October 25, 2019

For Immediate Release
New Federal Trade Commission complaint filed about Canada Goose’s ‘ethical sourcing’ claims

New York, NY - A complaint regarding Canada Goose Holding Inc.’s advertising practices has been filed with the Federal Trade Commission on behalf of U.S. and Canadian groups Social Compassion in Legislation , Voters for Animal Rights , and The Fur-Bearers.

The complaint, filed last month and publicized today for the first time, challenges the terminology used by Canada Goose in their marketing materials, including the claim that they use fur that was ethically sourced.

“In reality, Canada Goose’s standards allow for the sourcing of fur from trappers that utilize inhumane snares that cause death by strangulation and cruel leg-hold traps that have been banned in dozens of countries and several U.S. states,” reads the complaint. “These methods permitted by Canada Goose’s policies commonly result in leg fractures, tendon and ligament damage, lost claws, broken teeth, lacerations, dislocated joints, swelling, and prolonged psychological distress.”

This is of significance to consumers and requires the Federal Trade Commission—who in the United States regulates and polices advertising practices—to intervene.

"Our group was proud to co-sponsor the new California law ending the inherently cruel practice of fur trapping throughout the state," said Nickolaus Sackett, the Director of Legislative Affairs at Social Compassion in Legislation . "Canada Goose should not be selling fur at all, but certainly not be allowed to paint their business model as humane; there is nothing humane about fur trapping."

“At a time when major high-end fashion brands around the world such as Gucci, Prada, Versace and Michael Kors are dropping fur and entire cities and states are enacting bans due to the demonstrable lack of humaneness of the industry, it is shocking that Canada Goose won’t be truly transparent with consumers,” says Lesley Fox, Executive Director of The Fur-Bearers . “Just this week, Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s announced an end to the sale of fur in their stores. It’s time to move forward to a more ethical and truly humane future.”

“Less than two weeks ago, the governor of California signed into law a ban on the sale of fur and explicitly recognized that this industry depends on ‘animal cruelty,’” noted Allie Feldman Taylor, the president of Voters for Animal Rights . “But Canada Goose continues to prop up this cruel industry and profit off of misleading the public to believe that it uses humane fur from ‘strictly regulated’ trappers.”

The complaint notes, “because it is virtually impossible for consumers to observe the actual practices of fur trappers or other businesses that procure, raise, or slaughter animals for consumer products, consumers cannot independently determine whether a ‘humane’ claim is accurate. Thus, consumers must depend on FTC oversight and enforcement in order to avoid being misled about corporate animal welfare practices.”

This move is specifically about the practices surrounding fur.
Click below to read the full complaint. Updates will be provided as they are available. The groups are represented by Richman Law Group.
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