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Did you get a chance to visit one of our libraries during our new Express Services hours? We heard so many nice stories about how you missed us - we missed you too!  CLICK HERE   for more information on Express Services. 

And if you prefer to still get your holds through Curbside Pickup, we still have that available as well - details HERE.
Caregiver Corner

Face Coverings!
Looking for more information on Minnesota's new face covering and mask requirements? The Minnesota Department of Health has a great page HERE with answers to lots of questions.  

And if you think you're going to need a few more masks in your rotation, we like these instructions from Instructables.com (also a great place to look if you want to build a trebuchet, redesign your desk for work at home or just find something cool to build with all the pens in your junk drawer!).
Previous week's theme: 
Make History; Nursery Rhymes
Upcoming week's theme: 
Art Party!
~Previous storytime video~
Pet Pajama-Jama Storytime
~Available starting this Monday~
The Dot!
This week, Ms. Kristy from the Shakopee Library shares this wonderful story about the power and potential of creativity.
In respect of copyright, videos with books will be active for only one week.

photograph of the letters Q U I Z on a colorful background
~Available until Monday night~
Nursery Rhymes
~Available starting this Tuesday~
Who Made It?
Difficulty Level: 
Challenge yourself to identify the creators of 11 famous works of art!
STEM Trivia quiz results: Congratulations to CaringOtter, RedRooster, FunnyRhino, RockstarGecko, ChampionCrane, ExpertWombat, and FabulousHorse, who all scored 100% on the challenge! 
We've built our trivia challenge in Kahoot!, but there's no need for you to create an account - just click the link, spin for a randomly generated player name, and play.

~Previous Workout Wednesday: Gymnastics~
~Available starting this Wednesday~
Workout Wednesday: Jumping!
Jump high, jump wide, jumpjumpjump! Silver Medalist Sarah is back with Blazing B and Super G!
Make sure you write down the secret word in Wednesday's Jumping video so you can sign up to receive supplies by mail to make your own dance ribbon - you're going to want that dance ribbon when it comes to our Rhythmic Gymnastics week!
Workout Wednesdays

~Previous Special Performance
Reptile and Amphibian Discovery (RAD) Zoo~
~Available starting this Thursday~
Special Performance: 
Schiffelly Puppets!
A laugh out loud retelling of the classic JACK AND THE BEANSTALK by our favorite puppeteers! In this version the audience and a zany cast of characters help Shelly get to the top of the beanstalk before the end of the show OR ELSE.  

~Previous Friday Science Fun : Paper Experiments~
~Available starting this Friday~
Friday Science Fun: Chemistry!
If you loved the Professor Prchal programs at the library in previous summers, tune in to see Professor Anna Prchal demonstrate and explain some fun science experiments.
Friday Science Fun videos

~Previous Family Fun Break: Walking Tours ~
~Available starting this Saturday~ 
Family Fun Break: Make Your Own Sock Puppet!
Gather the family and enjoy a special challenge to complete each weekend! 
Event Registrations this Week:

Registration opens 7/29 for: 
At Home Arts Workshop (pick up at library): 
NOTE: Supplies for this workshop need to be picked up at your library via Express Services (walk-in) or Curbside Pickup (by appoint- ment).  
For ages 3-11 (ages 3 - 6 will need assistance, ages 7 and up can work independently); registration opens 7/29; since each kit makes up to 8 imprints, registration is limited to ONE PER HOUSEHOLD please. Create nature imprints using air dry clay and objects found in nature. Kit includes air dry clay (enough to make 8 imprints) and twine in case you want to make your clay imprints into hanging ornaments.  You will need to collect your own nature items. Funded by the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage (Legacy) Amendment.

Registration opens 7/27 for: 
Teen & Adult Create by Mail Workshop: 
For ages 12 and older; registration closes 8/11.
Create and personalize a calming infinity cube using your own art or photos to keep or give to a friend! We provide a 8 wooden cubes, tape, and paper. You'll need to provide a scissors. On the class date we'll mail you all the supplies needed for the project, printed instructions, and link to video instructions. Funded by the Scott Co Library Teen Advisory Board.   
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