SEA Impact Bargaining 2020 - Update for July 30, 2020:

United for Safe and Equitable Schools

The Seattle Education Association is the voice for educators and our students, standing united to address the needs of our community during this pandemic and to transform our district into an anti-racist school system where every student thrives.

From the Bargaining Table

Our Stance - The bargaining table is full of proposals being refined for presentation to SPS. It's full of innovation and the details we know all our members need to be prepared and ready for a strong school start. 
We want to see clear SPS protocols, testing measures, and personal protective equipment plans that meet health, science, and safety standards before we step into buildings.
Our focus is on the start of school and remote learning. The bargaining team is insisting learning be consistent but flexible depending on student and family needs. That is why we stand together with students, families, and educators as a community that ALL need adequate wi-fi services, technology access, and childcare options to start school properly.
Unity Call-In - We are looking at schedules, attendance, and grading as ways to change systemic racial inequities, working to eliminate anti-black policies and stop historically punitive punishment systems in our schools. 
Fighting for - We are putting relationships first. Authentic educator and family partnerships will lead to quality engagement and learning in this remote setting. Building our online communication and offline relationships skills takes the right tools and professional development. We must partner together to create collective accountability and intrinsic motivation with students so they feel motivated to come engage in class, push their learning, and maintain high academic expectations. Our professional learning proposal empowers us to live our racial equity values and ensure we prioritize social emotional learning (SEL) needs of students and provide gap-closing instructional strategies.  
If you have questions or concerns, especially as it relates to the stances above, please feel free to send an email to [link] or reach out to one of the bargaining team or subcommittee members directly. Remember, your input drives our bargain.

Act NOW  
  • Our members are out in the community creating coalitions - be sure to check out the Black Education Now event. Join members at Rainier Beach Community Center Plaza today at noon or join this rally virtually by watching the live stream on the Seattle Equity Educators twitterWear your mask to support our stance for healthy and safe community driven schools!
  • As we prepare to go back to school families and educators alike are asking about childcare options. What are your childcare needs? What are families talking to you about? What ideas do you have to safely address this common issue? Talk to us about it. Look for a survey coming Monday so we can bring your voices to this larger community conversation!
Talk to a Colleague and Spread the Word

Don't leave your hard-earned money on the SPS table. You've done the work! To submit tech hours fill out the pdf form, write down the hours spent in tech learning and email your admin secretary and administrator. Ensure you're paid! Payroll has to receive the Extra Time Reporting by Aug 31st!
Questions? Email us at .
  • Certificated members: FILL IT OUT HERE.
  • Reminder to Paraprofessionals and SAEOPs to use their bargained 56 Hours of paid PD and training by filling out the extra time form. Training does have to be school approved or an agreed activity for Classified staff extra time. FILL IT OUT HERE.
  • Cert subs in a position for 45 days or more should be staffed and eligible for TRI and for this tech time. The number of days in the assignment is the critical question to know what your role qualifies for. We encourage subs to read the sub portions of the cba and be aware of the various benefits they can get.
Communications is key

If you talk with a colleague who is not getting these bargaining updates, forward this message to their personal email! Learn about membership at  or email with subject UPDATE EMAIL to ensure our communications are getting to you.
Reach out to the bargaining subcommittee members so this bargain is driven by our many stories. If you have concerns, email the bargaining team and subcommittees directly at:

Connect with our subcommittee members. Info about them is in our prior updates:

Student Supports (click here)
Teaching & Learning Subcommittee ( click here )
Health & Safety Subcommittee ( click here
The Core Bargaining Team ( click here )

Important Dates to Calendar
  • July 31st 12 noon: Join member's in community work: Black Education Now Rally. Livestream available here
  • Aug 5th - Red Shirts Rally to for a Bargaining Check In - Listening Session #9 (look for announcements)
  • August 12 - 1pm-3pm: SPS Board Special Meeting regarding Fall 2020 Re-opening


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