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1 August 2019


A warm welcome and special greetings to all those who have subscribed to this newsletter since the last edition.

As you will have seen from the news  there have been several major rural fires in the central part of Portugal, in Aljezur a two weeks ago and near Salir overnight 29th/30th July.

Of course most of these fires are preventable, and the work of arsonists is often reported in the media as the blame. Whereas it is true in some cases this is the cause, the more common reason is gross negligence. Also when more fires start close-by, again arson is suspected, but usually these take place due to embers from a fire blowing in high winds to nearby locations

Social media has an important role to play in both helping to spread information concerning rural fire prevention and protection, as well as matters related to this. Indeed with all matters concerning safety and security its use is essential in getting key messages across .

Unfortunately we see an increasing trend on some English language Facebook pages, for sometimes highly misleading information and occasionally fake news. This reflects badly on those who post such material, is damaging to the  reputation of Admins who run these pages and could have d isastrous  consequences should these involve critical safety issues, which if incorrect and followed, could lead to a risk of injury..

Group Admins can help therefore by ensuring that such posts show the source of the information and where possible if the information is verified.

We recommend that anyone viewing these should check it comes from a reliable and a qualified source which has credibility.

With such a demanding time being placed on the emergency services, a special thought goes to the needs of the Voluntary Bombeiros. Donations are of course welcome and needed. Safe Communities Portugal advises that money donations should only be made to the Voluntary Bombeiros themselves, or through  Associacao Para Alerta do Incendio Florestal and other reputable  registered organisations. We advise against sending donations directly to private individuals soliciting for donations, however well meaning.  

We thank all our sponsors for your help in enabling us to continue with the work that we do. Thank you: Eurofinesco, Destination Algarve, Buy Portugal,  IBEX Insurance and IBC Security, for your support.

To learn more about how to sponsor a newsletter by becoming one of our supporters please contact us on 913045093 or at    info@safecommunitiesportugal.com

David Thomas
Safe Communities Portugal

GNR detect drivers of heavy vehicles carrying children without a driving licence

Between 22nd and 28th July the GNR inspected a total of 2,154 passenger vehicles, and identified 449 offences, including 16 for driving heavy passenger vehicles without a driver's licence.

According to GNR, the enforcement operation was aimed at heavy passenger vehicles and vehicles used for the collective transport of children, to ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations, to promote the road safety of its users and to reduce road accident rates. 

There are also 117 notices of violation issued by GNR because the vehicles did not have the technical specifications to perform this type of transport, as well as, due to lack of mandatory equipment, namely lack of fire extinguisher and first aid box.

Another 91 offenses result from non-compliance with driving times, mandatory breaks and non-compliance with rest times, while 32 were due to lack of licensing or vehicles not fulfilling the requirements to perform this type of transport.

The list of contradictions includes 20 for passenger transport without the use of an approved and adapted seat belt or child restraint, 14 for lack or incorrect completion of the documentation required for the type of service, 13 for non-compliance with the rules on installation and use of tachograph and four for lack of licence for the exercise of the activity.


A very important and well planned operation which has probably gone a long way to help protect children placed in obvious danger, by those who were responsible for care.

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Security Forces Program Act with 62.5% enforcement 

The Security Forces Program Act, which amounted to an investment of 450 million euros from 2017 to 2021, has reached 62.5% of the budget execution.

Deputy Secretary of State and Internal Affairs Isabel Oneto said that the Government has been "making rapid progress" in making the planned investments, not only in security forces facilities but also "in personal protective equipment, weapons, specialized function equipment and information and communication technologies'.

During the signing of a cooperation agreement between the local authority, the General Secretariat of Internal Affairs and the GNR for the construction of a new territorial post in Óbidos, Isabel Oneto noted that this Law provides for the "carry-over of balances" to ensure the multiannual cycle. of investments.

In the case of the Óbidos Territorial Post, the € 1.2 million investment will make it possible to remove the GNR Territorial Post from the walled perimeter and erect the new headquarters in an area close to two schools with equipment such as the municipal swimming pools and near the road network. which will give you operational access to the area faster.

