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December 23, 2019
Distribution: Regional Vice Presidents, District Directors, Chapter Chairs
FY19 Form 16 Submission

Chapters should be conducting their reviews for FY19 performance.  The Form 16 and SOSR Engagement Report (for use in completing reviews) can be found on the Volunteer Center.

Reviews should be sent electronically to  Tyler Loritsch and are due by December 31, 2019.
National Chapter of the Year

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the National Chapter of the Year Awards.  The National Chapter of the Year is the highest annual recognition for chapters in SCORE. In addition to the National Chapter, we recognize a Chapter of the Year for Large, Medium and Small markets.  In order to be considered for these awards, you must apply. 
Chapters must submit their application to the SCORE Association office for consideration as the National Chapter of the Year no later than January 31. The final selection of the winner will be made no later than March 31.
Prior to submitting your application, please review the complete National Chapter of the Year -  Submission Guidelines for specific information regarding criteria used to determine our winners and the process for submitting applications.
The method for submission of the application material is electronic submission. The electronic submission will be contained to one form including all narratives, reports, and required scanned support documents. SCORE has created a simple submission process where materials can be uploaded. Volunteers should access the form for COTY by clicking the following link and logging in using their SVO email address. The link is: https://forms.gle/y6KUjWTkBGGtmNA99.

SCORE Shipping Update

We would like to thank all our volunteers for your patience as we caught up with our shipping and implemented a more transparent process moving forward.
SCORE Headquarters ships materials and certificates of recognition to our volunteers and chapters across the country. Items you can order include:
  • SCORE Brochures
  • Mentoring Methodology cards
  • Certificates
  • SCORE Annual Report
  • SCORE Pins
  • Sponsor/Partner items (as available)
These items can be ordered from the Volunteer Center Store by clicking the text 'Order Now' and completing this form.

We appreciate you taking the time to place orders through our form. It will help us ensure we capture all the necessary information and better track your orders moving forward. 

When placing an order, please try to plan 2-3 weeks in advance depending on the size of your order.

Once the form is completed you will receive an email within 48 hours confirming that your order has been received, and again notifying you when the order has been shipped.

In your confirmation email we will let you know which carrier your order was shipped through, and the tracking number for your order.
For any questions, please contact shipping@score.org.
SCORE Support Center
We are excited to announce we are in the final stages of developing the new SCORE Support Center, to replace the Volunteer Center in the coming year. The Support Center combines the best of help.score.org and volunteer.score.org. It will be the central location for all SCORE volunteer resources moving forward. The new Support Center has been in development for several months and has been through several rounds of review with various volunteers and staff.
We are notifying you as volunteer leadership that the Support Center will be available for your use at help.score.org coming in January. Once it is live, we will invite you to go to help.score.org and start using the new site for anything you might have gone to the Volunteer Center for before.
The current Volunteer Center will remain in place through at least April of 2020. This date can be delayed until the majority of our volunteers feel comfortable with the new site.
Key Dates and Information
  • The Support Center will be available at help.score.org
  • In January we will invite leaders to start using the site and share and comments about your experience to volunteer.services@score.org
  • In February we will start inviting all volunteers to use the new Support Center at help.score.org
  • Once roll-out is complete, volunteers will still log in through volunteer.score.org to access the Support Center and all of SCORE's other systems.
  • To access SCORE Training, Performance Data, CORE, Reports, and eventually Engage, volunteers will need to log in to volunteer.score.org.
  • Performance Data and SCORE Directories will be moved to the CORE pages as it is SCORE proprietary data and must be kept behind a log-in.

We invite you to join a Support Center Introduction Webinar on Tuesday January 14, from 1-2 PM Eastern.

Thank you for your support during this very important transition!

Field Leadership Webinars
The next Field Leadership webinars will take place on January 13th at Noon ET and January 14th at 9 AM ET.  

To access prior field leadership webinars (including November),  click here.
SOM - New Downloadable Version
In addition to the online format of the updated SCORE Operating Manual, there is now a 56 page PDF version available.  You will find this on the  Important Documents (SOM)  page of the Volunteer Center.
SOM - New Downloadable Version
In addition to the online format of the updated SCORE Operating Manual, there is now a 56 page PDF version available.  You will find this on the  Important Documents (SOM)  page of the Volunteer Center.
Detailed Receipts Please
Please remember to submit readable, itemized receipts from any restaurant for meals on any expense reports. This policy was announced at the NLC in August. Any alcohol purchases need to be on a separate check with a separate receipt submitted. Alcohol and any restaurant reimbursement without an itemized receipt will only be reimbursed from unrestricted funds if available.
National Women's Committee Social Media Groups
Did you know SCORE has National Women's Committee Facebook and LinkedIn Groups?  Click on the below links to join the groups.  They are open to all SCORE volunteers.

SCORE HQ Leadership Team
Bridget Weston
Acting CEO

Doug Nohe
 Acting VP of Field Ops

Amanda Capozio
VP of Technology

Betsy Dougert
VP of External Relations

John Fuqua
VP of Finance

Candice Stennett
VP of Marketing