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SCRA Announces Investment in Technology Startup, Bandwagon
SCRA announces its affiliate, SC Launch, Inc.’s, investment of $300,000 in Bandwagon Fan Club, Inc. The Greenville-based startup is a B2B identity infrastructure company that helps their customers transparently aggregate, manage, and store valuable consumer identity information. This investment will assist Bandwagon with development and expanding its workforce for key operations. Read more.
SCRA Announces Two New Member Companies and Funding
SCRA announces Hirodika Biosciences, Inc. and GeoMat, LLC, being accepted as new Member Companies, and being approved for grant funding. Read more.
As Newsletter Ad Revenue Heats Up, 6AM Plans to Double Revenue and Followers
SCRA Portfolio Company 6AM City plans to reach 750,000 subscribers, doubling revenue and followers..

The newsletter company 6AM City recently announced its expansion into Richmond, Va., the ninth location for the five-year-old media organization. The newsletter-based publication will also launch its Nashville, Tenn., branch this week and will debut in Richmond by May. Read more.
APR 22 @11:00 a.m.
SCRA Webinar: Do You Really Know Your Customers? Learn more.
Accepting Apps for Maturation & Prototyping Matching Grant

Who: SC Higher Education Institutions

When: Nov. 1, 2020 to Apr 30, 2021

Amount: Up to $15,000, with a maximum of $30,000 per institution

Why: To expand the impact of institutional funds directly invested in the maturation of a technology or the development of prototypes based on intellectual property owned by the institution.
Resource Partner Network Spotlight: Vicinity Capital
Vicinity is a trusted community investment platform that connects local investors to local businesses. As a FINRA registered funding portal, Vicinity provides a turnkey solution to prepare, launch, and market online public offerings for post-revenue businesses seeking growth capital.

Through regulation crowdfunding, businesses can open investment access to the public to unearth new angel investors and generate market awareness. Terms are tailored for early-stage businesses, and low investment minimums allow fans and customers to become vested brand ambassadors. Learn more.