Click to View in Browser | March 5, 2021
SCRA Announces Recently Accepted and Funded Companies
SCRA announces BrightMa Farms, LLC, being accepted as new Member Company, and being approved for grant funding. Existing Member Company, RAAMP, LLC, was also approved for grant funding. Read more.
Kizoo Provides Funding for Elastrin Therapeutics to Develop Groundbreaking New Technology
Elastrin Therapeutics, an SCRA Member Company, is the latest addition to the growing portfolio of Kizoo Technology Capital, a rejuvenation biotech investor focused on reversing age-related damage on a cellular and molecular level. Elastrin’s lead asset is a nanoparticle conjugated with a novel monoclonal antibody for the treatment of heart valve and vascular calcification. Read more.
Lou Kennedy Named to National Association of Manufacturers Board of Directors
Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation announced CEO and SCRA Board of Trustees Executive Committee member Lou Kennedy as a new member of the National Association of Manufacturers Board of Directors. 

Kennedy, who was elected on Monday, joins the NAM Board to bolster the association’s leadership in policy advocacy, workforce solutions, legal action, operational excellence and news and insights. She will help the industry advance an agenda that promotes growth and prosperity for all Americans. Read more.
SCRA Webinar: State Tax Credits and Incentives for Start-ups
Tax experts with Elliott Davis will take a look at South Carolina’s valuable statutory tax credits and incentives. With specific focus on opportunities for startups and small businesses to maximize the available credits, Will and Nick will cover some of the most popular South Carolina income tax credits, ones they would be willing to bet that your organization would qualify for. Additionally, the Elliott Davis team will dive into the most common property tax questions startups face as they navigate the intricate waters of South Carolina’s property tax regimes. Learn more and register.
MAR 23 @3:30 p.m.
InnoVision Forum: AI, from Abstract to Application. Learn more.
Resource Partner Network Spotlight: Primal Logic & Data Corp (primal.)
Primal Logic & Data Corp (primal.) was founded in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, in early 2020. primal. is a software engineering and data technology corporation specializing in digital apps, data analytics, open-source intel, and artificial intelligence. While primal. engineering teams work on your software, their business development and marketing team focuses on strategy for business growth and customer acquisition. Primal's goal is to provide go-to-market solutions & software for early- and mid-stage firms.