January 16, 2020

Distribution:  Engage Facilitators and Training Coordinators, Chapter Leadership
If you are receiving this email, you are either a chapter leader or have been designated as an Engage Facilitator and/or an Engage Training Coordinator for your chapter.

As chapters continue to prepare for SCORE Engage, please note that there are tasks that each chapter must complete prior to going live. The full Engage Chapter Roll-Out Orientation can be found on the Support Center.
We have consolidated these items into the Chapter Readiness Checklist. The purpose is to ensure that each chapter is sufficiently prepared to transition to SCORE Engage. All tasks should be completed 1 month prior to your roll-on date. You will be given more information and access to your chapter's readiness checklist during the Roll-out Orientation session for your chapter (to be delivered by SCORE HQ approximately 5 months prior to your roll-on date).
However, there is no need to wait to begin executing these tasks. We encourage you to be proactive in preparing for the new system. The next task you must complete is outlined below.
Apply classifications within your chapter. Classifications are specialties in SCORE Engage such as Workshop Presenter and Subject Matter Expert that require specific training. There is an additional classification of "Contractor" that will be used for paid admins. This functionality is also available today in CORE. It should be applied to each of your Provisional, Active, and Inactive members now so that when your chapter's data is imported into Engage it will be correct, as permissions within the new system are partially determined by this information.

Click here for instructions on how to apply classifications in CORE.
For more information on these classifications please visit the Volunteer Onboarding Guidelines.

If you have any questions about SCORE Engage or its roll-out schedule, please visit  https://help.score.org  or email  engage@score.org