Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading (SCGLR)  
June 2020

The Power of Community!

Join THIS BOOK IS COOL! host Beth Duda and artist Cedric Hameed  for an interactive family activity sponsored by The Patterson Foundation and the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. Learn about spoken word poetry. Explore your thoughts and feelings. Share your ideas. Create your own work of art.
All you need to participate is paper, something to write with, and your imagination! This family activity is designed for adults and children in grades PreK-3.  
All are invited. Registration is required.

SCGLR is approaching Week 4 and as of 6/19, there's been 10,365 total webisode views, and more than 4,000 children and 80 summer providers are participating!  
Although everyone on the planet is unique and special, kudos to these wonderful guests who have made their THIS BOOK IS COOL! debut. Click their name below to watch the magic! 
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Week 2
Week 3
Progress and Persistence in DeSoto County
Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19, members of the DeSoto County Complete Count Committee have been busy educating residents and businesses about the importance of the census, and their efforts are beginning to pay off. Over the course of the past few months, they have distributed nearly 8,000 Census 2020 Education primers to DeSoto County residents via food drives, school supply programs, library drop-offs, and door-to-door distribution. Here are just a few of the many heroes in DeSoto County to whom we'd like to give special thanks:
*Superintendent Adrian Cline, DeSoto County Schools
*Heather Ferjuste, Arcadia Site Manager for AllFaiths Food Bank
*Clara Alvarez, Education Coordinator for Catholic Charities
*Linda Waters, Director of DeSoto County Libraries
*Becky Sue Mercer, Director of DeSoto County Housing Authority
*Debbie Wertz, Director of DeSoto CountyChamber of Commerce
Current DeSoto County response rate: 44.4%.
It is critical to continue to educate on the security of census responses and why being counted in the 2020 Census is essential.
Census counts determine the number of representatives areas get, districting lines, and many other aspects that allow our
communities to be heard.  
For more information on data security of Census 2020 responses visit:    

In the June 0-5 Express newsletter, SCGLR shared these FAQs to clarify similar questions parents were asking about THIS BOOK IS COOL!. You may have been asked many questions too, so here's the scoop!  
Question: What exactly is THIS BOOK IS COOL!?
Answer: THIS BOOK IS COOL! is a series of webisodes to encourage a love of reading. Qualified children who've signed up for THIS BOOK IS COOL! will receive up to 20 books as a gift from The Patterson Foundation.   
Question: Is it too late to sign up my child?
Answer: Not yet. Registration, which allows qualifying families to receive free books, officially ends at week 7. Once you've registered, an SCGLR Engagement Team member will be assigned to you and will follow up via email. 
Question: I was unable to pick-up my child's books. Is there another opportunity?
Answer: SCGLR is currently working with locations in all four counties trying to arrange for alternative book pick-up locations. If you are unable to pick up your books at our distribution events, SCGLR will work with you to discuss options. Please contact us.
Question: How do I share my child's log to make sure we qualify to get the next round of books?
Answer: Families should reply to the email from one of our Engagement Team members asking them to report the number of books their child has read. When you visit a pick-up location, SCGLR will know if your child is eligible to get books and rewards. If you are unable to respond to the email, then bring your child's log to the pick-up location.
Question: Will my child earn rewards by reading additional books?
Answer: Absolutely! If you have books at home, go ahead and read them with your child. Log those too. That way, your kiddo can collect more reading rewards while they strengthen their skills!
Question: Where we can pick-up the books?
Answer: The dates and times will be shared with families via email.  
Question: Why should our family participate in THIS BOOK IS COOL!?
Answer: Reading is one of the most important skills your child can master. There is a strong connection between reading well and overall academic and life success. Research shows that children who do not read regularly can lose two months or more of reading skills over the summer. Reading just six books at the appropriate reading level during the summer can help your child soar during the school year.
It's no secret that many children look to the adults in their lives as role models. When parents model and show enthusiasm about reading, the kiddos will want to read too. This multidimensional program includes books, webisodes, activities, and vocabulary words to help you inspire your children.  
Question: How do I get started?  
Answer: To begin, visit the THIS BOOK IS COOL! webpage on the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading website and register.  
Then, click the grade-appropriate webisode library and get familiar with what's offered.  
Each webisode features a book, talks about why it's cool, and provides a suggested activity. The books you receive from SCGLR are the same books discussed in the webisodes. Each week, SCGLR will add two new webisodes, totaling 20 webisodes for each grade level at week 10. 
During these uncertain times, reading and enjoying book-related activities will help build strong family bonds and create joyful memories that children can carry with them for the rest of their lives. Now that is COOL!
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