The land that will house the Óbidos Territorial Post (integrated in the Caldas da Rainha Detachment) was ceded by the council for 50 years, renewable for periods of 20 years.  

Infrastructures of Portugal launches application to reduce animal deaths on roads

In was announced through Lusa on 30th July that Infrarastructures de Portugal (IP) had launched the "Life Lines" application, which will alert drivers of the locations on roads where animals are most run over so that we can take more effective action and reduce deaths.

The project has included for a "ground breaking" traffic signal in Portugal that warns drivers that they are in a section with a high risk of amphibians being run over.

This was explained by an IP engineering biologist Graça Garcia at a presentation at the company's headquarters in Almada, in the district of Setubal.

With the help of citizens, information recorded on the death of an animal on any road in the country will be included in an existing database.

The digital tool was developed in partnership with the University of Évora and, according to the project coordinator at the institution, António Mira, besides mitigating negative effects, it is intended to "create awareness".

According to the official, between 2005 and 2019, 81,972 animals died on Portuguese roads, with a higher incidence of amphibians, birds and mammals.


Obvious question but why is this technology not being used to alert people to accident back spots. The use of speed cameras and speed reduction signs is not enough.

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Safe Village - Safe People - the flammable collar controversy

On Friday, the "Jornal de Notícias" (JN) reported that the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) delivered seventy thousand smoke collars, included in fire relief kits, under the "Safe Village - Safe People" program. .
The same newspaper wrote that they were collars made of flammable material and without anti-carbonization treatment, which provoked a series of criticisms to ANEPC and the Government, which paid 125 thousand euros for the smoke-free collars. The case has already prompted the Ministry of Internal Affairs to open an urgent inquiry into what happened. Understand what is happening with these quick answers.
The problem with the controversial kit, which serves as a first aid to the emergence of fires rather than combat, is that it includes a polyester smoke collar that will not have the expected effectiveness: preventing smoke inhalation through a filter effect. In addition to ineffectiveness, the collar material is flammable and uncarbonised.
One company from Fafe, Braga district, Foxtrot Aventura, and another from Arouca, Brain One - both contacted by ANEPC and made the collar and the kit..
Foxtrot Aventura sold a total of 15,000 kits and 70,000 collars in June 2018. According to the news, anti-smoking collars cost 125,000 euros. In his defence, a Fafe company official considered merchandising and that ANEPC did not refer to Foxtrot Aventura that the equipment "would be used in scenarios involving fire".
On the same day that the complaint was reported, the Civil Protection stated that the materials distributed are not for firefighting or for individual protection, but for raising awareness of good practices.

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Breaking News

Zoomarine blacklisted by two animal rights organisations
A report from the World Organisation of Animal Protection and Change Foundation for Animals accuses the Zoomarine, Algarve,of abusing dolphins as entertainment in aquatic shows, , forcing them to do stunts and tricks or to be used as surfing boards for visitors.
According to a joint assessment of these two international associations, Zoomarine is one of 12 zoos and international water parks that subject animals to "cruel and humiliating" activities that cause "great physical and mental suffering".
Organisations have visited parks in Portugal, Singapore, Australia and the United States and claim to have seen dolphins treated as "mere props for selfies" while visitors hugged, petted or kissed them. The problem, they stress, is that direct interaction between animals and humans is a favourable situation for the transmission of infectious diseases between species.
This direct interaction goes against the animal welfare guidelines advocated by World Animal Protection and Change for Animals. "Wild animals are not domesticated; must maintain their biology and wild behaviour,"argues the report. "For wild animals to interact or act for visitors, harsh training methods are used that cause terrible suffering."
Zoomarine have not yet issued a statement concerning the matter.  

Top Stories

Government to crack down on use of mobile phones while driving  

In statements to Lusa, the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, José Artur Neves, said that the intention is to approve these changes within the current legislature.

Currently the use of mobile phones while driving carries with it a two-point penalty.
Neves did not specify by how much the penalty would increase.

Notification periods will be reduced so that on receipt of a fine shortly after an infringement, offenders feel that they have made a mistake and are less likely to repeat the offence immediately afterwards.

Neves said that the government, together with schools, is acting to reduce the number of deaths on the roads, but changing road behaviour "tends to take a long time to materialise."

Data from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) showed that the number of deaths on Portuguese roads increased in 2018, for the second consecutive year.  According to ANSR, 445 people died in 2016, rising to 510 in 2017 and 513 in 2018.

Police to ensure security at key points during hauliers strike

The PSP police force is to ensure the security of critical infrastructures and strategic sectors, such as petrol stations, hypermarkets, airports and power plants, during a strike of heavy goods drivers in August.

The security of critical infrastructures and national strategic sectors is one of the measures that the PSP will adopt in the scope of a hauliers' strike from 12 August.

The PSP is to also provide security escorts to columns of heavy goods vehicles within the framework of minimum or alternative services or with the appropriate means, namely through the intervention corps.

The police said that there will be police officers qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles, and a PSP tanker vehicle (operational logistics vehicle) is to be used to support and reserve the fuel supply for the police vehicles and to support the community if needed.

The PSP will also ensure safety at picket lines and traffic management on the main roads under its area of responsibility. It will also  mobilise all its territorial command capabilities for this mission during the drivers' strike.

The notice of strike of the Independent Union of Merchandise Drivers (SIMM), and the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) proposes minimum services of 25% throughout the national territory.

Meanwhile t he Minister of National Defence, João Gomes Cravinho, stated on Monday the use of the armed forces to mitigate the effects of the fuel carriers strike in mid-August, provided that "it has the appropriate constitutional framework.

Brave heroes "will give men voice on the ground"

From Saturday 3 rd July, and for eight weeks, the "Brave Heroes" initiative aims to give voice to the corporation of fire chiefs, provide prevention tips to the population and suggest behaviour to consider in the event of a fire alert.

The project, which will feature on the websites of "Jornal de Notícias", "Diário de Notícias" and TSF - media of the Global Media Group (GMG) -, aims to promote a major national awareness movement.

"We are all needed to reduce the number of fires," said Domingos de Andrade, director of "Jornal de Notícias", yesterday, at the headquarters of the Portuguese Firefighters League, in Lisbon, to whom he had to present "Brave Heroes".

He underscored "the importance of giving voice to those we trust throughout the year, the 42,000 brave heroes who work to rescue people." Among the headings in preparation, the director of JN highlighted the one that will give visibility to the commanders of various corporations from north to south of the country.

The Minister of Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, called the initiative "a true exercise of citizenship". Because of climate change, he said, fires of some magnitude are expected, and therefore it is necessary to focus on prevention.

Albufeira - Respecting Portuguese Culture

Two years ago I accompanied the GNR to the Strip in Albufeira to see for myself the situation. It was a Tuesday in August, at 03.30 hrs in the morning.

What I saw to my mind was not Portugal at all, but a night life area which had somehow gone wrong. There were thousands of people, many under the age of sixteen, many clearly drunk, a few collapsed in the streets clearly worse for wear, broken beer bottles and vomit in the streets.

I returned to the GNR Albufeira station and the reception area was full of those, who the GNR had found unaccompanied and drunk in the streets and those who had been involved in some form of incident requiring assistance.

All these people were tourists.

The tragedy of this is that this problem has been going on for years, despite the many calls for change. The recent Algarve Resident article shows, however, the situation has not improved.
Not only do these people cause trouble overnight, this also extends into the day time, again fuelled by excessive alcohol.

This anti-social behaviour discourages families to the area and tarnishes the Algarve's fine reputation as a safe tourist destination

In an effort to try and develop initiatives to improve the situation, Safe Communities Portugal held a seminar in December 2018 Albufeira entitled "Nightlife, Tourism and Alcohol", which was attended by the Secretary of State for Internal Administration, the GNR, President Regional Tourism Algarve, the Mayor of Albufeira (who had to leave half way through) APAV, and various other entities. About 100 people attended.

