June - July 2020 - In This Issue

Important Dates

July 30
Deadline for Awards Submissions

August 1
Conference Submission Portal Opens

September 15 
Deadline to submit conference proposals
The portal for award submissions is now open!
The next round of awards will be presented at the 2021 conference ; the award submission deadline is July 30th, 5:00PM CT. There is a two day grace period for printed material to be received by the SCMS Home Office. 

Please note last year's Distinguished Career Achievement Award winner will roll over to 2021, the category is closed for submissions this year.

Note: Please read instructions for each book category carefully as the requirements and mailing address have been updated this year. Additionally, due to the pandemic and limited access to the home office, we are asking you to prioritize submitting e-books if at all possible. Thanks! 

For more information on SCMS's annual awards and submission/nomination requirements, please visit:
Erfana Enam
Financial Analyst

Mona Springfield
Program Coordinator

Communications Coordinator


President, 2019-2021

President-Elect, 2019-2021

Secretary, 2019-2021

Treasurer, 2020-2023




Jennifer Fuller


Rebecca Gordon
Precarious Labor Representative
2019- 2022


GSO Representative


Journal of Cinema and Media Studies Editor, 2018-2022

Director of Conferences and Events

Man-Fung Yip
Representative of SCMS Institutional Home

Pamela Wojcik
Past-President, 2019-2021
Welcome New Board Members
The SCMS Board of Directors would like to thank Board Members Miranda Banks, Michael Curtin, Bambi Haggins, and Joshua Nelson for their service.  We wish them well in their future endeavors. 
We are pleased to announce our new Board Members for the term beginning July 1.
Alisa Perren, Treasurer (2020-2023)

Alisa Perren is an Associate Professor in the Department of Radio-Television-Film and Co-Director of the Center for Entertainment and Media Industries at the University of Texas at Austin. Her research and teaching interests include media industry studies, television studies, and US film and television history. She is co-editor of  Media Industries: History, Theory, and Method , author of  Indie, Inc: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s , and co-author of the forthcoming  The American Comic Book Industry and Hollywood. 
Jennifer Fuller (2020-2023)

Jennifer Fuller is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Media, Journalism and Film at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She has a PhD in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a television historian who focuses on issues of race and gender. Her work has appeared in the anthologies  The Civil Rights Movement in American Memory and  Watching While Black: Centering the Television of Black Audiences , and in academic journals including  Media, Culture & Society, Cinema Journal , and  Feminist Media Studies.
Alfred L. Martin Jr. (2020-2023)

Alfred L. Martin Jr. is Assistant Professor of media studies in the Department of Communication Studies and the program in African American studies at University of Iowa. A media and cultural studies scholar, Martin's work is concerned with the complex interplay between media industry studies and audience/fandom studies as related to television and film studies, critical black studies, and sexuality and gender studies.
Man-Fung Yip, Representative of SCMS Institutional Home

Man-Fung Yip is Associate Professor at the University of Oklahoma. He is the author of  Martial Arts Cinema and Hong Kong Modernity: Aesthetics, Representation, Circulation  (HKU Press, 2017) and co-editor of  American and Chinese-Language Cinemas: Examining Cultural Flows  (Routledge, 2015). His articles have been published in edited volumes as well as in peer-reviewed journals such as  Cinema Journal.  His research and teaching interests focus on Chinese-language and East Asian film studies, theories of national and transnational cinema, as well as the juncture of cinema, mass culture, and modernity.

2021 Conference Bulletin Board
The Conference Bulletin board is now open! You can access full instructions and a link to post on the official Conference Bulletin board here.

The deadline for bulletin board submissions is  Friday, August 14, 2020,  5:00PM CT To be able to submit an announcement, individuals must be registered users of the SCMS website.  All chairs/organizers must notify individuals of acceptance or rejection by  Tuesday, August 28, 2020.

Individuals whose submissions are accepted for an advertised panel or workshop must provide the required information for completion of the proposal forms to the chair/organizer by  Friday, September 4, 2020, 5:00PM CT.

The 2021 Conference Submission Portal will open on August 1.
New proposals (for papers, panels, workshops and roundtables) and resubmissions (papers, panels, workshops and roundtables accepted for the 2020 Denver conference) will be due on  September 15 .
This summer, you will have two options: 
  1. You can resubmit your paper, panel, workshop, or roundtable from the cancelled 2020 conference, or;
  2. You can submit a new proposal. 
Resubmissions : While the conference submissions portal will clearly distinguish resubmissions from new proposals, please note the following guidelines:
  • Resubmitted Denver 2020 proposals (papers, panels, workshops, roundtables) will automatically be accepted.
  • If you resubmit your paper without the rest of your panel, you will be assigned to a new panel.
  • If your panel of four does not have the full slate of speakers, you may resubmit with three speakers. We hope to accommodate panel resubmissions that retain less original members, but will know more in the coming weeks.
  • Unfortunately, seminars may not be resubmitted, but can be reformatted as a new submission.
New Submissions : New submissions (papers, panels, workshops, roundtables, seminars) will be vetted by the program committee as usual. Because we are accepting resubmissions from Denver 2020, space will be limited for new submissions. That said, we aim to incorporate as many new proposals as we can. 

Rememberyou will not be required to join or renew your membership before submitting a 2021 conference proposal.

We have several exciting  JCMS updates to share with you:
  • Beginning with in the Fall, Issue 60.1, JCMS will be moving to a new subscription model, facilitated by the recent partnership with Michigan Publishing. JCMS will be a digital-forward journal! Read more about this news and what it means for SCMS members here
  • JCMS is looking for a new Assistant Editor! Graduate Students, read more about the position and how to apply here. Deadline for applications is July 20.
  • Finally, JCMS Welcomes Pamela Wojcik on their Editorial Board as the first Editorial Ombudperson. She will be available to consult on issues of academic misconduct related to the journal's editorial team.

Fieldnotes is an SCMS project to conduct, circulate and archive interviews with pioneers of film and media studies. In addition to recognizing the contributions of key scholars, the project also aims to foster knowledge of and interest in the diverse and dynamic developments that have shaped -- and continue to shape -- our expanding field. 


Mette Hjort
interviewed by Missy Molloy
Congratulations Harris Kornstein, Recipient of a Newcombe Fellowship

SCMS congratulates Harris Kornstein from New York University on receiving a 2020 Newcombe Fellowship  for his Dissertation, Queer Enchantment: Contours, Cruising, Crystal Visions, and Other Queer Tactics for (Not) Being Seen.

The Newcombe Fellowship is the nation's largest and most prestigious award for Ph.D. candidates in the humanities and social sciences addressing questions of ethical and religious values. Each Fellow will receive a 12-month award of $27,500 to support their final year of dissertation work. 

In July 2020,  the Modern Language Association, along with other members of the American Council of Learned Societies sent a letter to Matthew T. Albence, the deputy director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement concerning its decision to end visa exemptions for international students. SCMS is proud to cosign the letter.

Read the full letter here

SCMS is proud to join other learned societies in cosigning the ASA's CARES act for Higher Education financial relief. 

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has awarded $1 million in CARES Act economic stabilization grants to ten university presses to help preserve jobs in scholarly publishing and provide for the continued publication of important academic research in the humanities during the pandemic.

Read the full press release here