SDML Work Comp Fund New Pharmacy

First Fill Program

The SDML WC Fund claims administrator, Claims Associates, is moving to a new Pharmacy Benefit Manager effective MONDAY, November 13, 2023. Please share this email with your department heads and anyone else that could make this information available to employees.

MyMatrixx has a program that allows initial medication fills PRIOR to completing the First Report of Injury. The attached document includes instructions and a temporary card that the employee can take to the pharmacy. There are limited types of medications allowed but it should fill some of the simpler medications.

For example, an employee cuts their finger on a metal object at work. They go to urgent care for wound cleanse and/or stitches and are prescribed an antibiotic. This all happens on the injury date prior to submitting the First Report of Injury to Claims Associates. If the employee takes this card to the pharmacy, the antibiotic would be filled through work comp before there is a claim number. This will eliminate the employee paying for the Rx and then being reimbursed by work comp.

If you have any questions regarding this new Pharmacy First Fill Program, please call Jennifer Selzler, Work Comp Claims Supervisor or your adjuster at Claims Associates at 605-333-9810. Thank you.

Rx ID Card & Instructions
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Brad Wilson, CIC, AIC, SDWCS
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