We are so excited to announce that registration is open for the San Diego House Rabbit Society Virtual Bunnyfest 2020! This year's Bunnyfest will center around a speaker series filled with both fun and educational topics. Since it's very different than past years, please visit our Bunnyfest website to get familiar with our new format.
Each day of Bunnyfest will start with a Facebook/Youtube Live broadcast with a fun and entertaining kick-off session in the morning. After, you will have the opportunity to jump in zoom classes to hear about some of the most asked about topics when it comes to bunnies. Some topics include, DIY grooming, emergency medicine and the ever popular Bunny 201 class. The speakers will include several of our favorite trusted vets such as Dr. Cecil, Dr. Bernal, Dr. Conseco and Dr. Knox. We’ll still have many of the traditional Bunnyfest activities – silent auction, photo contest, bunny-themed vendors, special edition Bunnyfest t-shirt and “Ask A Vet” sessions – but everything will be hosted online.

This year, all proceeds will go towards our goal of raising $20,000 for RHDV vaccinations to protect the SDHRS rabbits from this fatal disease.
We hope to bring Bunnyfest back to Balboa Park next year.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for Virtual Bunnyfest 2020 on September 23-27, 2020 (Wednesday through Sunday)

Be sure to check the Bunnyfest website to register for all of our great sessions!
Holiday Wishes Grant Campaign
San Diego House Rabbit Society has an opportunity to receive $100,000 grand prize Holiday Wishes grant award from the Petco Foundation. 

We’re calling on all San Diego House Rabbit Society adopters to help us earn a lifesaving grant award this holiday season from the Petco Foundation by sharing your stories,” San Diego House Rabbit Society's Executive Director/President. “Thank you for choosing adoption; now you can make our holiday wishes come true by helping us earn lifesaving funds to bring more pets in need together with loving families.”

Through September 23, adopters can submit their story at petcofoundation.org/holidaywishes. Stories should highlight how pets have changed your life for the better, in big and small ways, and should celebrate the love of your adopted pet. Submissions must include four photos to illustrate the story and can include video as well. Please include the following information in your submission: San Diego House Rabbit Society, Jennifer Lee, Executive Director, hrs@sandiegorabbits.org, (858) 565-2869, Tax ID Number: 65-1262427.

The first 10,000 stories are guaranteed to be reviewed.

Please helps support San Diego House Rabbit Society by sharing how adopting a rabbit from San Diego House Rabbit Society changed your life.
Due to restrictions brought on by COVID-19 and RHDV2, purchases at the BunnyStore can only be made online.

  • Pick up: SDHRS is offering pick up. Upon checkout, set a pickup time for your order. Pickups are during our normal business hours of Tuesday - Sunday from 12:00pm - 5:00pm. Please give us at least one day to process your orders.
  • Shipping: We offer worldwide shipping!
We currently have two sites that sells the SDHRS hay. One site is our main shelter in Kearny Mesa. For those who are purchasing hay, we are limiting the sales to 2 boxes. The other site is in Encinitas. This location is an 'on your honor' system and does not have any limitations on hay purchases. All proceeds of our hay sales at these two locations goes to the SDHRS Medical Fund. Currently, SDHRS has over 60 rabbits in our system, some who need constant medical attention from their foster parents.

Please visit the link below to learn more about our Hay Sales.

When you purchase from SDHRS, all proceeds from every purchase you make goes to the care of the SDHRS rescue bunnies.

Please visit our online store at the link below.
From HRS: Rabbit Hemorragic Disease Virus (RHDV) is a highly contagious and deadly disease caused by a calicivirus that affects both wild and domestic rabbits. It is not contagious to people or other animals. For the first time, the virus is causing deaths in rabbits and hares native to North America and is spreading rapidly.

Even if your rabbit is kept inside, they are still at risk of becoming infected with RHDV. While RHDV only affects rabbits, the disease can be transmitted to them by people or animals through contact with objects, animals, insects, or predator feces contaminated by the virus.

