For Immediate Release: April 22, 2019
2019 SCTPO Committee Recognition Awards
The SCTPO recently recognized TAC, CAC, SCTPO board, and BPTAC committee members in specific areas of its Recognition Program. This program was established to commend members for time spent in service on these boards for the betterment of all residents and the community of Brevard County.
Voice Your Vision on the Future of Local Transportation
The Space Coast TPO is committed to making the Space Coast safer for pedestrians, but we need your help! Complete the survey and tell us what changes you’d like made in Brevard County.
Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan Open House Recap
On behalf of the SCTPO, we want to thank you those who attended our various Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan open houses over the last few months.

The purpose of this plan is to create a connected system of bicycling and pedestrian facilities that serve the needs of Brevard County’s residents and visitors. Your input and suggestions on the proposed bicycle and pedestrian routes in your area were extremely valuable and will be taken into consideration as we move forward in developing the final plan.

Check out photos from our public meetings: BPMP Open House Gallery
Photo Feature : Last month, representatives from @MyFDOT_CFL recognized the SCTPO and @321Transit for their combined efforts in promoting and participating in Mobility Week 2018.
Traffic Shift Advisory: Hickory Street - Melbourne
On April 15, traffic patterns on Hickory Street, in Melbourne, temporarily changed as follows:
  • Traffic on Hickory Street from Oak Street to Hibiscus Boulevard will become southbound only. Northbound traffic on Hickory Street will be detoured to Apollo Boulevard, Sheridan Road and the Oak Street roundabout accordingly.
  • East Sheridan Road will be closed at Hickory Street. Access to businesses on E. Sheridan Road must use alternate route off Hibiscus Boulevard. 
  • The roundabout at Hickory/Oak Street will be open at all times. All driveways will be accessible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City of Melbourne Engineering Department at 321-608-7300 or For more information about the Hickory Streets Complete Streets Project see the  Hickory Street Complete Streets Project web page .
Explainer Video: Golf Carts vs Low Speed Vehicles
Did you know? Low speed vehicles and golf carts are NOT the same type of vehicle. Low speed vehicles and golf carts are a great way to enjoy local communities and natural spaces. But it's important to know the differences between these vehicles and the laws that apply to each. Check out this explainer video, courtesy of the  Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles .
FDOT Kicks Off Project Development and Environment Study:
SR 524 (Friday Road - Industry Road)
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) i s currently conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study for State Road (S.R.) 524 from Friday Road (south) to Industry Road, a distance of 3.15 miles. The study will evaluate several alternatives to improve roadway capacity, add bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and address transit needs.  

In 2017, the FDOT completed the S.R. 524 long-range planning study to evaluate capacity and safety alternatives for the roadway. This PD&E study will evaluate and refine those alternatives, and will compare their potential affects on the environment and the surrounding communities, as well as the traveling public.
The S.R. 524 project is in the PD&E study phase of the FDOT’s five step highway development process. A PD&E study assists the FDOT in determining the location, conceptual design, and social, economic, and environmental affects of the proposed roadway improvements. During the PD&E study process, feasible alternatives are developed for roadway improvement projects. These “Build” alternatives are evaluated based on environmental, engineering and socioeconomic conditions, safety needs, and public input. The need for additional right of way for stormwater and environmental mitigation is also evaluated during the PD&E study phase. The “No Build” alternative is considered to be a viable alternative and will remain so for the duration of the study. This "No Build" alternative leaves the existing roadway as it is, with only routine maintenance as required. If the study results in a "Build" alternative being selected, the project may proceed to the next phase, which is the “Project Design” phase.

Check out the project schedule below for the next phases.
Speaker Spotlight : Executive Director, Georganna Gillette, presented to Brevard's Transit One Meeting on April 16, 2019. She discussed all things transportation in Brevard and what's on the horizon for the Space Coast.
SCTPO Staff Seeks Input, Presents Long Range Plan to
Young Professional Groups: 321 Millennials, ENGAGE
SCTPO staff recently led presentations, at two young professionals networking groups, to promote its 2045 Long Range Transportation Survey. 

Assistant Director, Laura Carter, presented to 321 Millennials at their 321M Connect Meeting on April 5, and Steven Bostel, Transportation Program Manager, presented to the Melbourne Chamber's ENGAGE group on April 10.

During these discussions staff provided an overview of how the SCTPO functions and discussed the importance of millennials voicing their vision for a more efficient, transportation-focused Brevard.
Stay alert, put it down and #JustDrive .
May is Bicycle Safety Month
Motorists and Bicyclists: Follow the Rules of the Road
One of the best ways to stay safe on your bicycle is to follow the rules that every roadway user — cyclist, pedestrian, and driver alike — expects you to be following.

When you behave predictably, you help everyone around you to understand what you’re doing and in turn, motorists are able to give you the distance and safe space that you need. Accidents happen when people are surprised and reacting quickly with little information.

All users, drivers and bicyclists need to know the law. Florida bicycle laws can be found in this Bicycle/Pedestrian Law Brochure .
Be safe and share the road!
Bike to School Day is May 8, 2019. Say you're going on Facebook !
Save the Date:Banana River/Pine Tree Dr. Complete Streets Study Alternatives Open House
Calendar Items
  • April 24: Community Traffic Safety Team Meeting
  • May 6: TAC/CAC Meeting
  • May 9: SCTPO Governing Board Meeting
  • May 20: BPTAC Meeting

Outreach Events/Public Open Houses
  • April 23: Titusville City Council - SCTPO Presentation, Speaker: Georganna Gillette
  • May 8: Bike to School Day
  • May 22: Banana River/ Pine Tree Dr. Complete Streets Study- Alternatives Open House
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