SEA Impact Bargaining 2020 - Update for July 24, 2020:

United for Safe and Equitable Schools
The Seattle Education Association is the voice for educators and our students, standing united to address the needs of our community during this pandemic and to transform our district into an anti-racist school system where every student thrives.

From the Bargaining Table

Our Stance - The priority has always been that we stand for the health and safety of the whole community. Knowing for months that our public health crisis changes daily and it has not shown any improvements, it is with great relief and a victory worth celebrating that we can now plan for the start of school online and move our bargaining discussion forward focused on providing high quality remote instruction for ALL students.
Educators and families alike have stressed the importance of robust technology training and professional learning in order to put forward a strong quality start to the school year. Last week SEA presented a PD proposal calling for district wide training for all members, with differentiation by role and in skill sets. And this week we insisted the same in our family engagement proposal ensuring ALL families have the tools, equipment and tech savvy training to start school off right.
Unity Call - Our bargaining teams have the frontline experience and have heard first-hand stories about the insufficient technology support that staff, students, and parents had to navigate and struggle through in trying to learn together. Grounded in our common community interest our proposal is reflective of the immediate needs for educators to build robust, culturally responsive online learning environments and centers key issues like multilingual technology access and online safe environments for anti-racist learning which improve skills that connect students and support social emotional learning in a virtual world.
Fighting for - Every educator needs the tools, training, and time to do online instruction well. We know so much more is needed from SPS to make consistent quality remote learning happen, especially for those furthest from educational justice. So far SPS proposals lack the dedicated time we need to be prepared for the first day. We need everyone to have the necessary: tools, technology support, and hardware to ensure consistent equitable access for families. We stand for strong teaching and learning for all students.
If you have questions or concerns, especially as it relates to the stances above, please feel free to send an email to or reach out to one of the bargaining team or subcommittee members directly. Remember your input drives our bargain.

●     Over this weekend take a picture wearing a mask, in Red shirts, and holding up a sign that affirms our bargaining priorities! Lets flood social media in solidarity!

  Celebrate our common stance standing with a sign reading WE STAND FOR THE HEALTH AND SAFETY OF THE WHOLE COMMUNITY, nothing less. Or make the statement that we will keep fighting for a racial equity stance with a sign reading WE STAND FOR STRONG TEACHING AND LEARNING FOR ALL STUDENTS
●     At the bargaining table, SPS leadership stated that educators are leaving money on the table not submitting tech hour forms. Certificated members FILL IT OUT HERE and check the boxes to claim your full salary, a compensation raise affirmed in the 2019 bargain. Whether you took online courses this past year or honed your technology skills independently, we all relied on technology to do our best work for students. Don't leave your hard-earned money on the SPS table. You've done the work!
To submit tech hours fill out the pdf form, write down the hours spent in tech learning and email your admin secretary and administrator. Ensure you're paid!
Reminder to Paraprofessionals and SAEOPs  to use their bargained 56 Hours of paid PD and training. Payroll has to receive the Extra Time Reporting by Aug 31st! FILL IT OUT here, the extra time form. Training does have to be school approved or an agreed activity. Questions? Email us at
Reach out and cheer on your Student Supports bargaining subcommittee
Tammy Watson , Admin Secretary; Kim Nickerson, HS Data Registrar; Charnjit N Dhoot, Admin Secretary; Vanessa King Love, Classified Substitute; Vallerie Fisher, Family Support Worker; Jenny Allen, Family Support Worker; Jacquline Thompson, Special Ed Paraprofessional; Leanne Hust, HS Counselor; Carrie Syvertsen, MS Social Worker; Darryl James, K-8 Social Worker; Christina DeCarufel, K-8 Teacher; Summer Randolph, Special Ed Teacher; Sarah Lockenvitz, Middle School Teacher; Uti Hawkins, Consulting Teacher; Ian Golash, High School Teacher; David Bergman, High School Teacher; Priyanka Jayanthi, Elementary Teacher; Reiko Dabney, SEA UniServ Director.
There are two additional bargaining subcommittees in addition to the Core Bargaining Team. Teaching & Learning Subcommittee was highlighted last week ( click here ). Health & Safety Subcommittee was highlighted July 10 ( click here ) and the Core Bargaining Team is viewable here.

Communications is a Two-Way Street
Keep an eye out for the weekly Bargaining Update with important details and actions related to the bargaining process. Stay in touch with your colleagues and ask them if they are getting these bargaining updates. If not, forward this message to their personal email!
This is a two-way street. If you have concerns, email the bargaining team and subcommittees directly at:

Important Dates to Calendar
July 30 - 4pm - 5:30pm SEA Listening Session
August 12 - 1pm-3pm: SPS Board Special Meeting regarding Fall 2020 Re-opening

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