Any sudden rabbit death is suspicious and should be reported to a veterinarian immediately. The public is urged to call the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at (916) 358-2790 if dead wild rabbits are sighted, and to avoid contact.
An annual vaccine is required for continued protection against RHDV. Vaccination is expected to be effective for most rabbits -- it may not prevent the disease in 100% of cases, but if vaccinated, it helps rabbits survive if they have been exposed to RHDV. Bio-security measures should still be taken to protect vaccinated rabbits.

Currently, a vaccine is not widely available in North America. In outbreak areas, special permission is being given by state and federal agencies to veterinarians to import European vaccines. Below are the veterinarian clinics that we know of who have the vaccine:
Please visit rabbit.org/rhdv/ or email us at hrs@sandiegorabbits.org to keep update with information about the spread of RHDV and how you can protect your rabbit.
We are in need of donations
Please visit SDHRS Amazon wish list to see the other supplies that bunnies need to help make their stay clean and comfortable.

Use Amazon Smile to order and a percentage of the purchase is donated to SDHRS!

Please note: Due to RHDV2, we are unable to take donations of egg cartons, paper towel and toilet paper rolls.
The bunnies need you!
What's Hoppening at the
Adoption Center

Adoptions/Bondings will be by appointment only and handled virtually. The application process will still be through our website. Once you fill out your application, you will get further instructions from our Adoption Coordinator about the process. Please click on the button below to visit the rabbits who are available for adoption.

Bunny 101 has a new name! Is it now called the House Rabbit Fundamentals Class.
Via Zoom, our class is held every Saturday from 10:30am to 12:00pm. This class covers basic rabbit care tips on handling and living with your rabbit companion.

The fee is $10.00 per registration.

We will continue offering grooming, however, we will be offering CURBSIDE grooming. Please allot 30 min for groom time. You can sign up for grooming appointments here or click on the button below. When you arrive at our facility,please come to the window where you will see a grooming sign. We will then receive your bunny at the window and take them into groom and then bring them out to you. During this time, we will take your payment. Once your bunny has been groomed, we will call you to pick up your bunny at the door.

We have resumed our boarding program.

Your bunny should be vaccinated at least 14 days before your board with SDHRS.

Please call us at 858-565-2869 or email us at boarding@sandiegorabbits.org for questions, or visit our website by clicking here.

We miss seeing our volunteers!!! However, due to COVID-19 and RHDV2, our on-site volunteer program is suspended until further notice.

If you would still like to apply to get into our system so we can prepare for our re-opening, please click on the button below.

For questions, please email us at hrs@sandiegorabbits.org.

We are still looking for foster homes!

Fostering a rescued rabbit is a great way to save a life. If you are not able to make a lifetime commitment to a rabbit at this time, then fostering may be a good fit for you.

If you are interested in fostering, please click the button below to apply.

SDHRS Families In-Need Program

Thanks to our friends and partners at KW Cages, Oxbow, Supreme Selective and Sherwood Pet Health who so generously donated to our organization, SDHRS is proud to offer clients who have been affected by COVID-19 pellets, hay or bedding (SDHRS discretion). Please fill out the application request in the link below. This program is intended to help alleviate some of the financial cost associated with purchasing these items. Supplies are limited and will be offered first come first serve. Proof of financial assistance or documentation of how you were affected is required.
Note: We love hearing from all of our supporters, however, we are running on a skeleton crew right now so it may take us a little time to answer your phone calls, e-mails and/or messages via instagram and facebook. We appreciate your patience during this time.
Share your story with us
We would love to hear stories about how your bunnies are keeping you company during this challenging time. If you send in your story about how your bunny companions are providing you comfort, we will post it on our social media sites, our next newsletter and/or monthly update. Please use the link below to share your story.
Does your company do matching charitable donations?
If your company does matching charitable donations, please keep SDHRS in mind. For more information contact us.
Please help us save the lives of abandoned rabbits.
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Donate with confidence! San Diego House Rabbit Society is a Guide Star Gold participant organization. Tax ID#: 65-1262427.

For more information about us, visit www.sandiegorabbits.org.
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