February 19, 2021
SEA Delegates for the WEA RA and NEA RA

The voting results for SEA delegates to the WEA RA and NEA RA have been certified by the SEA Board of Directors (voting results available HERE). 

In accordance with SEA bylaws, the SEA delegation to the WEA RA includes the SEA President, Paraprofessional President, SAEOP President, Substitute President, and SEA members on the WEA Board by virtue of office. 

The SEA delegation to the NEA RA includes the SEA President, Paraprofessional President, SAEOP President, and Substitute President by virtue of office.
SEA Member Opportunities

SEA is looking for members interested in contributing to this important work:
  • SEA Center for Racial Equity Website Manager - Our website needs updates. Looking for someone that has created or updated a website on WordPress (or a similar program) before. 
  • SEA Center for Racial Equity Social Media Manager - We need someone to manager our Facebook for a couple hours per week. 
  • SEA Center for Racial Equity Blog Writers -  Do you have a racial equity topic you want to write about and provide our members resources for? We would provide a stipend per confirmed blog post.
  • Educator of Color Affinity Group Facilitators - We are hoping to run EOC Affinity Groups again and we are looking for facilitators. 

SEA will provide stipends for members doing this work. If interested email: kaitlinkamalei.brandon@washingtonea.org. 
Sick Leave Donation Requests

The Sick Leave donation program is for SPS employees who have run out of or will run out of sick leave, due to circumstances out of their control and are asking their SPS colleagues for donations of sick leave hours that can help them through their crises.

To submit your name as an educator in need of sick leave hours, please email tclements@washingtonea.org with your name, school and short description of your situation causing the leave shortage and your name will be listed here for your colleagues to see, so they can help. if you're donating hours, the link to the form is below.

Current Sick Leave Donation requests:

Dorr Anderson, Sped IA at View Ridge Elementary has a son born in May 2020 with a genetic condition called Tuberous Schlerosis Complex, which has led to many doctor visits and much time off needed. Unfortunately, this trend will continue to require many more visits and sick time. Dorr will be incredibly grateful for any sick time you're able to spare to help make his and his son's situation less of a burden. Thanks so much!

Heather Cline, Spanish Teacher at Lincoln High School and a single mom, is in need of sick leave donations due to the upcoming surgery her daughter will be going through at Children's Hospital. Due to Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, more time off is required for isolating prior to the surgery. Because of these requirements, Heather won't have enough leave to last through this time. She appreciates any and all leave hours you can donate. Her daughter Saida thanks you too!

Members can access the shared leave form to donate hours by clicking HERE. Forms can be submitted to HRLeaves@seattleschools.org or FAXED to 206-252-0021 or mailed to Seattle Public Schools, MS 33-380, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165.