Despite the fact there was extensive publicity beforehand and held in Portuguese, conspicuous by their absence were the bar owners and their staff who could have learned much from the event.

Read more - This Feature appear in the Algarve Resident today 1st August

Notable Arrests

GNR detain a group of 17 people at an Electronic Music Fesitival for drug trafficking 

The GNR, has reported that the operation was carried out on 27th and 28th July resulting in the arrests in the parish of Esmoriz, Averio a special crime prevention operation at the "Sound Waves electronic music festival". The aim of the operation was to deter drug trafficking and consumption as well as the possession of prohibited weapons.

In addition to the arrests, 19 people were identified for drug use.

During these actions 540 doses of MDMA (ecstasy), 209 doses of hashish and five doses of lymba were also seized.

Regarding the arrests, the facts were forwarded to the Ovar Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Department.

This operation was carried out by military personnel from the Ovar Territorial Detachment and the Aveiro Territorial Command and by dog units from the Aveiro, Viana do Castelo and Viseu Territorial Commands.


Trafficking is a crime if the amount  of drugs seized is more than 10 days supply in the possession of the person concerned. It can also be a crime if the amount is less than this but there is evidence of trafficking. Otherwise it is dealt with as an administrative/health issue.

Albufeira - Man detained in possession of firearm whilst drunk

On 15th July GNR Albufeira, arrested a 48-year-old man indicted for the crimes of possession of a prohibited weapon and under the influence of alcohol in Albufeira.

After reports that an individual had been spotted driving apparently drunk and carrying a firearm, the GNR took steps to confirm the allegation, detecting the suspect vehicle and intercepted it on one of the main access roads of the town.

After approaching the vehicle occupant, the inside of the passenger compartment contained a 12-gauge shotgun, along with seven cartridges, one of which was placed in the gun's loader. The holder of the gun was still inside the vehicle, and after having undergone the blood alcohol test he had a rate higher than 1.2 g / l.

From the search of the vehicle a golf club and a billiard cue were seized.

The detainee was constituted defendant and the facts were sent to the Judicial Court of Albufeira.  

Three persons detailed with over 80,000 doses of cocaine at Lisbon airport 

According to the Judicial Police on 30th July that three foreign nationals were arrested at Lisbon's Humberto Delgado Airport for drug trafficking from a South American country and were held in custody.

According to PJ, the seized cocaine, which was disguised in the luggage, would provide 82,500 individual doses.

The arrest of the suspects took place as part of two operations, within a framework of international cooperation and control that is regularly exercised on passenger movements originating in countries considered at risk.

Local News

Commissioner Stylianides visits system that warns Portimão of tsunami risk

Christos Stylianides, European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, will visit the Municipal Centre for Civil Protection and Relief Operations on Thursday, 1 August at 15.00. He will be briefed on the warning system to the population of the tsunami risk that is being implemented off the coast of Portimão. 

Stylianides will be in Portimão on 1 and 2 August for a set of visits, a dialogue with citizens and to inaugurate the exhibition "EU Saves Lives".

Two years later and after visiting 13 European cities, the EU Saves Lives initiative makes its final stop in Portimão, successfully marking the end of the European Union's EU Saves Lives initiative, which has enriched people's understanding of the EU and brought the Union's emergency response closer to our citizens. He said "I am delighted to have the opportunity to speak directly with the citizens of Portimão about our Europe of solidarity, a Europe that protects and saves lives".

The Commissioner will also visit the fire station, whose ongoing improvement work is funded by the European Union Cohesion Fund (Portimão Volunteer Firefighters Street, 8500-649 Portimão).
At 1645 hrs, the visit to the command post installed at the "Afro Nation" festival (Praia da Rocha) begins.

At 1830 hrs Commissioner Stylianides is one of the speakers of the Dialogue with Citizens on Civil Protection, with Eduardo Cabrita, Minister of Internal Affairs, Isilda Gomes, Mayor of Portimão, and Richard Marques, Municipal Coordinator of Civil Protection. 

