May 2019 Newsletter
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Sansum Diabetes Research Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of people impacted by diabetes through research, education, and patient care. We have been at the forefront of helping to improve the lives of people with diabetes since our creation in 1944. With an established world class reputation for innovation in research, we need your support.

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Dinner with the Winemaker Event - Folded Hills

Sansum Diabetes Research Institute would like to extend its sincere gratitude to Kim and Andy Busch of Folded Hills Winery and Diana Cuttrell of Di Gourmet Catering for hosting our Dinner with the Winemaker event on May 4th. It was a beautiful evening featuring exceptional food and wine. Guests also had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Alex DePaoli, SDRI board president, about our past medical contributions and future research projects. Amanda Girdler gave a heartfelt testimonial about her daughter’s journey living with diabetes.  
Machine Learning Has Potential to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

We are in the business of providing equitable and informed health care for all. If technologies are out there to aid in the prognosis and possible prevention of a particular disease—that is an area that must be further explored! In our article “Application of Machine Learning to Identify Clustering of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in U.S. Adults”, we took a deeper look into how machine learning has the potential to be more impactful for type 2 diabetes prevention.
Diabetes and Pregnancy: Research Currently Open to Enrollment

Observational study of patient important outcomes in pregnant patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus on Insulin pump. SDRI is seeking pregnant volunteers with type 1 diabetes to learn about blood sugar changes and insulin requirements during pregnancy. You may qualify to participate in this study if you are:
  1. Female with type 1 diabetes between the age of 18 and 40
  2. Currently pregnant, with a gestational age ≤16 weeks and 6 days
  3. Currently using an insulin pump
You will be paid $10 per month for your participation and you will receive Dexcom G6 sensors and study glucometer and supplies throughout the study. For more information:
Principal Investigator: Jordan Pinsker, MD

Evaluating the safety and accuracy of CGM in pregnancy. These research projects include an in-clinic portion and will have standard subject reimbursement.
Principal Investigator: Kristin Castorino, DO
Who: Pregnant women with any type of diabetes
When: March - May 2019
Duration: Approximately 2 weeks

We are a clinical site for CalPoly Stride Program's GDM Prevention study. The gestational diabetes prevention program is studying whether weight loss before your next pregnancy can help prevent gestational diabetes from happening again.
Principal Investigator: Suzanne Phelan, PhD
Who: Postpartum women with history of GDM who might have another baby
When: 2019 - 2021
Duration: Approx 12 week intervention with follow-up if you become pregnant
Racial and Ethnic Disparities for US Medicare Beneficiaries

Preventing diabetes in seniors – especially Latinx seniors – makes economic, clinical, and ethical sense. The proof is in SDRI's article, “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Burden and Cost of Diabetes for US Medicare Beneficiaries,” published in  Health Equity.
New Pilot Program Launches at SDRI!

Last week SDRI launched Diabetes Pueblo, a promotors-led pilot program that introduces important updates to the Ocho Pasos curriculum, including new standards for diabetes care and a discussion around culturally specific barriers to diabetes medications.
"Eat Your Medicine" Presentation by Dr. Kerr

Given SDRI’s commitment to reduce the unfair and disproportionate impact of diabetes affecting local Latino families, Dr. Kerr took the opportunity to discuss how the food industry in general and, Tortilla manufacturers specifically, could play a role by creating products that could be healthier (lower in calories and carbohydrates as well as increasing the fiber content). At the recent Tortilla Industry Association event in Las Vegas, Dr. Kerr presented this innovative concept with a talk entitled “Eat your Medicine”. This was very well recieved and already the industry is reaching out to SDRI to find out more.
Digital Diabetes Congress 2019

Dr. David Kerr co-chaired the 3 rd  annual Digital Diabetes Congress which was held in San Francisco May 14 th  and 15 th . This conference was aimed at tackling important issues in diabetes to reduce the burden of care and healthcare costs.
SDRI Receives Prestigious YMCA Collaboration Award
SDRI was honored at the YMCA Channel Islands 2019 Annual Meeting for our collaboration with the YMCA on our Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Jamie Creason, Director of Education at SDRI, who manages and coordinates the DPP at SDRI, accepted the award at the prestigious event.
Research and Publications Updates: