Thank you for your Saratoga Chamber of Commerce (SCoC) membership. One of our chamber goals is to help members grow their businesses. How can we help do this? You can take advantage of an exclusive marketing opportunity included in your membership. We will inform and connect you with other members and the community by marketing your events and deals on our social media platforms, weekly email blasts, and the SCoC website.
Below are the guidelines to follow to make this efficient and easy.

  1. Email your marketing submissions to Requests received by noon on Monday will be published in the next newsletter and immediately on our social media platforms.
  2. Include the following information:

  • Event or deal title
  • Who, What, When & Where in your email text description
  • QR Code or link (if you have one)
  • Images in JPG or PNG format. PDF files are not accepted. Please put text about the event in your email, not the picture.
Image dimensions must be as follows:

  • Instagram posts: 1080 x 1080
  • Facebook Event Posts: 1920 x 1005
  • 8x11 images can be submitted but include the event description in the body of your email, not in the picture.
We can offer basic guidance if you need assistance. More advanced support may be available on a contract basis with our social media specialist.