2022 Fall Newsletter
Message from the Chair
We started the Fall 2022 semester with an increased intake of first-year and transfer students. The matriculating class is among the most qualified of recent cohorts of students admitted. The increase in number of admitted students is made possible, in part, by an increase in 4-year graduation rates by more than a factor of two within the last 5 years. The last six months have seen significant accomplishments by our students and Faculty, supported by a competent team of Staff members. The NASA Lunabotics Senior Design Project Team was one of 38 teams from across the country selected to participate in the national collegiate competitions held at Cape Kennedy. Participating for the first time, the Team was one of 8 teams which won awards: 3rd place for presentation and demonstration and the Nova Award for Stellar Systems Engineering. The 3D-PAC aircraft senior design project team won the award for the “Most Innovative Design” at their collegiate competitions held in San Antonio. Student Clubs have started participating in national competitions once again after a hiatus because of the pandemic. Faculty continue to receive awards and recognition for their exceptional performance in research and teaching, and attract significant amount of external resources to support their ground-breaking research and impactful outreach activities. We have strong engagement with local industry and alumni through the capstone program, the Advisory Board, student clubs, and support of departmental activities. We strive to increase this engagement.
I hope you enjoy reading this Newsletter. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you would like to visit us.


John Abraham, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
Engineering Design Day 2022
The College of Engineering's Engineering Design Day was held on May 4, 2022 at Montezuma Hall. Students showcased innovative design projects that our undergraduate engineering students conceived, designed, analyzed, built and tested during the academic year. There were 36 Mechanical Engineering Projects which were sponsored by industry, government agencies, NGOs, and faculty. Several of the projects are interdisciplinary. More information about the projects may be found here.
President of San Diego State University, Dr. Adela de la Torre, and the Dean of College of Engineering, Dr. Eugene Olevsky, visiting Dexcom Project
Dr. Scott Shaffar, Instructor for the ME Capstone Program, along with Mechanical Engineering students
Provost Dr. Salvador Hector Ochoa visiting the NASA Lunabotics Project
You Are Invited to Attend Fall 2022 Design Day
Student Success
SDSU Engineering Students Created a System to Make Baseball Bats Denser
A ten-person team of mechanical and electric engineering students worked on developing a more effective baseball bat as a design project. Their work was featured in ABC News.
SDSU Won the UTA 3DPAC Design Competition- SDSU “Plane Jane” 
A San Diego State University Mechanical Engineering team has won the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) 3D Printed Aircraft Competition (3DPAC) Design Competition! This is a great example of what our SDSU Mechanical Engineering students can accomplish via our Senior Design Capstone Design Program. Read More...

SDSU Team HADES Successfully Completes NASA Robotic Mining Competition
 Our SDSU Team HADES successfully completed and won two awards at the NASA Robotic Mining Competition at Kennedy Space Center in Florida! This competition is about designing a robot that can mine icy regolith on the moon. Our best performance was at the end of the second day, and you can see the robot running in this NASA video (our team starts their final run at 3:40:00 into this video). 
Mechanical Engineering Student Does Internship at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

A senior mechanical engineering student Jhovanna Garcia did her internship for a second year at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. She studied the plasma-material interaction (PMI) effects that Deuterium and Carbon particles have on graphite divertor surfaces -- and more specifically, a portion of the National Spherical Torus Experimental Upgrade (NSTX-U) divertor -- were studied. In this report, a correlation between the commonly used grazing magnetic field angles at tokamak walls and incident ion angle distributions (IADs) of thirteen different impurity particles on a surface was investigated. Additionally, an analytical surface model commonly used in literatures was evaluated to better emulate some of the PMI effects expected on the NSTX-U divertor. These results can directly help the broader efforts of predictive monitoring of plasma facing materials. Read More...
Jhovanna Garcia
Rivian Engineers and SDSU Alumni Visit Senior Design Class and Showcase Their Electric Truck
SDSU Engineering and Aztec Electric Racing alumni visited Dr. Scott Shaffar's Senior Design classes to share their experiences as staff engineers at Rivian - and even bringing a Rivian truck to demonstrate! See more images here.
Faculty News
Dr. George Youssef, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, to be recognized with the Distinguished Faculty Award
SDSU President Adela de la Torre, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Salvador Hector Ochoa, and Risa Baron, president of the SDSU Alumni Board of Advisors, will recognize the recipients at the All-University Convocation. Read More...
Dr. George Youssef awarded Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Award
The award is presented to a faculty member who exhibits techniques that show excellence in teaching; has a high degree of interaction with students; high personal and professional standards; well-organized activities, lectures and/or labs; teaching procedures that contribute to student interest, enthusiasm, and achievement; and evidence of significant professional development as it relates to teaching excellence.
Dr. Asfaw Beyene and Dr. Joaquin Camacho awarded $1.7 Million Grant from DOE for Industrial Assessment Center
Dr. Asfaw Beyene, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, the PI, and Dr. Joaquin Camacho, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, the Co-PI, received the renewal grant for four more years for the Center. The primary goal of the Center is training the next generation of energy engineers by providing hands-on experience to undergraduate and graduate students, and also promoting energy efficiency through service to small and medium sized manufacturing.

