October 10, 2019

Engage Facilitators and Training Coordinators, Chapter Leadership

If you are receiving this email, you are either a chapter leader or have been designated as an Engage Facilitator and/or an Engage Training Coordinator for your chapter. 
Engage Timeline Update

The Engage team is continuing to actively prepare the Early Adopters chapters to go live on the new system in February 2020. In the coming weeks they will be participating in Roll-out Orientation sessions, delivered by SCORE HQ.  These sessions will cover:
  • What happens specifically when your chapter rolls over to Engage
  • What each chapter needs to do to prepare for that roll-out date
  • What SCORE HQ will do to support chapters in this preparation effort
The Chapter Chair, Engage Facilitator, and Engage Training Coordinator for your chapter will be required to view this high-value orientation, with additional supporting detailed attachments in the presentation.
Your chapters can expect to be contacted about engaging in these sessions approximately 4 months prior to your go live date. For more information on what will be included in the Roll-out Orientations, please click here.
Engage Wave Breakdown

The SCORE Engage Change Management Team has developed a schedule in which chapters will transition to the new system. This schedule has been reviewed by your Regional Vice President. Early Adopters  will roll on between February - April 2020 followed by 3 waves of transition. The roll-out schedule was organized into 3 four-month waves with the first wave starting in May 2020 and the last wave ending in June 2021. 

For Wave 1, the month in which the chapter will go live has been included. For Waves 2 and 3, this information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the start of these waves.
  • Wave 1: May - August 2020
  • Wave 2: Oct 2020 - Jan 2021
  • Wave 3: March - June 2021
For a breakdown of which chapters are in what wave, Click Here


The team used the following criteria to organize the 3 waves.
  • Each wave contains roughly the same number of volunteers
  • One-month gap between each wave as a buffer to make any changes to roll-out to improve the process for chapters, and to ensure we give chapters adequate support after they are on the system so that they become comfortable users of Engage to allow time for catch up or additional preparation
  • All chapters will have already moved on to the new accounting system prior to adopting to Engage
At this time, we can no longer receive requests to change roll-out dates. If you have a question about why your chapter was selected for that specific wave, please contact your Regional Vice President. 

If you have any questions about SCORE Engage or its roll-out schedule, please visit  https://help.score.org or email  engage@score.org