Thursday, April 9
A Message from Mr. Edmons

Dear SDYS Musicians and Families,

I hope that you are all doing well and that you are all safe at home during this time.

I hope that all of you had a wonderful time at home with your families last weekend and that you are all learning together at home this week as well.  We are all very much looking forward to seeing our musicians from all of our SDYS programs at our weekly Zoom meetings on Saturday, April 18th and Sunday, April 19th.  The schedule for our Zoom meetings with all conductors will be sent via email today and tomorrow.

As a special reminder, SDYS registration is now open for the 2020-2021 Season our 75th Anniversary Season!  We look forward to having you register for our SDYS Programs for next year and to continuing our commitment to providing the very best music education experiences. We are so excited about our upcoming online Encore event on May 2nd and more exciting details will be coming soon for this very special event!  I hope that beautiful music is filing your homes each day and please know that all of us at SDYS are thinking of you and that we are so proud that you are all a part of the SDYS Family!

I wanted to include a special quote today about music and about the arts as well in my message to all SDYS students and families. I hope that you enjoy this quote and that it has a special meaning for each of you.

"ART is how we SEE the world around us.....MUSIC is how we HEAR the world around us.....and DANCE is how we MOVE in the world around us."

"The arts are how we all see and hear and move together as one in our beautiful world."  

----Jeff Edmons

With Very Best Wishes to all of You,

Mr. Edmons
Music Director
2020-2021 Registration
April 6, 2020 - May 8, 2020

Registration for SDYS’ 75th Anniversary 2020-21 Season is open now through May 8!   Please visit the  Parent Portal  to register or visit our  website  for more information.

Please note: the registration fee increases from $40 to $50 on Friday, April 24!


This year, in an effort to safeguard our students and staff, SDYS auditions will be made by video, submitted online through the Accept'd platform.  Students will be able to begin submitting their online audition videos on Friday, May 8, after our June registration period has closed.

Requirements for video auditions have not changed from our traditional audition requirements, but they will be clarified at the opening of the submission period. Students may upload audition videos between Friday, May 8 and Friday, June 5, when the June audition period closes. All returning students,  except percussionists , must audition by June 5.

All percussionists auditioning for the SDYS 2020-2021 season will audition on August 1 and 2 during our audition cycle usually reserved for new students. We recognize that the wide range of instruments needed to successfully complete an audition are currently unavailable. We look forward to hearing you in person later this summer!

Please visit our website to learn more. 
Conductor Connections

We are excited to resume Zoom sessions with your conductors this weekend! To ensure more privacy, security, and clarity, we will be sending ensemble specific emails with all pertinent information each week. 

Please look for an email on Thursdays and Fridays each week, including this week, for specific ensemble information that applies to you.  You may reply with any questions about your upcoming sessions once you have received this email. 
Student Selfies

Students and families, are you filling your home with music? If so, please submit a photo or short video of you practicing at home on your instrument(s). We'd love to share how students and their families are using music to relax, connect, distract, or enrich themselves. Thank you!
SDYS Practice Tips!

  • Find time every day (even 5-10 minutes!) to play your instrument
  • Find a quiet space in your house with no distractions and turn your phone off!
  • Make a practice chart to organize your practice session. Consider including:
  • scales
  • etudes or warm-up exercises
  • solo piece
  • ensemble music
  • sight-reading
  • Practice challenging spots 10 times in a row correctly before moving on or playing through without stopping. 
  • Practice with a buddy or your stand partner! (email to get connected)

The SDYS office is closed, and all rehearsals in Balboa Park are suspended, at least until April 30 . Staff are still available via email and are working to provide opportunities for students to learn remotely. We are continuing to evaluate this fluid situation and will contact you regarding program updates. Please visit for any new information. 
Educational Resources

Learn more about programs for preparing for college, summer intensive study, conservatory and collegiate opportunities from our promotional partners.
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Conservatory Program Assistant
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This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency.
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