March 12, 2018
Through two weeks of inquiry, study, and then implementing practices in their classrooms to increase the effectiveness of formative and summative assessments, the teachers who participated in the Physical Education Leadership Academy found some strategies and tools that can help you.

Take a look at these high-leverage strategies described in the tables below and try on a few with your classes.
A downloadable PDF of the above table is available here.

A downloadable PDF of the above table is available here.

The Physical Education Leadership Academy is one of several professional learning opportunities available at the San Diego County Office of Education for physical education and health educators. We're here to maximize student achievement, and that means supporting you and your work.

Health and Physical Education Coordinator
San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE)

Spring SDCOE Health and Physical Education Advisory Meeting 
Calling all health and physical education leaders! The next SDCOE Health and Physical Education Advisory meeting is from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. April 17. Don't miss this opportunity to represent your district or site to discuss current trends, issues, legislation, funding, leadership, SDCOE programming and support, and more. There is no fee to attend, but please register if you plan to be there.

Start Thinking About Your Summer Plans for Professional Development
Summer is a great time to recharge and engage in professional learning. Whether you are looking for a few more continuing education units or just want to update your practice, there are some amazing opportunities available. Make sure you check out these upcoming events:

California Physical Education-Health Project (Subject Matter Project)
When: June 25-28, Aug. 3-4, Sept. 29, and Nov 17 (all dates required)
Where: Long Beach, CA
Cost: Free, including housing and some expenses
To Register: Email

Physical Education Athletic Coaching Health (PEACH)

When: July 7-14

Where: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cost: $490 to $525 for registration, $88.25 per night for housing

Elementary Physical Education Workshop

When: July 14-19
Where: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cost: Starts at $324 for three days, additional housing fee

When: July 18-24
Where: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Cost: $375 for registration, $530 for housing, $125 for meals

When: July 27-29
Where: Cal State Fullerton
Cost: $200 for registration by June 1, $120 for housing

2017-18 SDCOE Professional Learning Opportunities
Visit the  SDCOE Health and Physical Education  webpage or the Fit 2 Learn, Fit 4 Life website to view upcoming professional learning opportunities, including conferences, site visits, and more.

Michelle Bell  Brings Energy and Innovation to District's Nursing and Wellness Program 
For the past five years, Michelle Bell, the nursing and wellness program manager at San Diego Unified School District, has been fighting to highlight the importance of students' health and wellness. She led an initiative to create and implement a model comprehensive district wellness policy, established wellness centers in six comprehensive high schools, and has been instrumental in getting students trained in CPR. Bell was honored by Rutgers University and Johnson & Johnson with an Innovative Team Award for her leadership and commitment to creating and promoting change within the school community. She has been featured on the Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools Honor Roll and has been recognized by the American Heart Association through its Workplace Health Achievement program. Bell is a true champion of students' health, fitness, and wellness in San Diego County.

Health and PE App of the Month
Record, Delay, Replay with BAM App
The BAM Video Delay app allows for hands-free, continuous video  playback with a delay for $7.99.  Teachers set a smartphone or tablet up  on a tripod, students perform a task, then BAM Video Delay will record the effort.  The video clip  is automatically played back a few seconds later and the student can see their performance. The app can be programmed to delay the replayed video from one second up to two minutes. The app also has four different delays, so you can see yourself up to four times in a row, and it has a frame-by-frame mode. The best part is students never have to touch the device!  

Access FITNESSGRAM Resources to Fine-Tune Your Practice
The FITNESSGRAM testing window for most districts and sites is open. Now is the time to calibrate your testing protocols. The California Department of Education's Physical Fitness Testing website has many resources to make sure that student scores are accurate and valid. Take a few minutes to check out these critical tools:
  • Reference Guide : Your how-to guide to FITNESSGRAM assessment. It breaks down the protocols for each test and describes necessary equipment and the Healthy Fitness Zone for each test.
  • Test Administration Videos : The video examples of each test includes strategies for classroom management. The videos are only a few minutes long, but they provide useful information whether this is your first or 1,000th  test administration. 

