate Request
Sask 1st Call operates Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., and is closed weekends and holidays. Online requests can be made 24 hours a day. 


Do you have questions about requesting a locate online? Sign up for a free Webinar to learn more about this process!

Go to

SCGA in the Community 2023

  • Prairie South School Division Try a Career Expo - May 3 - Moose Jaw
  • Work Safe Grade 9 Try a Career - May 16 - May 18 - Balgonie 
  • 4th Annual Cade Sprackman Safety Day - May 31 - Hudson Bay


Highlights from Dig Safe Month – SCGA:

  • Dig Safe Breakfasts returned to 20 communities in April 2023, six new locations were included. 
  • More than 2500 registered to attend these safety awareness breakfast presentations to hear our #digsafe and #best practices message.
  • These breakfasts were FREE and we thank our 23 industry sponsors for supporting this event.
  • If you would like your community considered next time reach out to [email protected].


At the SCGA we often hear "what can I share at a safety meeting" or “what is a good topic to discuss during our tailgate meetings”? 


The SCGA has a number of made in Saskatchewan videos prepared for anyone’s use, why not check out the SCGA - YouTube channel and choose a playlist! There is great content for any safety related meetings.





Derrick Mann

Executive Vice President – Infrastructure Delivery & Reliability


SCGA President

Norman Krogstad

Director of Customer Service Operations



Ryan Jacobson

Chief Executive Officer

Saskatchewan Safety Council


Todd Hundseth

General Manager - Owner

Hundseth Power Line Construction

Marie-Eve Latour

Designated Inspection Officer, Damage Prevention

Canada Energy Regulator

James Cameron

Manager, Field Facility Engineering & Asset Integrity

Crescent Point Energy

Scott Shier

Operations Manager, Locating Services

Shermco Industries Canada Inc.

Jared Etcheverry

Area Manager - Canada Gas Operations

TC Energy

Ryan Neufeld

Director, Operations & Maintenance(North)/ Distribution Services


Myron Kopec

SARM Director, Division 4


The SCGA’s Best Practices Committee is represented by key stakeholders within Saskatchewan and will review and assess the opportunity to enhance and revise the CCGA Best Practices for Underground Infrastructure Damage Prevention manual.


The SCGA’s Public Awareness and Education Committee assess, develop and deliver the best ways to promote Dig Safe awareness and education programs to our key stakeholders and the public throughout Saskatchewan.

In 2015, this group integrated the efforts of the Contractor Safety Awareness Association (CSAA) and their successful Contractor Breakfasts into the SCGA.

Campaigns such as April Safe Digging Month, Tradeshows, and leveraging national branding strategies for the SCGA are the focus of this group.

Want to find out more about becoming a sponsor or a member contact [email protected]
Interested in becoming a member of the SCGA click here!
The Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance (SCGA) is a member driven, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring worker and public safety, environmental protection and the integrity of services. Started in 2007. We have 95 members who share the SCGA's goals to promote effective damage prevention best practices and to ensure the safety of those who work or live in the vicinity of underground and overhead facilities. Protecting our vital services is everyone’s responsibility.
The SCGA is one of 7 regions of the Canadian Common Ground Alliance – other regions include British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. We utilize national branding (Dig Safe and Click Before You Dig) for damage prevention and integrate it in SCGA communication and promote to stakeholders. 
See our current members listing here.