COVID-19 Update
APRIL 1, 2020
Distribution: All SCORE Acting and Provisional Volunteers
SCORE Headquarters staff are committed to providing you the best service we can as we continue to manage the impact of COVID-19. There is a lot of information out there. This newsletter and the COVID-19 Toolkit on is THE centralized hub for you as SCORE volunteers.

We intend to send weekly updates to support you and your clients as much as possible. Thank you for going above and beyond during this time to do your best to deliver SCORE's mission. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

**Please note when reaching out to SCORE HQ, responses may be slower than normal as tickets and emails are up, but we are standing by ready to help.**
How to Help Your Clients

SBA Loan Information
We know that there is not a complete picture of how the loan processes work. We are waiting on more details from the SBA and we should have that in less than two weeks. In the meantime, here is what we do know:

1. Go to: for a list of funding options including:
  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • This application is now live:
  • These loans are through the 7a lender banks and institutions.
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans and Loan Advance
  • Note the loan advance is the $10,000 advance/grant. This does not need to be paid back, but the person must apply for the EIDL in order to receive the grant.
  • If any of your clients are interested in the grant, they MUST reapply for the EIDL loan per guidance from the SBA as of 3/31/2020.
  • These loans are made directly through the SBA.
  • SBA Debt Relief
  • SBA Express Bridge Loans

SCORE’s role with these loans is to understand where a client needs to go to apply for the loan if it benefits them, and help them understand how best to use this money to sustain their business. We can also provide support if they are rejected for a loan by helping them understand next steps for their business and identifying other opportunities such as the quarterly Nav grant contest and the Facebook business grant .

The following Powerpoint deck provides an overview of the SBA’s loan deferment and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan processes which may be a helpful webinar for your clients at this time. There are points throughout the slides where you can insert information relevant to your region. View powerpoint here.

We are working on getting an SBA representative to present to all SCORE mentors about the loan options available. If you are interested in attending, please submit a form here .

2. The CARES Act Guide from US Senate Small Business Committee is the best resource to date that clarifies what the CARES Act does for small business. See it on the Support Center or US Senate Small Business site here .

SCORE Volunteer Loan Applications
SCORE volunteers are not ineligible for disaster loans. 13 CFR 105.302 does not apply to disaster loans (see below). 

§ 105.302 Assistance to employees or members of quasi-Government organizations. (a) The Standards of Conduct Committee must approve SBA Assistance, other than Disaster loans under subparagraphs (1) and (2) of section 7(b) of the Small Business Act, to a person if its sole proprietor, general partner, officer, director or stockholder with a 10 percent or more interest (or a household member) is a member or employee of a Small Business Advisory Council or is a SCORE volunteer.

SCORE Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub
SCORE and partner organizations have been coming together to provide new support for clients. These webinars and other helpful resources can be shared with your clients who are seeking guidance on how to prepare and recover from disasters. They are also being posted on on our new Coronavirus Small Business Resource Hub:

New COVID-19 Live Webinars for Small Business Owners
Join us on April 9 at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific for Coronavirus and Your Small Business - A Live Q&A with SCORE Mentors . In this webinar, SCORE mentors will address client questions and concerns regarding the current crisis.

Then, on April 28 at at 1:00 PM Eastern/10:00 AM Pacific, Amanda Brinkman and Deluxe will present Marketing Advice to Combat an Economic Downturn . This webinar will provide actionable marketing strategies to help clients keep their customers engaged.

Online Mentors Needed
Small business owners have a lot of questions and are looking for immediate answers. To meet that need, we are recruiting mentors that are willing to provide live mentoring in a virtual conference environment. This will be similar to the mentoring hall in the SCORE Startup Success Virtual Conference and will allow you to answer questions in real-time chat discussions which can then be moved to video mentoring sessions.

If you’re interested in participating, please email and share the following:
  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Chapter Name and Number
  • Industry Expertise: Which industries do you know best? Share how long you’ve worked in the industry.
  • Business Topic Expertise: In which 1-3 business topics can you provide advice? Only include those topics in which you have significant expertise
  • Availability: What dates and times are you available to provide live mentoring during the month of April?
Tips for Volunteers

New Volunteer Recruiting Emails – N ow Available
Two new email drafts are available to chapters to assist with recruiting of volunteers through April.