Prompt Student  Discussions  with  'Say Something'  Exercise
At the end of instruction, invite students to find a partner.  Ask them to determine who is "A" and who is "B." Have Student A "say something" nonstop for a minute about what he or she  understands or thinks about what they learned or experienced that day. Students can also make connections to how the skill or information could be used outside of class. Once A is done, Student B gets to speak for a full minute. When B is done, the two students discuss how their thinking is similar and different. It is a great opportunity for students to talk through their thinking and connect their learning in a short period of time.

Health and PE Activity of the Month
Cooperative Adventure Run to Unlock Students' Creativity, Teamwork
At the recent CAHPERD Conference, Kate Cox, along with her HPEC teammates Terri Drain, Wendy Jone, and others, presented a Cooperative Adventure Run that was amazing! Cox started by breaking students up into teams of three to four. Each group was assigned a number or color. With all participants holding a jump rope, they travel through a circuit of four to five stations. At each station the team completes a challenge. The team must decide how to work together to complete the task most efficiently before moving on to the next station.

Every time they complete one lap of the circuit, the team must stop to answer an open-ended question about their performance and collaboration. Once they have answered the question, they share their answer with the teacher.  When the teacher feels the answer is sufficient, the students receive one number of a lock combination that corresponds the lock number/color of their team. The students then go back out on the circuit of challenges, working together to increase their efficiency at each station. When students have all three combination numbers, they work together to unlock their lock. As an added challenge, the combination numbers can be given out of order. This interactive challenge can be done as a race to see who can do it first, or students can be given a set amount of time in which to complete it.
One of My Favorite Practices
By Robin Carby, physical education teacher at Golden Hill Elementary, San Diego Unified School District
When in doubt just add pictures. I like to include a picture in every circuit I do, even if I have taught the skill a million times. I use this for weight training units. I also use this for my create-a-workout project, where students learn about fitness using the FITT (frequency, intensity, time, and type) principle, health-related fitness and skill related. I combine it all in one project.

Share one of your favorite practices in an upcoming Monthly Update by emailing it to Paige Metz

JUUL: What is it? Why Should I Know About It?
JUUL is a type of electronic cigarette that looks like a USB flash drive. At the end of the JUUL device is a pod that contains nicotine (about the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes) and flavors, such as cool mint, crème brulée, and fruit medley. JUULing has become extremely popular with kids because of the attractive flavors and device designs, and because it is discreet and easy to hide from parents and teachers. Educating our students about JUUL is critical. Click here for more information. 

The PE Geek Releases 100 Ways to Use Technology in Physical Education
The PE Geek has recently released the top 100 ways that physical educators can use technology in their classes. Whether you are looking for fun fitness activities, using video in class, assessments, Google opportunities, active gaming, virtual reality, productivity, and useful tools, you will find something worth implementing on the 100 Ways to Use Technology in Physical Education list.

New Documents Help Define Quality Physical Education
The San Diego County Office of Education, in collaboration with San Diego Unified School District, has created two tools to help teachers and administrators define quality physical education. The Foundations for Quality Physical Education: Observation Guide can be used by teachers as a self-evaluation tool or can help guide administrators' understanding of what quality physical education looks like in action. The Physical Education Best Practice Brochure describes shifts in practice that will improve students' physical literacy.

Professional Articles Worth Your Attention (Don't Miss!)
Junior Adaptive Sports Camp Looking for Campers and Volunteers!
The Junior Adaptive Sports Camps were created for kids ages 4 to 18 with physical challenges as a way to cultivate a love for sports. Activities include water tubing, sailing, archery, golf, wheelchair tennis, kayaking, swimming, wheelchair rugby, water skiing, water polo, wheelchair basketball, roller hockey, handcycling, and more! Camp organizers are looking for both campers and volunteers for their summer programs.   
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