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October 2020 an initiative of the Palmetto Cycling Coalition
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Testimony & SCDOT comments from
September Commission meeting
Last month, we testified yet again to SCDOT on how long this state advocacy took us. We still await the draft Departmental policy for Complete Streets from the Secretary. We remain committed to working only towards a robust policy.

First video below is PCC testimony on behalf of the entire Alliance, explaining how long it took the entire SC Livable Communities Alliance to communicate the value of people's lives while walking and biking, before we got commitment for a policy. Then see other comments from the Secretary and Commissioners.
PCC Executive Director
Amy Johnson Ely
SCDOT Commissioner
Robby Robbins (Charleston) comments regarding his questions on context sensitivity and unruly bicyclists and pedestrians.
SCDOT Secretary of Transportation
Christy Hall's response, including a lengthy description of this future policy
SCDOT Commissioner
JT McLawhorn explains the value of this policy, yet caution for the need to do proper local engagement so communities are involved and informed about multimodal changes.
The SC Livable Communities Alliance is a coalition-based, multimodal streets policy campaign led by the Palmetto Cycling Coalition

View everyone in the Coalition so far by clicking here. You can sign the policy letter of support as an elected official, business owner, or organization leader by clicking here!
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by visiting our website here. The PCC facilitates the larger coalition that is the SC Livable Communities Alliance, as we advance the state Multimodal, or Complete Streets, policy.