SCOA NEWS / October 2020
A Newsletter of the NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates

The virtual NCTE Convention begins in just a few short weeks, and we are looking forward to a time of celebration, forward motion, and new ideas. Check out the Convention Preview to see all that’s in store for this exciting event. We hope that affiliate leaders and members will be there to join in!

As a reminder, registration for this years’ annual convention is still open. Included in the registration price are all sessions and speakers; meal tickets are not required for the keynote “breakfast, luncheon, or brunch” tickets. This would also include the Affiliate Breakfast Roundtable session.

All session participants, presenters, and attendees are required to register for the Convention, so make sure you save your spot for what this year has to hold!
The Virtual Affiliate Roundtable Breakfast and Awards Celebration will be held live on Sunday, November 22nd from 10:30-11:45am EST. Our theme this year, Songs of Celebration, will encourage us to celebrate the growth we have achieved, the shared ideas we have engaged in, and a reflection of who we are as affiliate leaders.

NCTE Executive Director Emily Kirkpatrick and NCTE President-Elect Valerie Kinloch will join us in speaking to our futures and to the hard work affiliates have done this year. We will also hear from affiliate leaders and celebrate the amazing accomplishments our affiliates have worked hard to achieve.

Please mark your calendars and do not miss this special event as we celebrate and engage with one another once again this year. You may view the program here.
The Virtual Affiliate Representative Meet-Up will be held Sunday, November 22nd from 1:45-3:00pm EST. Our goal for the meet-up this year is to focus on the ideas of joy and gratitude. Grounding ourselves in these ideas as affiliate leaders, we will work towards developing ways to grow that joy and gratitude for the affiliate members we serve and support. Join us for a time of discussion and collaboration. You will not want to miss it!

REMINDER: Affiliates seeking to apply for the Affiliate of Excellence Award next year must attend at least two affiliate events at the NCTE Convention. The above events are ONLY two affiliate events this year at Convention. Please make sure you mark these important events to ensure your affiliate is set for future awards next year.
View the complete list of keynote speakers, meal function speakers, and section events here. Look for updates and remember registrants have access to all sessions, breakfasts, luncheons and more with their registration.
View the complete list of keynote speakers, meal function speakers, and section events here. This is sure to be a unique year, but one we can all share together!
Looking to connect with potential affiliate members at the Convention? 

Consider designating virtual social events with potential members and share that information via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, piggybacking off the #NCTE20 hashtag. Tag #NCTE20 and #YOURAFFILIATENAME in your social media posts and include a link to your affiliate website.

Help affiliate members get ready for a wonderful NCTE convention experience by sharing general information for first time attendees and this handy NCTE Convention FAQ.
If you have not participated yet, the NCTE Member Gatherings have been a place for conversation, reflection, comradery, and more. Engaging with one another, touching base with our community, and working to make change all continue to be necessary ways we thrive as educators. Join in the conversation today!

Learn more, register for future events, and watch recaps of previous conversations here.
The International Council of Teachers of English, one of the most recent affiliates to become a part of our larger conversations, has recently published a new newsletter that focuses not only on the issues we face as English educators, but those issues we face worldwide. Please be sure to take a look at the stories, analysis, reflections, and travels of this group! Thank you, Stacey Wilkins and ICTE, for your efforts and the shared ideas present in this edition of the ICTE Newsletter.

You can access their valued information and shared ideas by clicking here.
North Carolina English Teachers Association
November 5-7, 2020

Kansas Association of Teachers of English
November 7, 2020

Association of College English Teachers of Alabama

February 22-25, 2021

Now excepting proposals for their virtual conference.

If you and your affiliate are planning to cancel, change, or alter your conference information this fall, please let us know so we can provide the most up to date information to our affiliate members. Thank you!

The Affiliate News page of the NCTE website is a great place for affiliates to share their publications and announcements.

Send news and any links you’d like to share to
Deadline: November 1

Your talent and experience are valuable to NCTE! Express your interest in taking part in the 2021 NCTE elections by completing the Leadership Interest Survey that has been sent to all voting members of NCTE. We are seeking nominations for major NCTE offices, posts within the NCTE Sections, the English Language Arts Teacher Educators (ELATE), and the Two-Year College English Association (TYCA). Nominate yourself or a colleague for these positions by completing and submitting nomination forms.
For a complete twelve-month list of affiliate due dates, click the button below.
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