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25 July 2016


We start with good news and that is that crime is continuing to decrease with a reduction of 5% in overall crime and around 10% in violent crime for the first 3 months of this year, compared with the same period last year.

If anyone has read the book "The Night Manager" by J ohn Le Carre   or seen the recent television series staring  Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper an international arms dealer, you will certainly be  intrigued by one of our reports in our Overseas Section. This involves the arrest by the the Spanish Police in Ibiza of a Polish billionaire pretending to be a diplomat, who controlled a number of companies set up in various countries in Europe, which traded in massive amounts of arms dealings with countries in Africa. The likeness between this case, which has been under investigation since 2012, and the book and TV serious are incredible. The article can be red in full here. 

Crossing the line between real life and the on-line world has certainly become an issue concerning the recently launch App called PokémonGoMaking use of  GPS  and the  camera  of compatible devices, the game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called  Pokémon , who appear on device screens as though in the real world. Unfortunately this has a downside, as people have put themselves in danger, by chasing  the creatures across roads, for example, focusing on their smartphone screen rather than their surroundings. Please see our feature with police advice on this subject.

On a serious note with the increasing number of terrorist attacks in Europe, the Government here is taking further steps to strengthen its capacity to deal with terrorism. This is not to say that Portugal is at risk, but given the actions of individuals such as in Nice, clearly all governments need to take note and be prepared.

We are now in the Critical Fire period which lasts until 30th September. There aere a number of preventive steps that need to taken if you live in a rural area. Please see the advice in this newsletter concerning this subject, which also includes the use of BBQs.

This Sunday 31st July on Solid Gold Sunday hosted by Owen Gee, our Crime check feature will discuss  PokémonGo and the critical fire period. Stayed tuned around 0915 hrs.

We are keen to collaborate with community minded companies that can help make Portugal a safe place to live and visit. This innovative approach is aimed at promoting the good work of the business concerned as well as helping to maintain a safe and secure environment through supporting the work of our association.

We therefore thank Mestre Raposa based in Almancil for sponsoring this newsletter and for being one of our supporters.

To learn more about how to sponsor a newsletter by becoming one of our supporters please contact us on 913045093 or at   info@safecommunitiesportugal.com

David Thomas
Safe Communities Portugal


Crime continues to decrease - First Quarter 2016

Portugal's minister for internal administration, Constança Urbano de Sousa, said that the first quarter of the year had seen a drop of almost 5% in overall reported crime and  almost 10% in  violent crime.

She added that the number of cases of mugging and other violent robbery, in particular, had fallen sharply.

The minister was responding to deputies' questions in parliament, during a debate on the Annual Report on Internal Security, known as RASI, for 2015.

The data for the first quarter of this year "attest to the downward trend" in overall crime and of violent crimes reported, and confirm that "Portugal really is a safe country", the minister said. Last year saw a 2.2% decrease in violent crimes against persons, and of 1.3% of violent crimes against property compared to the previous year.

On the 2015 report, she noted that there was a "slight increase", of 1.3%, in overall reported crime, which she said was due to three factors. Firstly there was a "significant increase in crimes relative to forest fires", secondly crimes were recorded that are part of a new type of offences that did not exist in 2014, such as the ill treatment of pet animals, and thirdly there was a "very significant" increase in the reporting of crimes, due to "police proactivity".

Setting these cases aside, she said, "there was not such a significant increase in general reported crime" in 2015, while the downward trend in the number of violent and serious crimes - those that "generate a greater feeling of insecurity" had continued.

An overview of the 2015 crime statistics in English can be downloaded here.

211 Terrorist Incidents in the EU in 2015

In 2015, 151 people died and over 360 were injured as a result of terrorist attacks in the EU. Six EU Member States faced 211 failed, foiled and completed terrorist attacks. 1 077 individuals were arrested in the EU for terrorism-related offences, of whom 424 were only in France. 94% of the individuals on trial for jihadist terrorism were found guilty.

This general overview is an important part of the EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) 2016, which Europol released on18th July.

In Portugal there were no incidents but two separatists were arrested.

In addition, Europol released a brief assessment of recent terrorist incidents that highlights the operational difficulties in the detection and disruption of lone actor attacks. In the TE-SAT 2016, Europol stresses that such attacks remained a favoured tactic by the Islamic State and al-Qaeda, and both groups have repeatedly called on Muslims living in Western countries to perpetrate lone actor attacks in their countries of residence.

Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol: "In 2015 the European Union experienced a massive number of casualties caused by terrorist attacks"

Minister of Internal Affairs announces enhancement of the Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit

The Anti-Terrorism Coordination Unit, (UCAT)  which brings together elements of the , PJ, PSP, GNR, SEF and Maritime Police, will now run continuously in an "enhanced mode", according to the regulations of this structure approved by the Council of Ministers on 22nd July.

The regulation of the organisation and functioning of UCAT, coordinated by the secretary general of the Internal Security System, will provide this structure with a team on a permanent basis to strengthen their operational capacity. "This regulatory decree that is aimed at strengthening operational support to this structure, brings together all the forces and security services, "said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Constanca da Sousa Urban, at the press conference after the Council of Ministers.

Strengthening UCAT was one of the measures provided for in the National Strategy for Combating Terrorism, adopted in 2015. Currently, UCAT, with elements of the SIS, PJ, SEF, PSP, GNR and Maritime Police, meets weekly and special meetings whenever needed for exchange and sharing of information. With the regulation, the structure starts to function "more efficiently and permanently" with its enhanced performance, said Constanca da Sousa Urban. 


With the vastly increasing number of terrorist attacks in Europe, any measures aimed at improving Portugal's capacity to deal with terrorism and terrorist incidents is welcome. Although Portugal is not at high risk, the security forces are well aware of the fact there is always the possibility of a "loan wolf", i.e.a disturbed individual who may want to cause a brutal impact in some shape or form. The Munich attack last week is just one example.

Notable Arrests

Person wanted for murder in Portugal arrested in Paris

A 28 - year - old man indicted for first degree murder in the Mira D'Aire, Portugal in 2015, was arrested on 22nd July in Paris, in a joint action by the Portuguese and French authorities.

According to a statement released on Friday, the Judicial Police, through the Department of Criminal Investigation Leiria, identified and located in France an unemployed man, "without an occupation, strongly indicted by the practice of two first degree murder, as well as aggravated theft" . The arrest of the suspect took place during the morning in the French capital, in the course of an action "developed in close coordination" with the Office Lutte contre le Crime Center Organisé /Direction Centrale de la Police Judiciaire of France.

The arrested, person aged 28 years, will now be presented to the appropriate judicial authorities in France in connection with the subsequent transfer to the Department of Investigation and Penal Action Santarém Portugal.

According to the police, "the criminal acts occurred on the night of November 19 last year, in the Sierra de Santo António - Mira D'Aire, following clashes between two groups taking part in a narcotic product transaction". The victim was hit by two gun shots that caused traumatic injuries to vital organs.


Excellent cooperation between Portuguese and French Police.

Porto - Organised group stealing from 25 villas arrested.

On 22nd July PSP Porto arrested six persons of a highly an organized group of Georgian nationals who are believed to have carried out more than 25 burglaries and stole thousands of euros in gold, jewellery, cash and computer equipment. The burglaries took place last month in the districts of Aveiro, Coimbra, Viseu and Castelo Branco.

The six men aged between 30 and 40 years planned the robbery in detail. Highly professional, they entered houses without breaking the locks, using false keys and wore hats and gloves to leave no traces. After effecting a maximum of five robberies in each area, they changed areas, thus hindering the work of investigators in the group's location. 

They believe the group has also conducted hundreds of thefts in several European countries. In both searches, the PSP recovered stolen tools and material. The suspects were presented to the judge and are in custody awaiting trial.

On 1st July Greek police arrested 25 Georgians suspected to have committed around 140 burglaries in Greece since 2010.
GNR Benavente arrest two fraudsters with counterfeit bank notes in connection with land deal

On 20th July GNR Benavente (north east of Lisbon) arrested two men suspected of attempted fraud and passing counterfeit bank notes.

Following a complaint concerning a possible fraud in the purchase of land, the GNR took up position where the transaction was to be carried out. At the scene they found the victim, an elderly man of 84 years, with the suspects who were in possession of a suitcase full of counterfeit notes and blank bundles of paper. Reports in the Correio da Manha state that the land deal was worth in the region of €4 million and the suitcase contained around €1 million in counterfeit bank notes.

Given this, the individuals both Nigerians were arrested, and the following items seized: various material for chemical reproduction of banknotes; a medium to high range car; Euros 460 euros; a tablet and three mobile phones.  

