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2017 SCMS Election Ends
(11:59 EST)

Chicago 2017 Conference
Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park


SIG/Caucus Open House and Networking Session, 11:00AM

Graduate Student Reception, 7:00PM

Members' Business Meeting, 11:00AM

Awards Ceremony, 4:15PM

Reception, 5:45PM

JANUARY 31, 2017
The officers, Board, and staff of the Society for Cinema & Media Studies would like to express our deep concern over last week's Executive Order that limits entry into the United States for citizens, travelers, and refugees from seven countries, including Green Card holders, dual citizens, and those already approved for travel.  We recognize, among many other implications of this order, the immediate threats it poses to intellectual community, collaborative research, and professional development for many SCMS members. 

As the rollout of this executive order continues, as do the legal challenges already posed by it, SCMS pledges to remain vigilant about the many issues this policy raises for our profession and our members.  We intend to continue working -- in solidarity with other scholarly societies, where appropriate -- to support and protect our intellectual community and the free exchange of ideas among the Society and partnering and affiliating organizations that advance learning and help make peace and understanding possible.  Our highest goals will be to protect those members and those aspects of SCMS's stated mission that are most vulnerable to harm from these new policies, within the limits imposed on us by our 501(c)3 status as an organization, which prevents SCMS from political campaigning and limits its ability to lobby.

As regards the upcoming conference, SCMS will gladly work with any scheduled presenter who is already blocked from traveling under the new policy or any other programmed participant who is concerned that the new rules could jeopardize their travel to or from Chicago to make sure that your research gets shared with our membership.  We have also extended the deadline for early conference registration to February 10, since we acknowledge that many of our members are no longer in a position to firm up any travel plans by January 31. Please be in touch with the Board, the home office, and/or your SIG and Caucus liaisons if you have more questions or valuable expertise to share as we work to confront these ongoing political developments that deeply concern us all.

Chicago, our host city, has been identified as a sanctuary city by Mayor Rahm Emanuel:

On January 25, 2017, Mayor Rahm Emanuel reiterated that Chicago will remain a Sanctuary City regardless of the political or economic cost. Hence Chicago Police will not collaborate with any federal directive aimed at detaining or deporting foreign citizens. Likewise, Cook County has a sanctuary ordinance that states that the Sheriff's Office will not do so either. Passed before the recent presidential election, these ordinances are widely revered in Chicago as the cornerstone of the city's reputation for welcoming citizens of all nations. 

Here is a link to the City of Chicago site:
Dear SCMS Members,

In these unsettling times, it seems fitting to reiterate the values that SCMS represents. As the Board's position statement from last November confirms, we stand strong in our commitment to maintain SCMS as an inclusive organization open to all: The Board took the additional step of issuing the January 31 statement in response to the new U.S. President's Executive Order on Immigration.

We recently implemented a three-prong plan of action to assist SCMS members from the seven countries directly affected by the new policy to ensure that their work can still be heard at the conference, even if they are unable to be physically present. First, we are currently working through the details that will allow each affected member to present their paper virtually. In an effort to ensure that the experience remains as valuable as possible, we are considering a couple of different scenarios. Our final decision will be based upon how we can provide the most reliable and clearest experience from a technological perspective, and will be announced very soon. Second, as you are aware, we extended our preregistration deadline by 10 days from January 31 to February 10 to allow our international members more time to work out their travel details. Third, we are offering those directly impacted by the travel ban a significantly reduced rate for virtual participation. Importantly, they will still be able to participate in the conference and engage with their fellow members.

If you are looking for a group forum at the conference to discuss these issues, on the evening of Wednesday, March 22, there will be a 9:00 pm pop-up panel and group discussion at the Fairmont Hotel entitled, Collective Action in 2017: Responding to Hate, Disenfranchisement, and the Loss of the Commons.

For those of you who might be considering pulling out of the conference for the sake of solidarity, the Board and I ask that you please reconsider. We view our conference as a place where solidarity and some degree of action can be achieved in light of recent events. It is possible that the current administration could view it as a win if you choose to stay away. A boycott of the conference ultimately hurts the Society whose mission it is to support you.

In closing, if you are a presenter currently impacted by the new policy, or any other programmed participant who is concerned that the new rules could jeopardize your travel to or from Chicago, please be in touch with the Board, the home office, and/or your SIG and Caucus liaisons if you have more questions, or valuable expertise to share as we work to confront these ongoing political developments that are of serious concern.

