Client Spotlight: 
The Claremont Club
The Claremont Club
Every month, we highlight one of our amazing clients with our SDP Client Spotlight. 
This month, we stopped by  The Claremont Club to learn more about the their history and all the incredible ways the club has been able to give back to the community.
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Labor Law Poster
There have been 3 mandatory poster updates in California in the past 100 days and there are over 30 new updates anticipated for early 2018. Act now and get a Free 2018 Labor Law Poster with any Update Service!
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Cyber-Fraud & Risk Management Webinar
Cyber Security
Join us for our Cyber-Fraud and Risk Management webinar on March 9, 2018 at 10:30 AM PST to learn how you can protect the security of your organization and employees.
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Update: Federal Withholding Tables
The changes from the IRS' new Federal Withholding Tax Tables have already been updated in payroll, but you may need to double-check your Form W-4s.
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Office Romance
Company Dating Policies
In Light of the #MeToo Movement
Dating policies have become pretty common among employers of all sizes, but with the advent of the #MeToo movement, legal experts are now recommending that employers give their policies another look to make sure they are logical, easy to follow, and presented in the best light to employees.

According to the latest  CareerBuilder survey , 36 percent of employees have gone out with a co-worker and 22 percent have had a workplace romance with their boss. Designed to manage romantic relationships in the workplace, these fraternization or anti-dating policies can protect employers in the event that these relationships end on bitter terms or lead to legal issues.

Employers should be particularly aware of the risks of future harassment claims and favoritism charges that may result from a supervisor dating a subordinate.

According to the latest XpertHR report on workplace romances, a dating policy should include statements about:
  • The policy's goal of upholding appropriate boundaries between personal and business relationships.
  • The employer's decision whether to prohibit or just discourage fraternization between managers and subordinates.
  • Requirements to report participation in such relationships, including those with vendors or other business associates.
  • The employer's right to modify reporting structures (i.e. transferring a manager in a relationship with a subordinate).
  • Prohibition of physical contact between employees during work hours.
  • The employer's anti-harassment policy and harassment-reporting mechanisms.
For more information on how to create an effective, complete, and comprehensive dating policy for your organization, read the full article by SHRM here.

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10 Tips To Keep Your Data Safe (Southland Data Processing)
Data Security
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Hiring in the Age of Ageism (
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DOL Adopts New Unpaid Intern Test (Southland Data Processing)
Just recently, the Department of Labor (DOL) adopted a new test for unpaid interns. If your organization has an unpaid internship program, you should use this new test to determine if a worker can be classified as an unpaid intern or if they must be classified as an employee and paid minimum wage and overtime. Read More

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Executive Agreements
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One of the worst mistakes you can make as a leader is ignoring the signs of a toxic employee. If you don't put an end to their bad behavior, then the employee will continue acting inappropriately, making the work environment worse.  Read More
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