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July 26, 2019
Distribution: Regional Vice Presidents, District Directors, Chapter Chairs
A Message from our Acting CEO, Bridget Weston

In case you missed it, our Acting CEO, Bridget Weston, sent a message to all volunteers on Thursday, July 25th.  This message provided additional clarity about the Office of Inspector General (OIG) audit, and the immediate changes SCORE is making in response.   If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Bridget, the Board, or your RVPs.

The new 009 Annual Code of Ethics Commitment for FY20 is ready!

The Code of Ethics are central to the high quality client service we offer at SCORE. Each year all SCORE volunteers are asked to read, understand, and agree to the Code of Ethics. This year, we have included information about SCORE's and SBA's whistle-blower policies to ensure all of SCORE know the details of what to do when fraudulent or dishonest uses of resources is believed to have occurred. 

This module, 009 Annual Code of Ethics Commitment FY20, is now ready for all volunteers to complete in the SCORE training site. All volunteers are expected to complete this 15 minute module by the end of the fiscal year (September 30, 2019).

Policy: Unallowable Costs for Chapters not Transitioned to Centralized Accounting 

We continue to work closely with the SBA and OIG to make improvements and ensure we are being the best stewards of our funding. One of the findings from the audit report related to commingling of federal (restricted) and unrestricted dollars at the chapter level. The Centralized Accounting system will take care of this once everyone is on the system. However, since we will not have 100% of chapters on the system until the end of FY20, we need to institute a policy that ensures there is no commingling at the chapter level. Please see the  attached PDF  for a full description of this policy.
In summary, the policy states that c hapters that have not transitioned to the centralized accounting system by August 30, 2019 are not allowed to spend any funds, federal or unrestricted, on unallowable costs. A partial list of the most likely unallowable costs includes:
  • Alcohol
  • Donations/Grants
  • Prizes or gifts
  • Giveaways (swag)
  • Tickets to sporting events or sporting activities like greens fees, lift tickets, bowling lanes etc.
The chapter must retain, for review and audit, balanced monthly bank statements with copies of checks and Form 14 expense reimbursement forms such that they can be easily audited. All volunteers and staff are required to include itemized receipts with their Form 14 expense reimbursement form for all meals and other purchases beginning July 30, 2019.

"Preparing for SCORE Engage: The Highest Impact Business Rule and Process Changes"
In July, we hosted two sessions of our Engage Prep Webinar in efforts to help chapter leaders, Engage Facilitators, and Engage Training Coordinators prepare themselves to guide their chapters through the onboarding process to Engage. 
The webinar communicated vital information about how SCORE will be operating differently and better within SCORE Engage, focused on business rule and process changes that will have the greatest impact on chapters. This was not intended as a detailed description of the features within Engage. 
If you missed the July webinars, you can view the webinar here
*You must register for the webinar in order to view the recording.
As a reminder, attendance is required prior to your chapter's Engage Roll-out. Each Chapter Chair, Engage Facilitator, and Engage Training Coordinator must attend a live webinar or watch the recording of the webinar prior to their roll-out date. See the high-level roll-out schedule

For questions about SCORE Engage or its roll-out schedule, please visit https://help.score.org or email engage@score.org

Hosted a Women's Event?
Has your chapter held a women's event in the last year? If you have, please 
email a copy of the flier or promotional material to Pat Ripple

These will be displayed at the NLC Diversity & Inclusion exhibit booth.
"Simple Steps for Exiting Your Business" - Powered  by MassMutual
The education series which is comprised of three modules - Succession Planning, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning - is available to all SCORE chapters to deliver as an educational workshop. The full "workshop in a box" includes the following components:

Facilitator's guide,

Facilitator's e-learning module,

Workshop marketing assets including:

  • Flyers 
  • Social media promotion template
  • Press release template 
  • Course talking points 
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Registration and evaluation tools
Click Here to view the accompanying eGuide.
SCORE Volunteer Spotlights

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