January 31, 2020

Distribution:  Chapter Leadership
Updated Contacts Needed

Hello Chapter Leaders,

It is important that SCORE HQ has the proper Engage contacts from each of your chapters.  Communication around Engage is steady and will only increase in the upcoming months for many of your chapters.  Expected communication about Engage includes the monthly newsletter, weekly updates and reminders of roll-out tasks, and invitations to Engage webinars/calls.

The two main Engage Contacts that SCORE HQ needs to know is your chapter's Engage Facilitator and Training Coordinator (could be same individual).  Descriptions of these roles can be found on the Support Center.  Chapters may have additional contacts who should be involved throughout the process and receive Engage communications.  

Please take a minute to review our current Contact List.  If no changes are needed, no further action is required.  If any updates need to be made, including the addition of contacts, please send an email to engage@score.org with Name(s), Email Address(es), and Role(s) of all those who need to be added for your chapter.

If you have any questions about SCORE Engage or its roll-out schedule, please visit  https://help.score.org  or email  engage@score.org