Checking in: April 25, 2020
Introducing: BLT's. Blessed Little Thoughts. When I worshiped in my first Episcopal church, Grace Church on Broadway in NYC, these were devotions led by different parishioners. The phrase stuck with me. I thought this might be a good time to invite some of you around the region who are showing the light of Christ even in this pandemic to share a BLT with everyone else.

And because we are so inundated with words these days, we're going to try to do this via video stories. Hold onto your hats!

As a first start, Chuck Sharp, Jr. Warden of St. James', New London, interviewed Ellen Merrill, Parish Administrator and Diane Thies, Sexton about how they came to give out almost 12,000 meals during the month of March.

Note: In the video, you'll hear references to
Gemma Moran -- the Food Bank run by the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut;
The Lord's Pantry -- the usual pantry for St. James';
The Jumble Shoppe -- the shop St. James' has run for years including all kinds of articles and clothing.

By the way, astute observers will notice that the illustration at the top has turkey and not bacon. This is an opportunity for those of you with BLT ingredients in your household to submit a photo for us to use going forward! Email Rachel Thomas with your entry !
W hat is God's invitation to us now?
If all the thoughts and questions and possibilities are overwhelming:

Grief is real, and it is with us. As is anxiety. And perhaps you read all of the above with a sense of guilt or futility. I know I do.
Combined with this is the constant barrage of resources meant to help us.
Today my spiritual director reminded me of another resource, an inner resource, the Spirit of the risen Lord who has shaped us and formed us over time and who accompanies us during this time.
So if all of this is overwhelming, here's an invitation: Sit with the feelings knowing God's presence with you. Consider how you can connect to God in this: through a friend, scripture, a prayer, creation, or remembering that no matter what, you are God's beloved child.
With peace, Rachel
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More Resources from ECCT
Worship on line
Resources for self care
Here's a link to the livestream worship available through all the parishes in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut: a way to visit others and try on different liturgies in the comfort of your home. Don't see your community listed? Contact, or your Region Missionary.

In case you weren't able to participate in the Holy Week liturgies offered from ECCT, here's a link.

And last but not least, here's a link to one of the many virtual music offerings, this one from over 600 Episcopalians for Easter Day:
Without access to the pool where I usually swim and the gym where I work out, I have had to improvise ways of continuing to exercise. It's just one of the many small adaptations we are all needing to make in our lives as we live with physical distancing.

How are you taking care of yourself -- emotionally and mentally as well as physically?

There are many resources available (in fact, sifting through them can be taxing mentally!). Here's link to some helpful pre-sifted ones on the ECCT website.

For clergy , Ron Casey of Clergy and Family Assistance Program, will be hosting a bi-weekly zoom forum on Monday morning beginning April 20th. You can find more information at or look on your weekly enews.