April is National Volunteer Month, but more importantly, volunteer mentors are needed now more than ever. This is a great opportunity to find the business leaders in your community who want to make a difference to local entrepreneurs during these trying times.

You will find these two email s in your Constant Contact accounts. Simply follow the directions in the email to customize it with your chapter’s local information, delete the header directions, and send to your local list.

New COVID-19 Recruiting Feature in VolunteerMatch
VolunteerMatch has created a way to specify opportunities as ones that provide aid to communities impacted by the Coronavirus.

When a new opportunity is created, or when one is edited, there will be a check box at the bottom of the screen asking if this is an opportunity helping your organization respond to the COVID-19 crisis. By checking “Yes,” the opportunity is uploaded to a page for Coronavirus related listings only.

If your chapter is in need of volunteers during this time, such as video mentors or subject matter experts, this may be a great addition to your recruiting efforts. For more information on the COVID-19 Virtual Opportunity Portal please click here .

Update Your Mentor Profile for Online Mentoring
If you haven’t already, please make sure to make your mentor profile visible on, select the remote mentoring methods you’ll use to meet with clients (phone, video, and/or email) and update your availability settings. Learn how to update your profile by downloading the COVID marketing toolkit overview .
Chapter Operational Assistance

Did one of you SCORE Volunteers test "positive" for COVID-19?
It is your duty to notify the rest of the chapter members that someone tested positive and share what SCORE engagements they participated in during March. DO NOT SHARE THE PERSON’S NAME. Contact in case of any protocol questions or concerns.

Questions on CARES Act Additional Funds
Unfortunately, SCORE did not receive additional relief funding through the CARES Act. The additional funding would have been used to scale up our response to the COVID-19 crisis. While SCORE had strong bipartisan support in the House, and support from some members of the Senate Small Business Committee, the majority of the Committee did not feel comfortable allocating additional funding to SCORE given the OIG audit findings from last year. Because this funding was mandatory and not discretionary, it also bypassed the usual input from appropriators, many of whom are supportive of SCORE. To say we are disappointed and frustrated with this outcome is an understatement.

Their rationale was based on leftover bad feelings from the OIG report published in April 2019. While they commended SCORE’s proactive response to every finding in the report, calling our centralized accounting system and increased compliance measures, “outstanding,” they still want us to continue to demonstrate our positive response over more time, before they allocate additional funding.

Despite this frustration, SCORE remains committed to delivering on our mission of fostering vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. Business owners need our help now, more than ever. I know you will not let this deter your work, and I will not let it stop SCORE HQ from working to find additional funding to support our efforts. We will focus on fundraising through the SCORE Foundation, and reach out to the SBA to see what other grant opportunities are available. A few of our contacts in Congress have suggested there may be an additional relief bill in a month or so. We will stay in touch with key contacts and be ready for this additional negotiation.

In the meantime, we are also organizing a volunteer-driven letter writing campaign to key members of the Senate Small Business Committee to demonstrate our positive impact as an organization. Stay tuned for the letters and process if you are interested in participating.

SCORE has always demonstrated an amazing ability to adapt to trying times. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to demonstrate success through virtual mentoring and online education, which position SCORE as the SBA resource partner best equipped to serve small businesses in the virtual environment they are now exclusively relying on.

If you have strong connections to an organization that might be willing to provide funding to SCORE to support our COVID-19 efforts, please reach out to me and we can connect on a call.

Thank you for all that you do to support SCORE and the small business owners we serve.

Reminder to Document Revenue Loss
P lease  document  every event you are  cancelling  with projected number of attendees and revenue. Use this document template  here  and share it back with . We will use this to track and share with Congress and SBA as we work to make sure SCORE chapters have the funds they need to operate through the COVID-19 time period.

If you need to  refund  attendees: 
1.  Here   are the instructions on refunds using PayPal 
2. If the funds were collected by another method other than the National PayPal account, please complete the  attached form  and email it to . We will issue refund checks as quickly as possible. 

If you are working to  cancel  venue contracts, please see our legal guidance below of what steps to take here .

In case of questions with PayPal, contact .
Resources for Clients

These webinars and other helpful resources can be shared with your clients who are seeking guidance on how to prepare and recover from disasters.
Volunteer Toolkit

These resources provide the latest communications and notifications around SCORE’s policy and guidance during this trying time.
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