Gator Bites Newsletter
December 13, 2018
Upcoming Dates

  • December 14: TOMORROW: No aftercare
  • December 19: No 2:30 Dismissal
  • December 18-20: Middle School Exams
  • December 21: 12:00 Dismissal - No aftercare

No aftercare TOMORROW December 14.

No 2:30 Dismissa l on Wednesday, December 19.

12:00 dismissal and no aftercare on December 21.

Aftercare invoices will be going home. Any outstanding balances must be paid and all accounts must be up to date by December 17 for students to receive their second quarter report cards.
Congratulations to Kathryn Fine and Molly Glas for making Junior High Honor band.

The choir and band will be preforming at 7:00 at Zoo Lights on December 20 (Thursday).
Suggested Advent Activities from the CRE
  Advent is a time to prepare for the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Through prayer, penance and good deeds we will open our hearts to accept Jesus. The Advent candles we light each week will guide us on our journey to Christmas. They represent the virtues of hope, love, joy and peace which we will follow in order to ready our hearts for the newborn savior, Jesus. Click here for a copy of the blank Christmas tree and place it somewhere for the family to see. Each time you do what is suggested for the day, color an ornament. Watch the tree become full of life with your prayers and good deeds.
Week 1 – Hope
Light the first purple candle for Hope.
The light reminds us of the hope that God gives us on our way to Bethlehem.
Monday, Dec. 3- Talk about what Advent means.
Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Look up at the wonder of the night sky tonight and say thanks to God.
Wednesday, Dec. 5 – Say a prayer for the world’s hungry people.
Thursday, Dec. 6 – Give a genuine compliment to someone.
Friday, Dec. 7 – This weekend have each member of your family finish this sentence: “To me, Christmas means…”
Week 2 – Peace
Light the second purple candle for Peace.
The light reminds us of the peace that God gives us in Jesus Christ
Monday, Dec. 10 – Be nice to someone you do not like.
Tuesday, Dec. 11 – Clean your room without being asked.
Wednesday, Dec. 12 – Hug everyone in your family today.
Thursday, Dec. 13 – Do a good deed for a family member, classmate or neighbor.
Friday, Dec. 14 – Say a prayer for those who are sick, handicapped or elderly.

Week 3 – Joy
Light the pink candle for Joy.
The light reminds us not to be afraid but to be joyful on the way to Bethlehem.
Monday, Dec. 17 – Say thanks to your teachers, cafeteria staff, mailmen, garbage men, police men, crossing guard, priests, grocery staff, etc… for all they do for you each day.
Tuesday, Dec. 18 – Lead grace at mealtime and offer to set the table before or clean up after dinner tonight.
Wednesday, Dec. 19 – Say a prayer of thanks for your many blessings.
Thursday, Dec. 20 – Spread kindness and Christmas joy as you celebrate with your classmates today.
Week 4 – Love
Light the last purple candle for Love.
The light reminds us of God’s love on our journey to Bethlehem.
While you are enjoying your holiday break, try to show love to your families by helping without being asked, giving your family members a hug and doing good deeds for them. Finish coloring the decorations on your tree to make it complete. Maybe you could bake a cake in honor of Jesus’ birthday or draw a Nativity at the bottom of the tree to remind you of the true meaning of Christmas. Oh! And don’t forget to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on Christmas morning.
Church News
Registration for Alpha is OPEN!

Alpha is a weekly gathering of people to share a meal, watch a video, and talk about the "big questions" in life: What is the meaning of life? Why am I here?  
It's an opportunity to think about what we believe, why we believe it, and what it has to do with how we live. No prior knowledge is required and no particular point of view is expected. Many of the over 200 SCS parishioners who have done Alpha call it "life changing." Come see what it's all about! *No charge; dinner and childcare provided! Contact to register or for more information.
Service Hour Opportunity Available
St. Catherine's child care is looking for help, from 5th graders and above, during the Sunday masses at 9:00 and 11:00. Advanced notice is appreciated. We meet in the Melancon Center.  Please contact Madylin Schneller at for more info or to sign up.
Yearbook Information
School Support
Cafeteria News

The SCS Hot Lunch Program does not allow students to charge the school when money is not available in their lunch account.  

No food or drink from outside establishments are allowed in the cafeteria.

The HOT LUNCH program will no longer accept cash starting in January.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Newsletter Information
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