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October 16, 2020

Cheery Friday Greetings,

A reminder to be sure to register for our virtual annual meeting—it is on Friday, October 30, 9-1. It has never been so easy to attend!

Our workshop facilitator is Dr. Kawanna Bright, Assistant Professor of Library Science at East Carolina University. This highly interactive program is entitled Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Audits: Implications and Applications for Library & Information Organizations. It is for everyone-- for all types of libraries, library systems, hospitals, historical societies, and museums. It will help you to move into action and create a plan! Teams from your organization are welcome and encouraged!  It will help you:
  • Understand what DEI audits are and how they apply to your organization.
  • Determine which key aspects of DEI audits apply directly to your organization.
  • Create an initial plan for assessing DEI in your organization.
SCRLC is completely subsidizing this program so that it is free to you. Due to the interactive nature of the workshop, though technically the deadline is October 28, it would be helpful to register by the end of the week to give Dr. Bright ample time to plan the breakout rooms. Click here to register.
Awards, Awards, Awards. There is a bit of time to nominate a colleague for the SCRLC Annual Awards, which will be presented at the business meeting—but do it by 4 p.m. today! The forms are here: (Word) (PDF).

Recently SCRLC canceled its book discussion for Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste: The Origins of our Discontent. While there had been interest expressed in it, our policy for all programs is to cancel if there are three or fewer registrants.

Indeed, our decision to cancel was based on low registration and not on the executive order issued from the White House at the end of September, prohibiting most diversity training in federal agencies, their contractors, sub-contractors, and grantees. If this remains in effect, the DEI grant application that SCRLC submitted to IMLS in October cannot be considered for funding.

Here is more information and responses to the executive order:

SCRLC remains committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and work, and supports the dismantling of racist policies and systemic/structural racism that affect BIPOC communities. Black lives matter!

If the EO has impacted your organization in some way, would you let me know? Thank you!

Yours in partnership,

Mary-Carol Lindbloom
Executive Director

Free Digital Black Lives Matter Learning Resource
Digital platform Exact Editions has launched a freely-available digital Black Lives Matter learning resource in collaboration with over 50 publishing partners. 
Individuals, schools, libraries and universities alike can access the Black Lives Matter Digital Resource Page here: https://institutions.exacteditions.com/blm

Congratulations to the new Broome County Library Director, Josias Bartram.

Next Director's Meetup: Tuesday, November 9, 4:00pm
https://us02web.zoom.us/j/95880178218 | Meeting ID: 958 8017 8218
Or call in: 1-646-876-9923
Passcode: SCRLC

Next All Member Meetup: Tuesday, November 3, 1:00pm
https://zoom.us/j/109469034 | Meeting ID: 109 469 034
Or call in: 1-646-876-9923
Passcode: SCRLC

Next Resource Sharing Meetup: Tuesday, October 27, 1:00pm  
https://zoom.us/j/109469034 | Meeting ID: 109 469 034
Or call in: 1-646-876-9923
Passcode: SCRLC

Next Special Collections/Local History/Archivists Meetup: Wednesday, October 21, 2:00pm
https://zoom.us/j/715709544 | Meeting ID: 715 709 544
Or call in: 1-646-876-9923
Passcode: SCRLC

Is your library open or closed- any changes?
Let us know if your library is open or closed in on this Google Sheet and check the status of other organizations.


October 30, 9:00am

Communications Workshops:
November 12, 10:00am

November 19, 10:00am

View these events on the ESLN Continuing Education Calendar

October 19, 1:00pm

October 20, 10:30am

October 20, 2:00pm

October 21, 2:00pm

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October 22, 10:00am

October 22, 3:30pm

October 23, 10:00am

October 26, 4:00pm

October 27, 9:00am

October 28, 10:00am

October 28, 2:00pm

October 28, 4:00pm

October 28, 4:30pm

October 29, 1:00pm

October 29, 2:00pm

October 30, 10:00am

October 30, 10:00am

November 2, Noon

November 9, 2:00pm

November 10, 1:00pm

November 11, 10:00am

November 11, 11:30am

November 11, 2:00pm

November 12, 2:00pm

November 17, 1:00pm

November 17, 1:00pm

November 17, 1:00pm

November 18, 2:00pm

Building People's Self-Advocacy Skills: An Introduction to the Right Question Strategy (NYLA Advocacy Fundamentals: A Virtual Series)
November 24, 9:00am

November 20, 10:00am

December 2, 3:00pm

December 3, 2:00pm

December 7, 10:00am
Below are the Recently Asked Questions to Ask The Lawyer for September.
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Send a request to jphilippe@scrlc.org for access to online classes in design, business, technology, photography, entrepreneurship, film and writing through Skillshare.
In addition to the weekly Tech-Talk newsletter, SCRLC members have access to the Tech-Talk Database, which offers an up-to-date, searchable library of technology and communication articles and videos. Look for the login information at the top of your weekly Tech-Talk newsletter or email jphilippe@scrlc.org.
A free instructional design training program available through WebJunction to enable library workers to transfer their in-person teaching skills to the online environment. The 7 modules include: Orientation, Foundation, Diversity, Community, Content Creation, Course Management, & Capstone.
D4L was developed in partnership among the South Central Regional Library Council, Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, and the Empire State Library Network. It was funded in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). 
Town of Clay - Autumn day, harvesting corn with horse team
Check out this new addition to NYHeritage! 
It's a 50 year old directory of libraries and library staff in the South Central region, and despite being 150 pages long, this piece of library history only took 15 minutes to scan.

The speedy digitization wizardry was made possible by our new Zeutschel Zeta scanner, afforded to us by a 2019 grant from Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton.  

If you have a lot of scanning to do, consider visiting our office and making use of this great new resource. A volunteer from a nearby historical society was recently able to scan over 1,000 legal-sized pages in about 5 hours! Contact Claire Lovell (clovell@scrlc.org) to arrange a COVID-safe visit.
Census 2020 Library Exhibit

Two Hundred Years on the Erie Canal

Recognizing Women's Right to Vote in New York State
Whether you are actively looking for a job or just want to be prepared in uncertain times, SCRLC is offering confidential and objective resume and cover letter review, as well as interview coaching. Let us know what would help you feel prepared. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch.