COVID-19 Vaccination Planning 
As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted 17-4 (with one abstention) to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services announced this morning that FDA has notified Pfizer that it is immediately proceeding with the recommendation to grant EUA. Vaccinations are expected to begin within the next few days.

The County of Sonoma through our Public Health Department has submitted initial plans to the State of California in accordance with the “CDPH Allocation Guidelines for COVID-19 Vaccine During Phase 1A: Recommendations.” According to these guidelines, phase 1A (the highest priority) of allocation should be offered to: persons at risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 through their work in any role in direct health care or long-term care settings (including persons at direct risk of exposure in their non-clinical roles); and residents of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and similar long-term care settings for older or medically vulnerable individuals.
The initial allotment of vaccines received in Sonoma County (I believe is approx. 4,875 doses) will not be sufficient to vaccinate all of the individuals covered in those categories. Accordingly, the State has provided guidance on prioritization of individuals within those categories.
Tier 1
·   Acute care, psychiatric and correctional facility hospitals
·   Skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and similar settings for older or medically vulnerable individuals
·   Also, in concordance with ACIP, residents in these settings
·   Paramedics, EMTs and others providing emergency medical services
·   Dialysis centers
Tier 2
·   Intermediate care facilities for persons who need non-continuous nursing supervision and supportive care
·   Home health care and in-home supportive services
·   Community health workers, including promotoras
·   Public health field staff
·   Primary Care clinics, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Rural Health Centers, correctional facility clinics, and urgent care clinics
Tier 3: Other settings and health care workers, including:
·   Specialty clinics
·   Laboratory workers
·   Dental and other oral health clinics
·   Pharmacy staff not working in settings at higher tiers
Note: Each vaccine order will come with a kit containing an appropriate amount of supplies including: needles, syringes, alcohol prep pads, surgical masks and face shields; vaccination record cards for vaccine recipients.

As directed, local jurisdictions are focusing on vaccinations among the Tier 1 group. For physicians and other providers practicing in these settings, vaccinations will be prioritized and coordinated through the hospital/health system in which you practice (or in some cases by the County itself).

The Counties are still developing plans for subsequent tiers, and we anticipate that there will be a process announced in the near future. SCMA will continue to work with the counties and monitor developments. I will provide updated guidance to members as appropriate.
Solo/Small practice providers: Please make sure you have enrolled in the COVIDReadi Provider program:

The County and I are in communications. SCMA has offered to host an event for our solo/small practices who will not receive vaccines as part of the hospital groups. Please stay tuned.

CDC - COCA Presentation:
When: Monday, December 14, 2020 | 10:00 am

CA Notify App: If you have an iPhone, you can enable this in Settings > Exposure Notifications. Android users, find the app in Google Play. CANotify does not track you and protects your privacy. Please help stop the spread and help keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. #CANotify

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or (7070 620-0808. I may not immediately know the answer to your question, but will try to find out as quickly as possible. As always, the SCMA is here in service to our medical community. ---- Wendy Young, Executive Director
Please respond to this survey (if you haven't already on the prior email.) Your response will be anonymous:
Do you plan to get the covid vaccine once available to caregivers in Sonoma County?
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CMA/SCMA Provides PPE to Practices for the cost of shipping
SCMA and MLCMS can still help you with PPE Supplies.

Please complete the form in its entirety. For practices who need shipments to multiple offices, please complete a separate form for each location. We aim to approve orders within 24 hours and ship within 48 hours. Advance payment is not required. 

If you have any questions, please call (707) 525-4375. Return your PPE Order to via email at to get it into the ordering process. Orders are processed on a first come basis. We are happy to help you get take advantage of this opportunity to receive PPE supplies at minimal cost to you. 
County COVID-19 updates and articles of interest
Tell Congress: Now is Not the Time To Cut Medicare Payments
As physicians continue to battle the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, the last thing you should have to worry about are cuts to Medicare payments. Unfortunately, without Congressional action before January 1, 2021, that nightmare scenario will become reality.

SCMA and MLCMS are urging you to review the talking points listed below and to contact your member of Congress and ask them to:.

  • Commit an additional $100 billion to the Provider Relief Fund for physicians and hospitals.

  • Do not rush the surprise billing legislation. Doing so could harm health care providers’ ability to fully respond to the COVID-19 resurgence that is devastating California right now.

*H.R.8702 - Holding Providers Harmless From Medicare Cuts During COVID-19 Act of 2020: This bill temporarily increases payments to providers under Medicare medical services. Specifically, the bill provides an additional payment for certain services in 2021 and 2022 if the otherwise applicable payment is less than what it would have been in 2020. The bill applies to services that are payable under the physician fee schedule, excluding specified outpatient evaluation and management services.
A Conversation with State Leaders and Members of President-Elect Joe Biden's Coronavirus Task Force. The California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHS) and California Medical Association (CMA) hosted a conversation with physicians who hold central roles in our national COVID-19 response.
or: | 707-525-4375