July 21,

No. 77

AMS Weekly Newsletter
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As we enter the dog days of summer, newsletters are going to be a bit more sporadic, but this week's newsletter is quite heavy and should keep you busy for a while, both in terms of reading and listening (don't miss the podcast at the end of this newsletter!). Summer is also a great time to dig into our China Syllabi Project . We will have a new one coming soon!

Weekly Reading

The long-awaited South China Sea arbitration decision came out last week, and this week's readings round up the best of the analysis and the places to look for Chinese sourcing.

Social Media Watch

Protesters are boycotting KFCs across China after The Hague ruled in favor of the Philippines in the dispute Manila brought against Beijing's SCS claims. State media have played into the idea that the U.S. was backing up the Philippines, a theory many "angry youth" have latched onto in their protests outside the American fast food chain. On Weibo, state-run papers are trying to tone down the protests, but to limited effect. "Does eating KFC or McDonald's mean you're unpatriotic?" A People's Daily headline and the top Weibo search result for "KFC" (肯德基) asks. "We're not that twisted!" While plenty of users are in favor of "boycotting idiots," others want to know how People's Daily "fell into enemy hands." Read the thread at  http://weibo.com/2803301701/DFzDF9HCX .

俗语 in Xi Jinping's  Speeches

xiàn jì xiàn c è

Meaning: make suggestions or brainstorm 

On July 8 Xi Jinping held a forum on the current economic situation, chaired by Zhang Gaoli and attended by Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Wan Gang, Zhou Xiaochuan and others. The article covering the meeting uses a chengyu but it is not clear if Xi actually used it. Regardless, it is a good one to know. It is actually a bit tricky to use, and you may want to look up further examples online.

Original:  对专家学者提出的意见和建议,对的要积极采纳。专家学者要立足国情、深入调研,着力研究重大理论问题和现实问题,注重从客观经济事实出发,揭示经济现象背后的本质及规律,努力多出经得起实践检验的研究成果,为经济社会发展献计献策。

Video of the Week

In the forum referenced in the 俗语 section above, Xi refers to a term with which many of you may not be familiar: 
Rather than explain this to you ourselves, we have found this handy one-minute guide for you to watch:

Audio of the Week

AMS stalwart Peter Mattis and CSIS' Chris Johnson give an in-depth, hour-long podcast on Chinese intelligence services. A great session and very much worth your time to listen.

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