November                                               2020


On the Virtual Road . . .


Where do I start? There are so many exciting projects and products in this newsletter. Here are just a few highlights:


  • No one misses traveling to quilt and sewing shows more than me. So virtual is the solution. All along this season I've been giving SCHMETZ classes via Zoom and FBLive to shops and guilds. Book your 2021 dates now! My classes are described as informative and delightful.

  • Maybe you can't travel, but the Travelling QuiltCase can! Laura Coia, SewVeryEasy YouTube sensation, created a wonderful Travelling QuiltCase program to keep our stitch friends connected.

  • As you know Rita Farro is the writer for SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW. This month, she really outdid herself again profiling Isaac Singer and his business partner Edward Clark. That's right, The Unlikely Partnership that created the Singer sewing machine company. This story based on history is juicy and scandalous even by today's standards. Enjoy this astounding piece of history that spills way beyond our sewing world into the great museums and cultural institutions.

  • The holidays are upon us. We put together a limited edition SCHMETZ gift box that anyone that sews will love featuring the newest SCHMETZ combo packs. Watch your email for a special announcement.


Even though I am not physically traveling, this time at home and office is reenergizing while focusing on what you, my sewing public needs and wants. I hope when we all meet again, we have lots of sewing & quilting projects to see and share. Let's sew!

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SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW #83

Singer & Clark


The invention of the sewing machine began with many mechanically inclined individuals including Americans Walter Hunt and Elias Howe. Isaac Merritt Singer perfected earlier sewing machines, then with his astute and disciplined 50/50 business partner, Edward Cabot Clark, the Singer sewing machine market exploded into an empire and relevant brand that survives today.

Rita Farro loved researching the juicy history & relationship between Singer and Clark. Even in the 19th century, Singer, the man, was scandalous with media reports as an uncouth cad in a vortex of wives, mistresses, dozens of documented children, money, drugs, and affluence.

Singer and Clark, two opposing personalities, hated each other, but is a reminder of the African quote, If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Liking each other was not a requirement. Singer never could have built the company without Clark. Their contributions are far reaching and simply astounding. Let's sew! Click HERE.

SCHMETZ Combo Packs

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Maybe you can't travel, but Laura Coia's Travelling QuiltCase can. Oh, this is going to be fun! Laura has a brilliant way to keep quilting friends connected. Maybe you will receive the Travelling QuiltCase or maybe you want to launch Laura's official Travelling QuiltCase yourself.

Watch Laura's link:

Rhonda is launching the Travelling QuiltCase #008 in the next few days. What goodies will she add? Of course, SCHMETZ and Grabbit essentials. Who will get the Travelling QuiltCase next? What will they add? We'll be following along on #quiltcase and #travellingquiltcase on Facebook & Instagram.



Thread Painting, A Garden Quilt

Award winning Joyce Hughes, thread painting extraordinaire, shares step-by-step instructions to thread painting in her second book, Thread Painting, A Garden Quilt. She clearly details how raw edge appliqué and thread painting add shading, highlights, and definition. Joyce's greatest accomplishments is when a student creates their own artwork following her dimensional thread painting techniques. Now you can create your own thread painting masterpieces, with the guide of Joyce's new book. We are thrilled knowing SCHMETZ Chrome Topstitch needles are essential in her toolbox. Congratulations Joyce on your beautiful newly published book!




Nancy Zieman, Extraordinary Grace

An educator, entrepreneur and trailblazer, Nancy Zieman hosted Sewing With Nancy on public television stations for more than 30 years. Coming to PBS Wisconsin on November 23, 2020 at 7:00 PM, and next year to Public Television Stations across the United States, the new documentary, Nancy Zieman: Extraordinary Grace, tells the story of Nancy's life through her own words and the insight of those she inspired across a lifetime of family, faith and creativity.


The Nancy Zieman Landscape Quilts Greeting Cards Set will be available as a gift for supporting your Public Television Station during pledge events coming to PBS Wisconsin later this month and next year to Public Television Stations across the United States.


For more information, visit


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