October 2020 | Issue 2
U.S. Supreme Court Updates
Supreme Court Case Preview - Webinar
The U.S. Supreme Court began its new term on October 5 and has agreed to hear many cases relevant to states and local governments including another challenge to the Affordable Care Act and a challenge to Philadelphia’s refusal to work with Catholic Social Service. To learn more, click below and register today.
Supreme Court Denies Freeze on Montana Mail Ballots

Managing the process of voting is an arduous process for states. With the overlay of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governors issuing state of emergency declarations, the process has become even more complex. In response to the pandemic, most states have turned to mail ballots to assist in managing safe voting. For some states, this has led to divergent opinions on constitutionality and ensuing legal challenges. In the state of Montana, these challenges made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. To learn more, click below.
Supreme Court Freezes Census Count Extension

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of daily life and created additional challenges for governing agencies due to distancing requirements. During the administration of this year's census, workers lost over 40 days of field operations setting up a major debate about whether the original census deadline could remain in place or should be extended. As with other topics of debate, this issue has reached the U.S. Supreme Court which has chosen to freeze the current deadline extension. To learn more, click below.
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Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandemic.
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