Jill Simpson

Executive Director

Financial Analyst

Program Coordinator 

Program Assistant 
President, 2015-2017

President Elect, 2015-2017

Secretary, 2015-2018

Treasurer, 2014-2017

Mary Beltrán




Cinema Journal Editor, 2012-2017

Web Content Manager

Past-President, 2015-2017

Conference Manager

Representative of Home Office

Executive Director
Tuesday, March 21: 4:00PM - 6:00PM 
*Tuesday hours for pre-registered attendees - badge and conference program pick-up only.
Wednesday, March 22: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Thursday, March 23: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Friday, March 24: 8:00AM - 10:45AM*; 12:15PM - 4PM*
*On Friday, March 24, the registration desk will be closed from 10:45AM to 12:15PM for the Members' Business Meeting. Registration will re-open at 12:45PM that day and will close at 4:00PM for the Awards Ceremony and Reception. Conference attendees will not be able to pick up their registration materials or register on site during these times.

Saturday, March 25: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Sunday, March 26: 8:30AM - 12:00PM

Please note: Members who registered at the student rate must show a valid student ID at the registration desk to receive their registration materials and conference name badge.

On-site Conference Registration Rate: $230.00
Student Rate:  $150.00

  • We accept the following payment methods on-site: cash, check, debit or credit card only.
  • Please allow 15 minutes to complete the on-site registration process. 
  • If you are registering at the student rate, please be prepared to show your valid student ID. 
  • Replacement conference programs will be available for $20, subject to availability.
Your conference name badge is your proof of registration. It is required for entrance into a meeting, session, or an event.

Replacement conference name badges will be available at the registration desk for $5.   Replacement name badges will only be printed during registration hours.

This year, panels and workshops, SIG/Caucus meetings, and the conference reception will be divided between the Fairmont Chicago and the AON Center, and connected via pedway.  The AON Center is the third tallest building in Chicago and is staffed with a high level of security.  You will be required to wear your name badge for admittance to the AON Center. 

Beginning this year, in collaboration with the Queer Caucus, and as a show of SCMS's commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are introducing pronoun stickers for your name badge, including blank stickers that will allow you to use a pronoun of your own choosing. Stickers will be available for pickup at registration and can easily be worn as a show of solidarity, and a means of making our annual conference a friendly and safe environment for all.

We have been working to get as many people in the conference hotel as possible. At this time, the Fairmont no longer has availability in their Standard Room category. They allowed us to continue to accept reservations well over the SCMS room block until they sold out of Standard Rooms.

We would like to present you with a couple of options:

1) SCMS can assist in making a reservation elsewhere.
For alternative accommodation, SCMS is working with A Room With a View to help secure accommodations at designated overflow hotels. This is a free service for all SCMS conference attendees. A Room With a View will secure the lowest available rates at the best available hotels within walking distance of the Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park.

Reservations processed by A Room With A View are automatically on a waitlist for rooms at the Fairmont Chicago, Millennium Park should cancellations occur within the SCMS group block.

Please call:

A Room With A View


Monday - Friday * 9AM - 5PM, CST

International attendees can reach them at

2) The Fairmont would be delighted to offer you one of their Signature Level rooms for your stay -the Signature Rooms are located on the highest floors, therefore they tend to have better views and are a bit quieter. The hotel is happy to accommodate reservation requests at a discounted rate of $349 + tax per evening. We recognize this rate is beyond the budget of most, but in the past some members have opted for this type of rate to stay in the conference hotel, so we are including it. If cost is a factor, please take advantage of A Room With a View, which will find you the best available rates near the Fairmont plus you will be automatically on a waitlist for rooms at the conference hotel should cancellations occur within our group block.

You will receive all conference concessions offered to those staying under the SCMS room block. They are:

     * $15 food & beverage credit to the individual guestrooms per night to be applied towards meals, bar, in room dining, etc. This only applies for guests booked inside the SCMS block at the group rate or higher. F&B credit is non-transferable.

     * Complimentary access to mySpa Fitness Center (valued at $15/day)

     * Complimentary basic guestroom internet access (valued at $14.95/day)

     * 15% discount off restaurant and in room dining pricing as long as guests charge to their individual guestrooms

     * 15% discount off 2017 MySpa Treatment Pricing

     * 20% discount off 2017 Overnight Valet parking

To obtain this deal, please call the hotel directly at (312) 565-8000, specify that you are a part of the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Annual Conference (SCMS), and state that you would like to book one of their Signature Rooms.

As always, if you are having problems, please contact us at Let us know if there is anything you need assistance with-we are looking forward to SCMS 2017. Thank you!

We encourage you to VOTE! As always, SCMS leadership is determined by its members, so please take the time to participate in this very important activity, one of the key privileges and responsibilities of your SCMS membership. 

