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August 5, 2022
Cheery Friday Greetings,

As we head into the final weeks of summer (!!!), I am going back to basics for this edition to highlight some of our programs and services.

“Ask” Services. As you know from our recent News, Ask the Archivist has been added to the suite of “Ask” services that you have access to via your SCRLC membership (or your system's membership) and the Empire State Library Network (ESLN). Ask the Archivist is in pilot phase right now and free to all Council members. Ask the HR Expert and Ask the Lawyer are not free, but SCRLC pays for your questions to be answered. The service includes a list of Recently Asked Questions (RAQs)--always interesting and informative.

Digitization Services. The dig lab is in full swing! We offer grants annually to support digitization efforts, but sometimes members are able to do this without grant funding; maybe they have staff available or have non-SCRLC grant funding. There is always room in New York Heritage and NYS Historic Newspapers for more material! I hope that you've had a chance to check out our latest online exhibit, The Hurricane Agnes Flood of 1972.

Focus Groups. SCRLC conducts focus groups at no cost (unless you have a grant or insist on paying us!). We can work with 2-3 members per year. Generally, we conduct them in person, but during the pandemic we did them via Zoom. Online is a bit different but still doable. Do you have questions about focus groups? Here is some information on our website; also check out our assessment LibGuide.

Hospital Library Services Program. On August 17 from 2:00 to 3:30 we are funding a Medical Library Association webinar, Approaches to Trauma-Informed Medical Librarianship. We still have some spots available (free to SCRLC health sciences folks), so email Diane Capalongo if you would like to attend.

Resource Sharing.

  • Bibliographic & Referral Center (BARC). If you do not catalog through OCLC, you may be eligible to use BARC. Two of the three public library systems already use this service. It is open to all who are not already using OCLC.  
  • Coordinated Collection Development Aid for Academics. Save the date! A Zoom meeting is being planned for the afternoon of September 26.
  • Medical Information Services Program. These funds are available to any member who runs into charges when placing a health-related or medical interlibrary loan request. Just send us the invoice and we’ll pay it! If you’re doing a lot of health/medical requests, chances are you already have an electronic account set up.
  • Users Group Meeting. Save the date for October 26! It will be held via Zoom.

Of course, that is by no means everything we do. Soon I will highlight more programs and services.

A couple of things in the works:

Annual Meeting. Tentatively Scheduled for October 28.

Digital Equity Coalition. We are looking for interested organizations--library and otherwise--who would be interested in joining this effort, or at least having an initial conversation about it. Let me know!

Have a nice weekend!

Yours in partnership,
Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director
The Internet Archive continues to fight a lawsuit brought forward by four enormous publishers who argue that the Internet Archive egregiously broke copyright law in 2020. The Authors Guild supports the publishers' complaint.

In the beginning of the pandemic, the Internet Archive declared that there was such a COVID-fueled emergency need for e-books that they would stop practicing Controlled Digital Lending (CDL) as we know it and start freely lending more digital books than they had copies of physical books. They removed waitlists and copy limits.

The outcome of this case could outlaw CDL for all libraries and ultimately, increase prices for digital collections. Publishers would rather have a licensing fee for every e-book loaned rather than a digital version of the first-sale doctrine. Keep your eye on this case.
Welcome Michelle Millet, the new Director of Ithaca College Library!

Congratulations to Sophie Clough at Cortland County Historical Society for finishing her MLS from the University of Buffalo! She's now full time at CCHS.

Welcome to Haley Shear, the new librarian at Fenimore Art Museum!
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Events produced by the other councils are open for SCRLC members to attend!
Article Discussion Group: "The Librarians Are Not Okay" by Anne Helen Petersen & "Quitting Time" by Lara Ewen (American Libraries)
Thursday, August 11, 12:00 - 1:00pm

Ready the articles and come ready to share your thoughts.
Effective Health Communication & Health Literacy: Understanding the Connection
Tuesday, September 20, 1:00 - 2:00pm

This webinar introduces the concepts of health literacy and health communication, outlines components of clear health communication, and identifies online resources from NLM, government agencies and other recognized resources for health literacy and health communication.
All the webinars in this series will be recorded and available here.
Join us for this webinar series exploring various services the Empire State Library Network has to offer.

Empire Library Delivery with Maria DeGaetano, August 26, 10am

Ask the HR Expert with Holly Nowak
September 30, 10am
LOGIN & PW: scrlc
SCRLC members have access to the Tech-Talk Database, which offers an up-to-date library of technology and communication articles and videos.
Tech-Talk Webinars:

Job Hunting - How to Get to the Top of the Pile, August 10, 3pm

The Secrets of Password Managers, Might You Use Them or Not? August 24, 3pm

Transforming Ugly Duckling Documents Into Swans, September 14, 3pm
Library Juice Academy offers a range of online professional development courses for librarians, archivists, and other staff, focusing on practical topics to build new skills.

For 20% off all LJA courses, email dcapalongo@scrlc.org
We have a new collection from the Allegany County Historical Society, our newest member! Dick Neal Hurricane Agnes Photographs cover Wellsville, NY, during and after the flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972. This collection was digitized in 2012 by STLS's Keturah Cappadonia, but we've just added it to NYHeritage.org this week. Check out the pictures of Jones Memorial Hospital as its newly constructed wing collapsed into the Genesee River, making Wellsville one of the most expensive locations for damage caused by Agnes.
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