February 11, 2021
Good afternoon,

As you know, OPWDD requires all employees to annually refresh specific trainings. With this in mind we are updating our training policy to ensure that the following trainings are completed in a timely manner:

  • Annual Policies
  • Anti-Harassment
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Fire Safety
  • Incident Management
  • Prevention of Choking
  • Understanding Rights and Due Process Certification
  • Universal Enhancements
  • Universal Precautions

To strengthen your ability to complete trainings as required, we offer this new approach:

  • You will receive a notification from Dayforce Learning when training is due. You may complete these sessions at your convenience before the training due date.
  • The SDS Department will also remind you periodically over the course of the 30 days, prior to training due dates. These reminders include the individual, and their team – ensuring that all members are aware of the upcoming training deadline.

If trainings become overdue: 

  • A final reminder will be given, allowing one final week to complete the overdue training.  
  • If trainings remain overdue beyond the additional week, you will be suspended.
  • Suspension will be lifted once all training is complete. No other work duties can be performed before training completion.    
  • Failure to complete all trainings after a period of two weeks will be considered a voluntary resignation.

Thank you so much for your partnership and ensuring that quality service is delivered by a skilled and trained workforce.

We care about your experience.
Have any questions? Contact us selfdirection@springbrookny.org