SEANC Launches False and Misleading Attacks!

This past week, the State Employees Association of North Carolina began an unprecedented, expensive advertising and mail campaign against Lorrin that misrepresents the truth.


SEANC is distorting the facts surrounding an SBI investigation, that resulted in two of Lorrin's 160 employees being indicted. The plain truth is that Lorrin initiated the investigation they are attacking her for, and was publicly and widely praised by former District Attorney Colon Willoughby, and WCPSS attorney Rod Malone for her actions. 


Their motivation is retaliation against her for standing up to them last year on behalf of her employees and others across the state. WRAL 12-9-2013 Nonprofit defends questionable purchase program for state workers.


Unfortunately, her opponent along with his endorser SEANC, are misleading voters. Despite seeking this endorsement, and having one of SEANC's political operatives as his chief strategist, Mr. Zellinger has denied any responsibility, and refused to condemn their false and misleading attacks for over a week.


Lorrin did what was right, ethical, and independent of any special interests.  That is exactly what we need in a D.A. It's a VERY dangerous thing for the D.A. to be beholden to special interests. The justice system in Wake County belongs to the people, and the District Attorney's office is not for sale.


We need your help to get our message out and combat these attacks. Please contribute, $5, $10, $20 or whatever you can today! Lorrin will stand with you for truth and justice, and will never cave in to special interests.

Thanks again for your support,


John McKnight, Campaign Manager

Paid for Freeman for District Attorney