The suspects, aged between 30 and 35 years have criminal records and after deliberation in court were being remanded in custody.

The land was advertised for sale on the internet and the two arrested persons had responded to the advert.
Vessel seized in Madeira with 120 kgs of cocaine

On 18th July Police seized a sailing boat and apprehended its two crew members for carrying about 120 kilograms of cocaine, said the Judicial Police Coordinator in Madeira, Eduardo Nunes.

"We confirm the seizure of the ship and the arrest of the only two crew members in the marina Calheta on suspicion of drug trafficking. Eduardo Nunes added that the ship was already referenced and sailing with a UK flag.

The vessel - called "Calm down" arrived at the marina of Calheta, west of Madeira. The origin and destination of the trip were not disclosed, but the PJ stated they would release more information later. The crew are non- Portuguese," he said.

Lisbon - Pickpocket arrested for assaulting a couple

A 36 year old man, a Romanian national, who arrived in Portugal just over two weeks ago, is in custody after being arrested by PSP Lisbon for threatening and theft from a couple of tourists.

The thief had help from an accomplice who escaped. The arrest occurred at 11.30am on 19th July, in Areeiro. Police surprised the two robbers assaulting the victims. When they saw the PSP, they quickly fled. The police managed to intercept one of them, recovering the stolen wallet with 130 euros and a cosmetics bag worth 70 euros.

Investigators linked the arrested person with several crimes committed in the short space of two weeks. The man had been arrested on July 16, for theft of a wallet. Before, he had been caught for robbery with a knife.

About 24 hours after the arrest of the man, the PSP Lisbon arrested a woman, also Romanian, 43, caught red-handed stealing a wallet from a tourist aged 21 years, at Sodre pier. Two PSP agents saw her jostle the victim, stealing his wallet with 160 euros a nd various personal documents which were was immediately returned to the rightful owner.. When an accomplice also a woman tried to intervene, the officers arrested the couple.  

The arrested person has a criminal record for crimes of this nature, and was presented at the Department of Investigation and Penal Action Lisbon,for application of remand/reporting conditions. 


This shows the importance of having a adequate number of police patrolling the streets. Please download our anti-pickpocketing advice here

PSP Sintra arrest four men for Robbery and illegal possession of a firearm

On 15th July at 04.35 hrs the PSP Metropolitan Police Command Sintra Division at 04.35 hours in the area of Rio de Moura, arrested four men, aged between 19 and:22 years caught in the act of robbery at a residence and the illegal possession of a firearm.

Some five hours earlier, in the area of Vale Mourao, two suspects approached a couple, 20 and 27 years of age, and under threat of firearms, attacked and stole a bunch of keys belonging to the victims and then fled in a vehicle that was identified by victims.

The PSP were alerted and undertook an operation to locate the suspects.  After some hours they located and identified the said vehicle with four suspects now held.

They then conducted a search of the vehicle and the following material was seized: One 7.65mm calibre pistol with five rounds of ammunition; one alarm gun; one bunch of house keys (belonging to the victim).

The detainees have attended the Judiciary of the Lisbon West District Court, Mafra for 1st Judicial Interrogation, and ordered to make weekly reports to police..

Local News

Body of British citizen who fell into Tagus River found

The body of a British citizen who fell from a boat into the Tagus Body has been found near the Belem Tower.

The Maritime Police said on Friday 22nd that they found the body of Nishanthan Gnanathas missing since Saturday near the Belem Tower in Lisbon. "This is the missing person," reported Lusa news agency.

Malachi Domingues, Captain of the Port of Lisbon and Commander Local Maritime Police said the body "was found by the Maritime Police 13:20", in "high state of decomposition".

The man aged 32, had been missing since 12:30 on Saturday 16th July, after having fallen from a tourist boat to the River Tagus. The man fell while participating in a trip with friends near the tower of the Coordination and Control Centre of the Port of Lisbon traffic. An autopsy is being undertaken.
Event held to mark Tavira Fires of 2012

Our thanks to Lynne and Peter Booker of the Algarve History Association for inviting Safe Communities Portugal to participate in an excellent event at Clube de Caça e Pesca dos Morenos to the north of Tavira on 17th July.

The event was held in memory of the fires of 2012 that devastated parts of the village of Morenos exactly four years earlier, to value rural life and to highlight the work of Clube de Caça e Pesca dos Morenos. 

The event started in the morning by a cooking demonstration of locally produced/caught foods. Following a superb lunch at the Hunters Club, the President of Clube de Caça e Pesca dos Morenos, Sr.Fernando gave a talk and showed a film about hunting in the area. I then gave a presentation on forest fires. 

This was very helpful as it enabled the association to learn first hand of peoples experiences in remote locations in dealing with major disasters. It was also a great opportunity to showcase our work in a truly village environment in an isolated area of the Algarve.

It was a hot but really enjoyable and productive day bring together local and foreign residents.

The Algarve History Association aims to promote interest in Portuguese culture and history using the English language as the main medium.  The organisation is non-profit making and undertaken on a voluntary basis. More about their work and forthcoming events can be found here.
Albufeira - Identification of persons involved in fatal hit-and-run

The GNR Criminal Investigation Unit for Traffic Accidents from the Faro Traffic Detachment identified yesterday, 6th July, two men suspected of being involved in fatal hit and run that happened on the morning of July 2, resulting in the death of a lady aged 40 years in the area of Guia - Albufeira.

After news of the accident, the GNR began the efforts to identify the suspects, including the gathering of related information obtained from witnesses. It was therefore possible to identify the individuals and the respective car, which was seized.

Individuals, both 41, were made defendants and subjected to reporting conditions in accordance with terms by the Department of Investigation and Penal Action Albufeira.


Police and Child Protection agencies give advice on safe use of Pokémon Go App

Pokémon Go is a game where you collect and trade cute creatures called Pokémon (Pocket Monsters).

It's one of the first popular games to use "augmented reality" - a kind of cross between real life and the online world. The game makes it look like Pokémon appear in real life places by using the GPS and camera on your phone.

However there are dangers in its use and within days of it its launch one child has been reportedly killed; two men have fallen down a cliff playing the game; students have been robbed of their phones, while in the UK a group had to be rescued from a network of underground caves in which they became lost chasing a Pokemon Monster and in Spain two Japanese tourists were rescued from a motorway tunnel in Barcelona.

There are fears the game's use of the GPS system could alert strangers to children's locations. PSP Police in Portugal have offered the following advice, which we supplement with advice from other police forces:
  • Always be aware of your real surroundings, especially crossing roads and other potentially dangerous places
  • Be cautious about alerting strangers to where you will be in future. Be careful where you leave 'beacons' 
  • Do not hunt alone, hunt in group or in pairs in order to increase security and in safe places
  • Do not use the application while driving,
  • Do not enter another's property or areas of restricted access which could be a crime
  • Alert younger people not to approach strangers
  • You need a Google (or IoS) account to sign up to play the game and there have been reports that with Google users, the app has automatically granted itself permission to access your Gmail and Google Drive accounts, which could leave you vulnerable to hackers. The level of permission required is already being addressed by the game's makers.
Security experts have spotted a malicious version of the PokémonGo Android app that has been infected with a remote access tool that gives attackers full control over the victim's phone.

Clearly people should be aware of their surroundings and not put their own safety and the others at risk. Parents also have a responsibility to ensure their children are aware of the dangers of using the App, particularly in street situations, where they may be enticed to cross a street resulting in an accident. 

Parents are advised to speak to their children about the sites they visit online, who they talk to and most importantly what to do if they see inappropriate content or are approached by someone that worries them. Children should be advised to tell someone they trust and stress they won't be in trouble; friends are people that they know in 'real life' not someone they met online.

Crime Prevention

Leaving your property empty whilst on holiday. 

Security of your property whilst you are away on holiday is important if you want to avoid returning only to find it has been broken into. This can have considerable consequences for example two years ago a person living in the Algarve returned to find his water pipes stolen. Water was still gushing out of the broken pipes some days later - so you can imagine the water bill.

We have put together some useful advice on this subject, which includes making use of the police on-line Safe Summer Scheme. This enables you to send on-line the dates of your absence and contact details to the police so that they, as far resources allow, can keep an eye on your property.

This is an excellent scheme which can be  accessed here  runs from 15th June to 15th September. Just place your order no later than 48 hours in advance of departure.

Download our check list here 

Emergency Contacts

We never know when we will need to contact the emergency services. Any delay can mean the difference between life and death so it is best to have emergency contact always available.

Although for general emergencies(fire/police/medical) this is 112, there are a number of others plus hotlines where you can get help quickly. Who do you contact in poisoning cases, what happens if you are at sea and run into difficulties etc etc?

We have put together a complete list of emergency and hotline contacts for your help. Please download them here.

Crime prevention advice beaches and car parks

There are many people now using the fantastic beaches that Portugal has to offer, some of the best in the world.

However, there are of course those who take the advantage of this to commit crime, mainly thefts from hire cars and other opportunist crime such as stealing goods that have been left unattended. Nearly all of this type of crime is preventable.

Such thefts especially when passports and credit cards are concerned, can have a serious impact on a holiday so it is best to take simple crime prevention advice. 

We have a comprehensive "Stay Safe" crime prevention series and the following two in particular are very useful in reducing the risk of becoming a victim of these sorts of crime.

Download here our guides on Driving and Car parks and Beaches.

Civil Protection and Public Safety advice

Forest Fire Prevention

As a result of very high temperatures forecast for last weekend the National Civil Protection Authority, issued the following reminder for people living or visiting rural areas. People should not:

- Burn fires or light fires for recreational or pleasure, or cooking food;
- Use burning and combustion equipment for lighting or cooking food;
- Burn cut and piled woods and any surplus of cuttings;
- The release of balloons with burning wick or other type of rocket;
- Smoke or use naked flames of any kind in forest areas and pathways;

The ANPC also recommends the appropriateness of behaviour and attitudes towards forest fire danger, particularly with the adoption of necessary preventive and precautionary measures.

Use of BBQs

Concerning the use of BBQs, the ANPC have clarified that if this in your terrace area or a properly constructed BBQ in your garden or a designated area, then there is no problem. It is a matter of common sense and what this provision is aimed at preventing in using BBQs, say in a field or grass/scrub areas where there is an obvious fire risk. If your BBQ is in your garden make sure it is away from grass/bushes etc and keep a fire extinguisher and water supply handy.

Protecting yourself should a fire break-out

Please download our article on how to protect yourselves should a fire break out which includes the advice of the Bombarios/GNR. Keep this handy during the summer months - you may never know when you will need it. 

Dangers of leaving children and pets in cars  

Do you know that in Portugal in the summer when the temperature is 35C outside (i.e. today) the temperature can rise to over 60C inside a car.

Notwithstanding the risks, in the USA and average of 40  children left in cars die each year as a result of heatstroke. There are no figures for pets, but in the UK the RSPCA receive around 6000 reports from people who come across animals anguishing inside of stuffy cars in the heat,

It goes without say that children should not be left alone in parked cars anyway, but it is a fact that this does happen. Leaving a pet in a car is more prevalent. Slightly opening the window makes little difference.

Precautions during heat waves  

Although this was published last month, I think it is worth repeating especially with the higher than normal temperatures experienced in the last few weeks, which are forecast to continue.Having just had the hottest day so far it is an opportune time to remind us all concerning the subject of heat waves.

The need to take precautions from heat waves illustrates the extreme weather conditions that we can experience in Portugal; snow. high winds, and heavy rainfall to long periods of sunshine when temperature can exceed 40C.

In the case of heat waves such as that seen in 2015, it is important that precautions are taken especially in respect of the elderly and those who are more vulnerable. As early as May last year in Beja a temperature of   40C was recorded breaking the previous record for that month of    39.5C four years ago.  Last week in Tomar, temperatures rose to 42.8 C and that is in the shade! 

Care has to be taken in such heat to avoid dehydration or even worse. The Director General of Health has issued guidelines to help avoid health issues during high temperatures and these can be downloaded from the Safe Communities Portugal website in English   here.

Cybercrime and Computer Security 

Charity Scam to be aware of

Please be aware of the following email that is being circulated from a so called Charity Service charity service (at) financier.com". It is a phishing attack trying to encourage you to click on a link to receive a prize. Instead you will need to provide personal details which will enable the fraudster to extract money from your bank account. Note the very poor grammar and spelling mistakes - a sure giveaway. It reads

We shall formally introduce our self to you.We are a charity organisation that the constitution permits to better the life of orphans,destitute,disabled and other forms of assignable problems.

The law binding the united kingdom district stipulates that we are to collate information from our selected raffle draw across the uk, Europe, America etc. This collation is done and winners are selected from the r ....e draw.

