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January 9, 2020
Distribution: All Active Volunteers
National Chapter of the Year Information

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the National Chapter of the Year Awards.  The National Chapter of the Year is the highest annual recognition for chapters in SCORE. In addition to the National Chapter, we recognize a Chapter of the Year for Large, Medium and Small markets.  In order to be considered for these awards, you must apply. 
Chapters must submit their application to the SCORE Association office for consideration as the National Chapter of the Year no later than January 31. The final selection of the winner will be made no later than March 31.
Prior to submitting your application, please review the complete National Chapter of the Year -  Submission Guidelines for specific information regarding criteria used to determine our winners and the process for submitting applications.
The method for submission of the application material is electronic submission. The electronic submission will be contained to one form including all narratives, reports, and required scanned support documents. SCORE has created a simple submission process where materials can be uploaded. Volunteers should access the form for COTY by clicking the following link and logging in using their SVO email address. The link is: 

Marketing Updates

As we start a new calendar year, we are excited to announce a few marketing changes that will help you and your clients.

Click here to download the January 2020 marketing updates which include:
  1. New Constant Contact Email Templates
  2. National Mentoring Month
  3. Changes to the SCORE Business Learning Center
  4. The SCORE Startup Roadmap
If you have any questions about this information or local marketing needs, please email marketing@score.org.
Diversity & Inclusion - Note from Beth Shapiro

Currently, our diversity numbers are stagnant at 26.4% women and 10.9% minorities.  We need to continually search for more diverse volunteers.

We are often asked about HOW.  It's not magic but it does take some planning and organization.  Click here for a presentation made by the Women's Committee at the 2018 National Leadership Conference.  It is relevant and will hopefully help you kick-start your recruiting efforts.

If you need more help, please contact Beth Shapiro.
SCORE Media Mentions
During the month of December, SCORE had 883 media mentions

Three of the most recent, high-profile mentions listed below:

Business and Tech -
"The No. 1 Strategy for Finding and Keeping Customers in 2020"

Newsday  -  "Former wrestler Brimstone, of LI, takes it from the mat to the mic"

Here are two great success stories from December, as well:

Brainerd Dispatch - "Virtually reality parlor finds a home in Baxter"

Field Grant Allocations uploaded to Intacct
If your chapter was awarded a field grant, the allocation has now been uploaded to Intacct.  It can be found on the Budget Report (AI22) under Favorited Reports (not on the Intacct Dashboard).
SOM - New Downloadable Version
In addition to the online format of the updated SCORE Operating Manual, there is now a 56 page PDF version available.  You will find this on the Important Documents (SOM)  page of the Volunteer Center.