SEA Impact Bargaining 2020 - Update for July 13, 2020:

Bargaining Continues

It became clear over the weekend that SPS has been making decisions without first collaborating with us as required by the process agreed to called "interest-based bargaining." SPS has not provided any information related to their decisions to our bargaining team, yet we have been learning about it through other channels (see one example).  Given the lack of collaboration and information sharing, a letter was sent to Superintendent Juneau on Saturday.  
Bargaining continues much as before, but we will not be jointly developing proposals with the district since they have not honored that interest-based process. From this point forward, we will now engage in traditional "positional" bargaining which means we will create specific proposals based on member input.
We need your voice to further guide our decisions. Take this brief, 5-question survey about re-opening schools this fall.
SEA will continue to send weekly updates about our progress at the bargaining table as well as any supporting actions we plan.

In solidarity,

SEA Leadership

Important Dates to Calendar
July 23 from 5-6:30pm SEA Listening Session
July 30 from 4-5:30pm SEA Listening Session
August 12 from 1-3pm = SPS Board Special Meeting regarding Fall 2020 Re-opening

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