February 20, 2020

Distribution:  All Engage Contacts and Leadership
What's Happening with Engage?


A review and overhaul of HQ's Engage Communications Plan was conducted, resulting in the updated format for this general Engage Bulletin, as well as more frequent communications to the Waves specifically.  The goal is to make sure every chapter is as informed and prepared as possible for this transition.

Early Adopters

Chapters in the Early Adopters Wave are preparing for their Engage go-live on March 3. Each chapter has an Engage Sandbox environment that has been set up, and volunteers have been testing out the system over the past several weeks.  One week prior to go-live, each chapter will have a Data Migration and Configuration Session in which they will  review the data in SCORE Engage that has been migrated over from CORE and walk through the configuration of their chapter in SCORE Engage.

Wave 1 Chapters

Chapters in Wave 1 had their Roll-out Orientation Webinar at the end of January, where they received the Engage Readiness Checklist.  Chapters are currently working through the items on that checklist, which must be completed 30 days before the chapter's go-live date (month).
Monthly Engage Resource(s) 

Each month we will highlight a resource (or multiple) that will assist chapters in their preparation for Engage.  Please take some time to review the highlighted resource each month and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

For February, there are two resources that we want to highlight:
  1. Introduction to Engage Presentation - this presentation introduces volunteers to the SCORE Engage platform, including it's background, benefits, and roll-out timeline.  This presentation was presented at each Regional Meeting in Spring 2019.
  2. SCORE Engage Roll-out Orientation Article - this article is a comprehensive look at the roll-out process for SCORE Engage.  The purpose of this article is to prepare chapters for their upcoming transition to Engage by letting them know what to expect in the process as well as what actions they should or must complete.

If you have any questions about SCORE Engage or its roll-out schedule, please visit  https://help.score.org  or email  engage@score.org
Engage Testimonials
Below is just some of the positive feedback SCORE HQ has received from volunteers who are going through the roll-out orientation process and have had a chance to work in Engage:

"It is clear that tremendous thought went into the design and implementation strategy for how the new systems will work...Any questions around design/process have been clearly and logically explained, further validating the intent and thoughtfulness of the design."

"I feel very privileged to be involved in the Early adopters group meetings. The thoroughness and the openness of the group to propose (and get accepted) changes that enhance the processes is amazing. For the incoming volunteers the processes will be fluid and directed to the best resolution of volunteer on-boarding."

"I am very impressed with how well the knowledge base articles on Engage walk through all the processes in the 3 Journeys. Congratulations to the Team for a great job!"