Not Able to Attend the SCMR Scientific Sessions?

If you aren't attending this year's Scientific Sessions meeting in Bellevue don't worry, SCMR has other options for you. Whether you are looking for CME credits, courses covering a specific topic, preparation for the upcoming CBCMR exam, or a meeting endorsed by the SCMR, we have members covered.

SCMR Seed Grant Recipients

The 2019 SCMR Seed Grant Recipients are  Upasana Tayal, from Imperial College London and Jesse Hamilton from Case Western Reserve University. Each recipient will receive $5,000 to help further advance their work and will present an update during the 2020 SCMR Scientific Sessions.

SCMR Receives NIH Funding to Support 22nd Annual Scientific Sessions

For the fourth consecutive year the SCMR has received an R13 Conference Grant Award to support the travel awards and mentoring programs at the annual scientific sessions. Funding from the NIH will be combined with money donated to the SCMR Research and Education Fund to provide travel awards worth $44,000 which will support the attendance of 77 trainees, including 38 women from all regions of the world, and 15 from underrepresented minority groups in the USA.

What is of Recent Interest in CMR?  Insights From the JACC Family of Journals

The  Journal of American College of Cardiology  (JACC)  has acknowledged the growing original research in CMR. The editors of  JACC  brought together their favorite original research papers from various  JACC  journals and provided a summary of what new knowledge they offer. Readers can now access these advances in one convenient place.

JCMR Articles