Dr. Asfaw Beyene (PI) and Dr. Joaquin Camacho(Co-PI), Araceli Saucedo (Assistant Director for Research Development)

Dr. Zahra Nili Ahmadabadi Awarded $250K by AFRL
Dr. Zahra Nili Ahmadabadi, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, was awarded a $250,000 grant from Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for her project on developing a sound modeling system that enables physics-based machine learning models for sound source detection purposes. Learn More...
Dr. Parag Katira, Associate Professor Awarded $195K from the DoD Army Research Office
Dr. Parag Katira, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, has been awarded $195K from the DoD Army Research Office to identify the mechanical and/or thermodynamic origins of this “Universal Performance Characteristic” of Motors. The award is part of a larger grant to Columbia University, New York with whom Dr. Katira will be collaborating. Read More...
Powder Technology Lab News
Dr. Eugene Olevsky, Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Elisa Torresani, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Randall German, Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, are studying how to manufacture and repair materials outside of earthly gravity conditions and ensure that when this zero gravity scenario happens in the future, we’ll be equipped with the best tools and processes. Read More...
Dr. Eugene Olevsky Awarded $140,197 Grant from DOE
Dr. Eugene Olevsky was awarded $140,197 from the Department of Energy for his work on Multi-Scale Modeling of Electro-Nano-Pulse Processing in the Powder Technology Lab.
Ukraine Researcher Who Escaped War Works in Powder Technology Lab at the Invitation of the DoE
Dr. Andrii Maksymenko, who escaped war in Ukraine, is visiting as a researcher in the Powder Technology Lab at the invitation of the Department of Energy. Read More...
Dr. Karen May-Newman, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, received an award $15,000 Grant From CSUPERB
The grant that Dr. May-Newman received is to support her research project titled “A Validated Computational Model of LV-LVAD Flow Interaction" in the Bioengineering Laboratory.

Aztec Baja Racing
Since we came back to in-person instruction in the fall of 2021, we have been hard at work finishing our car in time for our first competition, which was May 12-15 at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. It came down to the wire but we were able to make it to the race in time. We did not have much testing done but were determined to attend the first competition so we could better prepare for the upcoming races in the following months. With a mostly brand new team, since all nine of us but one person had previously attended competition, we were able to lay down a pretty successful race in our book. Read More...

Aztec Formula Racing and Aztec Electric Racing Merge to formulate Electric Racing
The merger has been pioneered by Andrew Da Cunha the President of the club and previous president of Aztec Formula Racing. Read More...
Baja SAE team consists of 35+ members who are challenged every school year to design, test, and build a single seat off road buggy that will compete in 3 nation-wide events where 100 global universities are evaluated in static and dynamic events.
The Mechatronics Club consists of 40 members who are developing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) for the 2019 RoboSub Competition. 

Aztec Electric Racing, commonly referred to as AER, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, electric Formula SAE team at SDSU. They design, build, and race a small-scale, high performance race car each year.
ASME Club sponsors workshops, tours and guest speakers to prepare students for a career in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
BMES Mission:
Our mission is to promote the education of our members by supporting academic and professional excellence, and innovative research.
Quality of Life + brings together America's brightest engineering students at leading universities nationwide to create life-transforming assistive technology for our country's injured and ill heroes. Their mission is to foster and generate innovations that aid and improve the quality of life for those who have served our country.
From the Baja Car to Senior Capstone Projects to Scholarship support, your generous giving makes a tremendous difference for our students. Please consider making a gift to support the Department of Mechanical Engineering

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