As per the SCMS Bylaws, we are requesting that all regular (non-student) members cast votes for President-Elect, Treasurer, and two members of the Board of Directors. In addition, we are asking student members to vote for President-Elect, Treasurer, and Graduate Student Representative. (Student members may not vote for regular members of the Board of Directors, since they have their own representative as a member of the Board.) 

President-Elect Candidates (Vote for one): 

Jim Castonguay, Sacred Heart University 

Paula Massood, Brooklyn College/CUNY
Treasurer Candidates (Vote for one):

Gilberto Blasini, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bambi Haggins, Arizona State University
Board of Directors Candidates (Vote for two):

Miranda Banks, Emerson College

Michael Curtin, University of California, Santa Barbara

Aswin Punathambekar, University of Michigan 

Kristen Warner, University of Alabama 
Graduate Student Representative Candidates (Vote for one):

Giuseppe Fidotta, Concordia University

Amber Pualani Hodge, University of Mississippi 

The election will run from February 1, 2017 to February 28, 2017 at 11:59pm (EST). To have your ballot counted, please vote no later than 11:59pm (EST) on February 28, 2017

Thank you for participating in the 2017 election!

The Translation Committee of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies invites proposals for the translation into English of outstanding scholarly texts in languages other than English, for publication in Cinema Journal. Journal articles, book chapters, or self-contained sections of a book that focus on a particular topic in a unified, coherent way are deemed appropriate for this purpose. 

Proposals should include the following: 
1. The author, title, and publication details of the work being proposed (including the place, press, and date of publication). 
2. A statement identifying the significance of the work, and why it might be interesting to film and media scholars and students, SCMS members in particular. 
3. A clarification of the copyright status of the original source material. 
4. An indication of likely word length. 
5. The name and credentials of the proposed translator. 

Proposals are welcome for a work published in any language other than English. One grant-in-aid of $1,000 will be paid to the translator. The scholar leading the project should provide an introduction laying out the importance of the author and the text. The total word count of the introduction and translated text should be between 8,000 and 10,000 words in English. In some cases, projects (text and translation) of 5,000 words will be considered (which case the grant-in-aid would be adjusted accordingly). The scholar submitting the proposal must be a member of the SCMS during the year of publication (2018). Self-nominations are not accepted. 

Proposal due date: April 1, 2017. The selection will be made by May 1, 2017, with manuscript delivery by August 15, 2017. 

Submissions should be sent to: Paul A. Schroeder Rodríguez, Co-Chair, Translation/Publication Committee, Society for Cinema and Media Studies Email:



Recorded just before the inauguration, this episode takes two oblique angles on politics. First, Stephanie Brown discusses helping students' find their voice through a podcast assignment for her "Sex and Gender in the Media" class and shares snippets of her students' work. Speaking of podcasts, Chris and Michael discuss, an exciting new project for podcast fans and (especially) scholars. Then we bring you an interview with Paul Douglas Grant on political filmmaking and the role of the translator in film studies. Finally, as part of a new project on Protecting the Commons, we encourage you to send in YOUR audio of your responses and reactions to the new regime for Episode 36:

Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Program
Expanding the Reach of Doctoral Education in the Humanities
Deadline: March 22, 2017, 8:00PM EDT

The American Council of Learned Societies is pleased to announce the seventh annual competition of the Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Program. In 2017, ACLS will place up to 22 recent humanities PhDs in two-year positions at diverse organizations in government and the nonprofit sector. This career-building initiative aims to demonstrate that the capacities developed in the advanced study of the humanities have wide application, both within and beyond the academy. The fellowship carries a stipend of $67,500, with health insurance for the fellow and up to $3,000 for professional development activities. 

Applicants must possess US citizenship or permanent resident status and have a PhD in the humanities or humanistic social sciences conferred between September 1, 2013, and June 18, 2017. Applicants must have defended and deposited their dissertations no later than April 6, 2017. 
Please visit for complete position descriptions, eligibility criteria, and application information. The deadline for submitted applications is Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 8 pm EDT

CLIR Invites Applications for Digitizing At-Risk Audio Materials 

The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) is now accepting applications from collecting institutions for the digital reformatting of magnetic audio materials, as part of the pilot phase of the Recordings at Risk grant program. Generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Recordings at Risk is focused on digitally reformatting "at-risk" audio and audiovisual materials of high scholarly value. 

In this pilot cycle, CLIR will award approximately $150,000 for the preservation reformatting of magnetic audio media through the Northeast Document Conservation Center's (NEDCC's) newly established audio preservation service. Grants of between $5,000 and $25,000 will be awarded for projects of up to 12 months, to fall between May 2017 and April 2018. 

Information for applicants, including a link to the online application form, is available on CLIR's website at:   The application deadline for the pilot project is  Friday, March 3, 2017