Toni Hughes, CEO of L.Y.E.D Life Coaching, grew up in the projects of Nashville, TN where she faced many unique challenges as a child. Some of Toni's greatest challenges stemmed from the relationship with her biological mother when they resided together. Learning from these experiences and reflecting on these difficult times as an adult inspired Toni to launch her company, L.Y.E.D., in August 2020 to help others. L.Y.E.D., the acronym form of 'Live Your Extreme Destiny', provides life and relationship coaching for daughters and their mothers helping them both to transform a toxic relationship into a caring and trusting relationship which will positively impact all areas of their lives.

Toni shares more about her mission, "My goal is to help women who have had or currently have a dysfunctional or toxic relationship with their mother. My job is to help you reach your goals, live out your dreams, find your purpose, identify your passions, and live your best life to the fullest. I believe that establishing a mother and daughter connection is the first step in genuine healing between the two and is the springboard to building and celebrating other successful relationships in your life."

Toni considers many of her childhood experiences and, in particular, the relationship with her mother as she was growing up and wishes that things had been different at the time. Toni shares more, "Ever since my own challenging childhood experience with my mother, I grew a strong desire to help other mothers and daughters overcome the various challenges they face in everyday life from divorce, abuse, neglect, and much more. My experience with my own mother has taught me the ups and downs of what it is like to live with misunderstanding, lack of communication, neglect, hardship, and much more. Having had this less than optimal experience in my own personal relationship with my mother, I want to help others so they can begin the healing process and build the foundations of a loving, caring, and nurturing relationship."