Give the gift of an enriched education to a deserving child!
La Famille Royale Leadership Academy is preparing to launch in September, beginning with one first-grade class limited to 12 students. La Famille Royale will provide an enriched education to empower and inspire bright children to excel as life-long learners.

La Famille Royale is a private school. Those children coming to us from private kindergartens who have parents able to pay for a private education will be expected to pay regular fees. However, we would like to be able to offer this valuable education to bright children forced to attend public schools due to financial hardship. The schools often lack qualified teachers, have very overcrowded classrooms, and are unable to furnish teaching materials to stimulate learning. Bright children suffer in this environment. These special children can grow up to do so many great things! But they need a chance now to learn how to use their multiple intelligences, talents, and creativity before they lose motivation.

I'm writing to appeal to those of you who have a true desire to see children develop well spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically. By giving $40 per month, you can provide a scholarship for a deserving child. Your gift will pay for his or her tuition, books, uniforms, supplies, and two hot, nutritious meals per day. We need $40 per month to supply all these things, but if you want to help and are unable to give that much, you can share "your child" with another donor.

In return for your monthly donation, we will send you photos of your child and his or her progress after each 3-month session. You can even email your child if you wish and we will deliver the message. This could be a very rewarding experience for both you and a child, especially if you continue support year after year.

We wish to create a warm, loving, and supportive atmosphere that promotes exploration and a love of learning. You can be a part of that!

Unfortunately, our website is presently down and is being rebuilt to bring it up to current server standards. Therefore, we cannot presently offer you a link to our website for giving. If you wish to make a commitment, please respond via email: Checks can be mailed to: 4Ekselans, PO Box 2795, Cedar Park, TX 78630. Once the site is back up, you can easily make donations via PayPal, if you prefer.

Parents will be registering their children all this month. For those children who evaluate well but need financial assistance, we hope to be able to offer them a scholarship no later than July 1st, when tuition is due.

We have already tested ten teachers and interviewed six. Three will be invited back for second interviews next week. We hope to sign a teaching contract with one of them this month. Please pray with us. Our leaders all agreed on the three, presently teaching in other schools, but choosing the one we consider the best for the position is not going to be easy.  

We so appreciate your continued support of prayer, friendship, and finances!

Waterfall blessings!

Beverly A. Najt
PO Box 2795
Cedar Park, TX 78630
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