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected as this years winner. The funds you have won is Three Million Pounds which is to be paid in two installments.
Please take note that your ticket number is stated below:
REF: Winning Numbers:14 - 77 - 23 - 28 - 42 - 49 - 55; Ref: BNS-NL/0508/04.VOL.2/UK;  Ref: BNS-NL/02CTG/0508/04/UK..

Please keep the reference and process very confidential as we will not be held responsible for any third party conduct. For further instruction on how to receive your r.... kindly contact the Financial vault service via email stated below:

Email: vault_service (at) mail2consultant.com" 

Overseas News

Toy Collector held in Police cell for four hours over £16 Ebay dispute

Toy car collector held in a cell for four hours and refused his heart medication over the £16 online sale of three Dinky models.

Charles Traynor from Glasgow was taken into custody, photographed, fingerprinted, and had his DNA taken by UK Police when another enthusiast claimed he'd failed to send the toys he'd bought on Ebay.

But Mr Traynor, who had never been in trouble with the police, says the buyer had refused to pay the postage amount of £6 meaning he'd held back sending the items.

Despite all charges being dropped and Ebay themselves saying Mr Traynor wasn't at fault Police Scotland refused to apologise.

It was only after the findings of an independent investigation that bosses finally said sorry for "any distress" caused by the investigation.

The heavy-handed tactics saw two policemen take the 51 year old father-of-five from his home, drive him to a station three miles away, and put him in a cell on suspicion of online fraud.

Polish billionaire and fake diplomat arrested for illegal weapon sales

Arrest mimics the plot of The Night Manager with a suspected international arms dealer snared.

Through his Polish companies the negotiations involved the sale of more than 200,000 assault rifles Kalashnikok AK-47s, rocket launchers and military tanks to South Sudan.

It was reported on 23rd July that a Polish billionaire who pretended to be a diplomat from Guinea Bissau has been arrested by Spanish police on the Balearic Island of Ibiza, for suspected illegal arms sales, including those of 200,000 assault rifles. The unnamed man was nabbed were he had a selection of super cars at his disposal. A total of nine people were arrested altogether. The operation was coordinated by Europol.

The leader had diplomatic representation using a passport from Guinea Bissau, which was invalid. A plate was installed in his home, stating that he was internationally protected as consular territory of this country.

He had a business network in which he allegedly engaged in arms trafficking, as well as a vast network of international contacts. He even used the presidential plane in Gambia to sell weapons and sell military equipment to South Sudan, a country in permanent conflict.

To make extortions through their companies he had the support of another criminal organisation of Dutch origin. Among those arrested was a local policeman who allegedly provided information and conducted negotiations in their favour in exchange for financial compensation.


During The Night Manager, which was based on the John le Carré novel, an international arms dealing ring operating in Europe and Africa was uncovered with the help of Europol. In the series Tom Hiddleston plays the role of Jonathan Pine who sets out to arrest arms baron Richard Onslow Roper, played by Hugh Laurie.

Read complete article 

Seven detained in Operation against British - Spanish Cocaine Traffickers

On 13 -14 July 2016, 7 criminals from an organised crime network involved in large-scale drug trafficking from Spain to the United Kingdom were arrested by the Spanish National Police. These arrests are the result of the sixth phase of Operation Galaxy which was supported by the Spanish Guardia Civil and Europol.

The suspects were based in Spain (Alicante, Barcelona and Málaga) and the United Kingdom. The criminal network was planning the importation of a big cocaine shipment, which was going to be funded by the delivery of large amounts of marihuana from Spain to the United Kingdom. Vehicles were stolen in the United Kingdom and sent to Spain for their alteration. Later, they were used to transport drugs between both countries.

On the action day, a wide police operation was carried out in Spain. A total of 11 house searches were carried out, resulting in the seizure of over 100 kilos of pollen of hashish , 48 kilos of marihuana, 3 096 marihuana plants, EUR 48 000 in cash and 30 vehicles (of which 20 were stolen). 7 targets were subsequently arrested in Barcelona and Málaga.

The investigation is still on-going and further arrests could be made in the near future.
Europol supported this investigation by facilitating criminal intelligence analysis and providing operational support. Focal Point Cola is Europol's team of specialists and analysts dedicated to tackling cocaine trafficking. Since 2001, FP Cola has been combating the activities of suspected criminal organisations and networks involved in producing, processing and trafficking cocaine, as well as pre-cursor chemicals and cutting agents.