Escape from Algarve Confusion - Faro Airport promotes France as destination of choice

A Faro Airport campaign calling for an escape from the "Algarve confusion" has caused controversy. The Government has already asked for explanations from ANA Aeroportos, which has suspended, on Monday, the publications on social networks.

The phrase "Flee from the Algarve confusion to the best in France", in Portuguese, English and Spanish, was the beacon of an advertising campaign for flights to Marseille, sparked a chorus of protests.

The President of Regional Tourism Algarve, João Fernandes, condemned the campaign, having contacted the airport management who "ordered the immediate cessation of this campaign and the clearance of responsibilities for its disclosure".

The PS / Algarve president and deputy, José Graça, also called for "the immediate suspension of campaigns sponsored by Faro Airport, promoting external destinations as an alternative to the Algarve, having contacted the originator concerned to express their displeasure". Rep. Cristóvão Norte (PSD) called the campaign "foolish" and "disrespectful for the Algarve".

In a statement, the Office of the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing reported that "the Government, as soon as it became aware of the situation [Faro Airport advertising campaign promoting the destination of Marseille], asked ANA for explanations and immediately called for action to remove a publication that is contrary to the interests of the country, the Portuguese and the national economy ". In the same note, it states that "ANA has already made inquiries about what happened and immediately withdrew the connection in question".

Beware of this scam in the name of PayPal

This email has been received by people in the Algarve and referred to us. It is a phishing email to try and obtain your personal information in order to get access to your financial accounts.

DO NOT reply or click on any of the links, which I have highlighted in blue bold below.
The subject is: EBay Hong Kong Inc Ltd
Sender: langlais.marjorie (at) orange.fr

You sent a payment of $688.00 HKD to EBAY HONG KONG INC LIMITED.
This charge will appear on your credit card statement as payment to PAYPAL  EBAYHK

Having problems with This transaction ?

You have a period of 24 hours from the date of the transaction  

       Enter all your personal information to your account

Click here to cancel the payment immediately to cancel the payment".  
Crime Prevention

Calling 112 in an Emergency

It is important to remember the system should only be used for real Emergencies. Non-emergency use can detract operators from dealing with real emergencies. Do not call 112 for traffic, weather, general information and queries. Unnecessary calls can overload the system and endanger the lives of those who really need emergency help. False calls can also affect the response to real emergencies.

If you need to make an emergency call the following tips will make it easier for you

Stay calm - When calling 112 it is important to stay calm. You need to provide the emergency service with relevant information.

If possible, make the call yourself - No one can explain the situation better than you.

Wait until the operator answers your call - It may take a little time, but every repeated call is considered a new one and is put at the end of the queue, therefore the time of getting through might be prolonged.

Providing details - When the operator answers your call, say your name, try to explain what happened and who is involved. Also, try to indicate your location the best way possible. It makes it easier for emergency services to reach you.

Follow the operator's advice - Answer the questions and follow the operator's advice. Do not hang up until the operator says so. Try to keep your phone line free until the emergency services reach you. The dispatcher may need to contact you for further information.

If something changes, inform 112 again - For better or for worse, call 112 again and report it.  
Thefts from holiday villas

Safe Communities are hearing more reports recently concerning thefts from villas. Many of these the victims of tourists who maybe renting the property concerned. The following tips will help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of such crimes.
  • Lock doors and close windows when going out and set the security alarm
  • Do not leave valuable items or keys on view through windows
  • When going out at night leave external and internal lights on in the
  • kitchen/lounge, hall and a bedroom
  • Beware of anyone observing you from outside. Do not leave valuables around
  • swimming pools when going inside.
  • If your car is parked in the driveway, ensure it is locked
  • Do not leaving keys to your property in obvious places such as under flower pots.
  • Do not leave tools, bikes etc in the garden. If practical keep them in a locked
  • outbuilding etc.
  • Keep outbuilding and swimming pool pump rooms locked.
  • Ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your property in your absence and inform the
  • GNR or PSP
  • Do not open your door to strangers, and
  • Report suspicious activities in your area to police 
We ask those who are managing property management companies in particular to ensure that this crime prevention advice is available so that your clients have a safe and enjoyable holiday. It will also reduce your workload at this busy time of the year.
More advice can be found here

