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It seems like only yesterday we were ushering in the New Year, but my calendar says it is the beginning of March.  When did that happen???

Life has been busy at Salmon-Casson, Ltd and we are thrilled to be working on several new and existing projects.  However, the commitment to these projects has caused me to neglect my duties of reaching out to all of you through our Newsletter and SCLgram.  Please accept my heartfelt apologies for being out of touch!

This month, I hope to make it up to you by sharing one of my passions...Window Treatments.  It has taken me 30+ years to become an "expert" on the subject and I am often asked by clients, family and friends to give them advice.  The subject is varied and deep and deserves more than a casual chat, so we will make it a three part SCLgram series!

Let's begin the window treatment conversation with a few important details.  Like why is it important to use a good drapery workroom for your project and how does that process work?  Also, I will share a few basic types of window treatments that have become my favorites over the years.

As always, thank you for allowing me to share my love of design with you through our newsletters and other social media.  It is good to be back!


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Custom Drapery    Workrooms

After many years in the design business, I know one thing with absolute certainty; window treatments can make or break a room.

An otherwise well designed room is brought down by poorly constructed, ill fitting window treatments.  I also know that nothing can lift and enhance a space more than a beautifully designed and constructed window treatment.  Designing, fabricating and installing custom window treatments is a craft.  Actually, I think it qualifies as an art form.  And like all art, it requires a gifted master.   [Read more...]

Covering Windows

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