February 2023

On the Road

The pandemic stopped face-to-face travel but accelerated my SCHMETZ virtual travels throughout North America. I still marvel at presenting 200+ SCHMETZ virtuals. Thank you sewing machine dealers, quilt/fabric shops, and guilds for inviting me to talk SCHMETZ. Below is my updated blended calendar of virtual and in-person events. I’m an optimist so have fifteen 2023 trips planned. Now fingers-crossed weather, health, airlines, and fellow travelers cooperate.


My first trip this year was to Ft. Worth, TX for the 75th National Make It With Wool Contest sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Women. The MIWW goal is to promote the beauty and versatility of wool fabrics and yarns while encouraging personal creativity. I was one of three judges for the senior division. Entries were outstanding and competitive. Contestants were mostly students and young professionals with aspirations in teaching, law enforcement, livestock production, community service, and home life. In 2021, Rita Farro researched MIWW for SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW. The research bloomed into an inspirational journey of Rali Burleson. Read this issue SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #88, then take a look at my personal blog with current MIWW insight SewMoreStitches.com.

As the year unfolds, I hope to chat with you in person at an event. Be ready to tell me a sewing story. And tell me your favorite SCHMETZ needle type and size.

Sew SCHMETZ & Grabbit® Too!

BobbinSaver2®, fondly known as the “square” cousin to the original round BobbinSaver®. Holds 60+ metal and plastic home sewing machine bobbins. The pliable plastic helps control loose and tangled threads. Measures 5.25” x 5.5” x .75”. Bobbins not included. Jumbo measures 6.125” x 5.875” x .875”. 

#BS2 - Blue


$12.45 retail



$12.45 retail



$14.45 retail

(For Jumbo Bobbins Only)

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Noon CST


Who Will Be the Lucky Winner?

SCHMETZ Snippet Facebook Live

The Local Quilt Shop Contest starts Saturday, January 28 through February 28, 2023, and it is time to vote! With over 100 prizes planned for this year, your favorite shop has never stood a better chance of winning. So, get out there and vote!


January & February Shout-Out Winners!

Kathy Grubar

Animal Playhouse

Pattern is by Anita Gooddesign.

Topstitch 90/14

The inspiration is my new grandnephew who loves all animals. I learned to sew in middle school, but never did anything with it until I retired. Now, a few years into retirement, I have a couple of sewing/embroidery machines and work on projects most weeks. Not too many UFOs. I like to work on a project until it is done before starting another.

Michelle Holston

Black and White Rescued Kittens

Microtex 90/14

I am teaching myself to sew. I decided to make a guest room into my sewing room, so I turned a wooden twin bed upside down for a cutting table and purchased secondhand machines, and wanted the best needles & thread for my projects.


Seeing your finished projects is fun and inspirational. Thanks for participating!

See your project and projects of sewing buddies posted on Wednesdays on Facebook and Instagram SCHMETZneedles. Keep sharing your projects. Another random winner will be announced next month. Sew SCHMETZ!

Send your entries here:


SCHMETZ Needle Point

Twin & Triple Needles

Sewing with Twin and Triple Needles opens a wide range of practical and creative options, such as adding texture with pin tucks or shaded effects. Use twin needles to add decorative seams and creative hems to clothing, as well as echo quilting. Only suitable for zig-zag machines with a transverse hook. Verify that the machine's throat plate can accommodate needle width.

Twin/Triple Needles:

Universal Twin - Sizes: 1.6/70, 1.6/80,

2.0/80, 2.5/80, 3.0/90, 4.0/80, 4.0/90,

4.0/100, 6.0/100, 8.0/100, Assorted

Universal Triple - Sizes: 2.5/80, 3.0/80

Double Hemstitch - Size: 2.5/100

Embroidery Twin - Sizes: 2.0/75, 3.0/75

Jeans/Denim Twin - Size: 4.0/100

Metallic Twin - Sizes: 2.5/80, 3.0/90

Stretch Twin - Sizes: 2.5/75, 4.0/75

  • Needle spacing is shown in millimeters and the needle size is in NM (number metric).
  • The first number is the distance between the needles.
  • The second number is the needle size.

We have a NEW Web App. As the name implies, this is a web-based app. No matter if you use an Apple or an Android device, the web app has you covered. It's easy to add a link to your device to get to the new resource center on our website. Instructions can be found at SCHMETZ Sewing Resources - SCHMETZneedles. Our existing Apple and Android apps are still available but are being sunsetted and no longer supported. 

Click HERE for instructions.

Where's Rhonda?

2023 Virtual Events & Shows

February 1 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 11 Time Flies Quilt & Sew; 13 Quality Sewing & Vac; 15 Seymour Quilters Guild; 22-24 QuiltCon March 1 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 1 Kaleidoscope; 2-5 Sewing & Stitchery Expo; 14 Gallatin Quilt Guild; 22 My Sewing Room 

April 5 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 12-14 VDTA; 20 Indy Modern Quilt Guild; 27 Allbrands 

May 2 PALS Quilt Guild; 3 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 4-6 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo-New Orleans; 17 Seams Sew Me June 7 SCHMETZ Snippet FB Live; 10 Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild; 15 Palmetto Quilt Guild; 21-23 h+h Americas; 27-30 Bernina University July 5 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 26-29 Quilting Sewing & Vac August 2 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 10 Silicon Valley Modern Quilt Guild; 17-19 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo-Dallas 

September 6 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 7-9 Great WI Quilt Show; 28-30 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo-Fredericksburg October 4 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 5-7 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo-Nashville: 12-14 Original Sewing & Quilt Expo-Cincinnati; 27-30 International Quilt Market November 1 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive; 2-5 Quilt Festival; 11-18 S.E.W. Retreat December 6 SCHMETZ Snippet FBLive

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