April 2021
On the Road...Virtually

All dressed up and nowhere to go? During the heat & humidity of last July, I cut this dress out along with three other outfits. By the time I finished sewing a Shannon Fabrics Double Gauze cotton jacket and a wool dress, I had lost interest in the knit dress. After all, where will I wear this dressy dress? Then I realized, I am now traveling virtually and always try to wear something I made.  

My SCHMETZ virtual class schedule has become very popular with at least two, if not more, classes booked each week. With just a little tweak in my attitude, I reclaimed my sewing mojo! Last week, I finished the dress on Wednesday and wore it Thursday evening at The Big Virtual Sewing Event Home Made Virtual Sewing Event Video - Bing video. The weekend before, I dropped by an estate sale and without having this dress in mind, found the fabulous vintage brooch that looks perfect on this dress. My conclusion? Sometimes projects have to "season" for a while before perfectly materializing.  

A big shout out to everyone that read last month's newsletter and participated in the SCHMETZ BFF Giveaway on Facebook and Instagram. We were so delighted reading your comments, that we plan to do more giveaways this year. Stay tuned!
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Initially, this issue was pitched as researching the rich history of the annual Make It With Wool contest. Then Rita Farro, the ever curious, agile, and skillful writer, discovered an even more intriguing story involving the love of sewing wool and Lieutenant Colonel Rali Burleson, USAF, Retired. Rali Burleson is inspirational for reasons that you will soon discover.

Need a break from marathon sewing & quilting? Rather than raiding the kitchen cabinets for candy and chips, get out a great book to read. Rita Farro researched books with a stitch theme. All the books listed are available at your public library or Amazon. Add these titles to your book club lists.

Congratulations to Martha in North Carolina!

Nearly $200 of SCHMETZ & Grabbit® goodies shipped yesterday to Martha to share with her BFF. Thanks everyone for participating. We especially enjoyed reading all your marvelous comments!
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SCHMETZ Needle Fact

The SCHMETZ color chart identifies needles by type and size. On the needle, the upper color band identifies needle type, for instance, purple for Microtex. The lower color band identifies needle size, for instance, orange is size 80/12. Universal needles have only one band of color to identify needle size. Share this handy chart with sewing friends!
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May 4 - Sewing Concepts; 5 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive;
13 - ASG Greater Cleveland; 17 - Common Threads;

June 1 - Allatoona Quilters Guild; 2 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive;

July 7 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive; 14 - Kindred Spirits Quilt;

August 4 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive; 11 - Capital Quilt 

September 1 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive; 15 - Tailored Fit;

October 5 - NAMPA Modern Quilt Guild; 6 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive; 13 - Country Thyme Vermont Retreat 

November 3 - SCHMETZneedles FBLive; 18 - Smokey Hill Quilt Guild 

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