Detained new suspect in the death of young Portuguese man in London

Bradley Quaresma was stabbed on 21st July in a London park in broad daylight.

A man was arrested on suspicion of having participated in the death of a Portuguese on Thursday in London, according to a statement from the local Metropolitan Police.  The detainee, about 20 years, is in police custody in a police station in east London.

The London Police were alerted at about 15:15 Thursday by a call indicating that a 21 year old had been stabbed in West Ham Lane Recreation Ground.

Two other youths, aged 16 and 17, were arrested earlier near the crime scene on suspicion of being involved in the case.

The police identified the victim as Bradley dos Reis Pais Quaresma, a Portuguese citizen, resident in East London.

An examination on Friday, in the morgue of East Ham, concluded that the cause of death were injuries from knives. According to Bradley Family reports, the boy was very friendly and always wanted to help others. It was "intelligent and had a big heart."

Chief Inspector Gary Holmes, who is leading the investigation, said "Bradley had a whole life ahead of him and his death was tragic and violent." "While we have made arrests, we are still calling for more information," he said.

UK - Post-Brexit increase in hate crimes continues as police promise crackdown

Reported 23rd July - New figures have shown the post-Brexit hate crime surge has continued with over 6,000 incidents reported in the UK in the last month.

In the four weeks since 16 June, 6,193 offences had been reported across the country, with the most common crimes being harassment, assault, verbal abuse and spitting.

The latest figures showed there were 3,001 offences in the first two weeks of July, down six percent compared to the previous fortnight but still 20 per cent higher than the same period last year.

The National Police Chiefs' Council said in a report earlier this month that the figures for the last two weeks in June represent a 42 per cent rise on this time last year.
Following the vote to leave the European Union there was a spike in the number of attacks on migrants and ethnic minorities. Muslim people and Eastern Europeans reported they had been particularly targeted after the result.

Immigration was one of the most prevalent and divisive issues discussed during the campaign, with the prospect of controlling migration one of the most hotly debated topics.

Mark Hamilton, the National Police Chiefs' Council spokesman on hate crimes said: "Following increases in hate crime seen after the EU referendum, police forces have been taking a robust approach to these crimes and we are pleased to see the numbers of incidents have begun to fall. Clearly any hate crime is unacceptable and these numbers are still far too high."

Prosecutors will be urged to seek tougher sentences for people committing hate crimes, following a rise in incidents after the EU referendum.

A £2.4m fund will also be set up for security measures at places of worship.

How you can help - Donation for crime prevention in the Algarve

Each week Safe Communities Algarve provides advice and assistance to those who have contacted the association. No charge is made for this service. If you have benefited from this then why not make a small donation in return. 


Safe Communities Algarve is a non-profit association run by unpaid volunteers. Our services are free of charge and the association is funded by donations. Your generosity by making a donation to help maintain and further develop the work of the association and thereby help keep the Algarve a safe place to live and visit would be appreciated. Any amount helps.  

Three ways to make a donation


Paypal - If you would like to make a donation through Paypal please visit our Welcome page and click on the "donate" button. 

By cheque - If you wish to donate by cheque the bank account name is "Associacao SCP Safe Communities Portugal" and cheques can be posted to Caixa 207-Z, Alfontes, Boliqueime, 8100-062, Algarve.

By interbank transfer - If you wish to donate through inter bank transfer please use the same name with the following account details NIB 0033 0000 4542 9864 44705. 

All donations should be marked "Donation for crime prevention". Thank you.

Safe Communities Algarve - Regular Features
Just a reminder that in addition to our website and Facebook page, Safe Communities Algarve produces regular crime prevention features to help the community. These are  in the Algarve Resident where there is a full page feature in the first issue each month. The next feature will be out on 4th August 2016.

We also have a 5 minute feature named "Crimecheck" on Owen Gee's Solid Gold Sunday which is aired at 0920 hrs on the last Sunday of each month. The next one is scheduled for Sunday 31st July 2016.

How your friends can obtain up to date Crime Prevention advice
Please pass on details of Safe Communities Algarve to neighbours and friends so they to can benefit from the up to date crime prevention advice. Simply ask them to click on the following link to obtain the latest newsletter: www.safecommunitiesalgarve.com This is a free service.



David Thomas

Safe Communities Algarve



25 July 2016