Civil Protection and Public Safety

Rural Fire Safety - If a Fire approaches your home

Knowing what to do in the event of a rural fire can help save your life and property. The following gives government advice on this subject which we share in accordance with the protocol Safe Communities Portugal has with the ANEPC.
If a fire approaches your home
  • Let the neighbours know;
  • Water walls, roof and 10 meters around house;
  • Close doors, windows and other openings, close blinds or shutters;
  • Remove furniture, tarpaulins or firewood near the dwelling;
  • If it is safe to do so, disconnect and remove the gas cylinders to a safe place;
  • Keep away from the windows anything that can burn and put wet towels in the crevices;
  • If you are not in danger, extinguish small outbreaks with water, earth or green branches;
  • Follow the instructions of the authorities.

Overseas News

Persons disguised as Brazilian police steal € 27 million worth of gold

Authorities have not revealed the identity or details of the capture on Sunday of one of the suspected gold theft group, who is suspected of stealing gold valued at about $ 30 million (€ 27 million).

By Saturday, the man who said he had been held hostage by the group had already been arrested. He is an employee of the airport, according to the G1 portal (Globo network).

Four men disguised as agents of the Brazilian Federal Police raided an export warehouse at the cargo terminal at Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo state on Thursday and stole about 750 kilograms of gold

According to police reports, the men entered the heavily armed airport inside two cars that appeared to be Federal Police vehicles and stole a car carrying the gold. The crime occurred around 14:30 local time (19.30 pm in mainland Portugal).

Although armed, the robbers entered and left without drawing much attention, but took an official hostage.

The Brazilian Highway Police reported that the suspects kidnapped family members of an employee who would have known about the operation of the Guarulhos airport cargo terminal on Wednesday night, which would have facilitated the execution of the robbery.

The 33-year-old hostage who was taken by the robbers on the trail was eventually released and told police that the suspects abandoned the vehicles used in the robbery and kidnapping and fled with gold in other vehicles. He was meanwhile detained by the authorities as a suspect

Bar Association against agreement on handing over fugitive offenders to Macao SAR

Lisbon, 29 July 2019 (Lusa) - The Bar Association (BA) today expressed "worrying reservations" about the legality and constitutionality of the agreement signed between Portugal and the Government of the Macao Special and Administrative Region (MSAR) concerning the "Delivery of Escaping Offenders ".

In a statement, the BA General Council understands that the agreement raises "well founded and worrying reservations, for violating fundamental and structuring principles of Portuguese Constitutional and Criminal Law".

The bilateral agreement signed on May 15 this year has been officially published in the MSAR, but not yet in Portugal.

According to BA, the agreement provides, among other things, for the possibility of a fact which was not previously considered a criminal offence, but which at the time of the request may already be the basis for a request for surrender by the defendant.

"This possibility violates Article 29 (1) of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, which provides for the principle of prohibiting the retroactive application of less favourable criminal law," recalls the Order.

The BA states that the plea also allows for the possibility that, by way of application of the agreement, surrender may occur even if the crime for which judicial cooperation is requested does not contain the same typical elements on which punishment in Portugal depends.

Man caught trying to board plane with missile launcher in suitcase

A missile launcher was confiscated by US authorities when a passenger tried to board a plane with the device in his bag. The case happened at the Maryland airport in the USA. 

After the launcher was found in the man's luggage, he claimed before the authorities that he worked for the army. 

According to the BBC, the passenger told the security staff at Maryland Airport in Washington State that the device was a reminder of Kuwait.

The BBC also states that the US Transportation Safety Administration said in a statement that "the man, a resident of Texas, explained that he was a military man. The device was confiscated and handed over to the authorities for safe disposal. .The individual was then allowed to fly. "

This is not the first time the TSA has found a device of the same type. In August 2018, authorities found a replica of a grenade at Newark International Airport.

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