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Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Community Update: December 2021

Community News

A Message from Superintendent Reusser

As I reflect upon the past year at Sutter County Superintendent of Schools, I am proud of the work we have done as an organization for students, school districts and the community. Every department from Business Services and Educational Services to Special Education has provided high quality support for our three-fold mission:

We will do what is best for students;

We will provide high quality support to our school districts;

We will be a productive, visible presence within our community.

Scroll down to read more about the great things we have accomplished over the past year. I am honored to serve everyone as County Superintendent.

Happy Holidays,

Superintendent Tom Reusser

SCSOS Educational Services Department: supporting students, teachers and school districts

Student Support and Outreach

Student Support and Outreach is in high demand these days. Our outreach specialists and counselors have been working hard to remove barriers and support students as they return to in-person instruction. Counselors have been leading the charge and supporting schools across Sutter County focus on Social Emotional Learning. SSO has also provided additional resources including individual and group counseling for those suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, both of which have been magnified by the pandemic. Our Outreach Specialists continue to support our foster and homeless families with resources including tutoring, temporary lodging, transportation, food or whatever is needed to provide a safe foundation for children so they can attend and focus on school. 

Below is a comparison of the budget from 18/19 to 20/21 school years. As you can see, we have grown in revenue allowing us to provide more services to our students and districts. 

Our Tri-County Induction Program has excelled this year by providing support to 205 teacher induction candidates and their 150 mentors, 29 clear administrative credential candidates and their 15 coaches, as well as 11 Career Technical Education Credential candidates and their nine mentors.

SCSOS ROP Culinary Program

SCSOS offers a wonderful culinary program to high school students. Students are taught everything they need to know about planning meals, cooking and working in a restaurant kitchen. In November, Instructors Dave Flores and Steve Alvarado taught the students how to plan and cook an entire Thanksgiving meal.

The following photos are from the day they were learning how to bake an apple pie.

SCSOS ROP Dental Assisting Program

Sutter County Superintendent of Schools continues to offer strong regional occupational programs to our students in the Yuba Sutter area. One such high quality course is the Dental Assisting Program housed at Marysville High School. This class serves fifteen students from three schools: Lindhurst High School, Marysville High School and Core Academy. 

Once completing this course, students will graduate with three certificates: Dental Assisting, OSHA and Dental Act. These qualify them to find work in a dental office after graduating from high school. 

News from Shady Creek

Shady Creek Raptor Center Dedicated to John and Kathe Hendrickson

On a lovely Saturday afternoon in November, the Raptor Center at Shady Creek Outdoor School was dedicated to John and Kathe Hendrickson by the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Foundation. Beautiful signs created by the Live Oak High School woodworking class were unveiled and everyone enjoyed a tour of the raptor center and meeting the birds that call it home. John Hendrickson shared inspiring stories of Rusty, the Red-tailed Hawk who joined the outdoor school in 1976 where she met over 100,000 students during the course of her lifetime. Over the years John and Kathe added more injured, non-releasable birds of prey to the outdoor school and eventually a raptor center was built at the Woodleaf site. When the outdoor school moved to the Shady Creek site in 2008, building a new raptor center was a top priority. Without John and Kathe’s passion and dedication for sharing their love of birds, the Raptor Center would not be in existence today. The Shady Creek Raptor Center continues to be a place where children can gain knowledge and learn to care for these amazing animals. In attendance were John and Kathe’s friends and former colleagues with remarks given by the Shady Creek Foundation retired director Daria Ali, current outdoor school director Shannon Cueva, and former Sutter County Superintendent of Schools John Boyd. Also in attendance was the family of Jack Murtha, the outdoor school’s original director, including his wife Thelma and their children. Many thanks are also owed to the Shady Creek Outdoor Education Board of Directors for their time and energy to make the dedication happen, the Rotary Club of Yuba City for the upgrades and maintenance along the way, and to the SCSOS maintenance team led by James Peters that built the Raptor Center at Shady Creek. 

Written by: Shannon Cueva, Shady Creek Director

Did you know that Shady Creek Outdoor School is also an Event Center? It is a beautiful place to host a wedding ceremony. See flyer below for more information.

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Franklin Superintendent/Principal Lisa Shelton was named 3rd Congressional Woman of the Year by Congressman Garamendi. We are so proud of her and all of her hard work for students in our area.